Clean Both Those Ears!

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“Cameron & Hershey”

It’s been a little while since I did an update on my foster bun Cameron, so here it is! He’s been pretty stable now that he’s been off all of his meds. He wobbles a little, and might fall over, but is always quick to right himself. I caught him cleaning both ears without falling over, and he’s able to hop in and out of the litter box with no trouble. He spends most of the day in his long and narrow pen sleeping, and then I let him out in the evening for several hours. He loves to sit at the fence and “talk” to whichever other bunny is over there. My Hershey is usually a very tough, aggressive guy, but he seems almost sweet with Cameron. Either he can tell that Cameron is a little disabled, or he’s just pretending to be nice. He does that to try and steal food, so I wouldn’t put it past him!


A Few Words on Bunny Bloat

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“In Memory of Pebbles”

I have a chronic stasis bun, Butterscotch. Fortunately, stasis can sometimes be treated at home, and I usually can in Butterscotch’s case. Unlike stasis, bloat is a completely different story. Bloat is a condition which is frequently fatal in rabbits that causes excruciating pain. The causes of bloat are not known and it can appear suddenly.

I have only dealt with bloat once myself, and it was a rabbit who was visiting me. It starts off like stasis: the rabbit stops eating. Their temperature drops, requiring them to be on heat. The key difference with bloat is that you cannot take care of at home. It is caused by an abnormal accumulation of gas that leads to an extreme distension of the stomach. The bloat came on late at night and all I could do was keep him warm and gave him the usual stasis meds.

Sometimes you can feel their stomach get hard, but not always. I had not felt this, so I was shocked when I brought him to the vet the following morning as he had not improved, and the vet tech told me they thought it was bloat. She praised me for keeping his temperature up, but unfortunately that was just not enough for him.

About 80% of rabbits who get bloat do not survive it, but if that other 20% can get to a vet in time, they have a chance. Even the most stasis-savvy folks would not be able to handle bloat on their own.

Whenever a rabbit stops eating, it’s a good idea to remove water, and not force feed anything until they start eating on their own or if you can get a vet to confirm there isn’t a blockage or bloat. Drinking water or force feeding Critical Care when there’s a blockage can sometimes lead to bloat.

If there’s any question of a hard stomach when a rabbit stops eating, call your vet right away. Take them to a rabbit-savvy vet if their office is open and if not, call them and see what they advise. Worst case, keep taking their temperature and keep them on a carrier with a thin towel on top of a heating pad to keep that temperature up until you can get them to a vet and give them a 1ml dose of gas drops. You can also put the rabbit on it’s side and gently massage their abdomen in the direction of the anus.

For more information about bloat, visit Medirabbit.

In memory of Pebbles

My Two “Little C’s”

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Charlie had a checkup at the vet today. His creatinine was up a little bit more, so I’m bumping up sub q fluids to 4x a week now. He seems otherwise in good health and spirits, so I’m grateful for that. My other “Little C,” foster bun Cameron had been zooming through through the living, seemingly unaware of his wobble. Sometimes he gets a little overexcited and falls over, but he is always quick to right himself.

Sure, You Can Pet Me

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I had some nice couch snuggles with Sadie last night. She just jumped up and plopped herself down right next to me, looked over at met, and put her head down. That means “You better start petting me now, human.” I’m always happy to oblige a bunny wanting pets, especially since not all of them do. Most people don’t realize it, but not all rabbits are cuddly little furballs who like to held and snuggled with. I’m lucky to pet most of the ones I’ve encountered on the floor, and some don’t even like that. They all have such different personalities, so I always present my hand and ask for permission to pet before jumping in, and possibly getting my hand bitten or scratched.


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Like many rabbits, Sadie loves bunstruction. There’s a medium sized basket in her pen for her to chew on. Last night she decided to drag the basket from one end of the pen and behind the couch. She made a bit of a raucous doing this, but I didn’t mind. I warned her that she wasn’t going to be able to make the turn  around the other end of the couch when I though she was at the edge. I went over to move the basket for her and realized that she was already past that point!

Combustible Buns

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Sadie definitely isn’t as wild a bun as she was in her younger days, but still has a lot of spirit for such a little package. I’ve found that smaller rabbits tend to be much more riled up than larger ones. Perhaps all that energy compressed into a smaller frame makes them more combustible! Younger rabbits are all also usually a little crazier, which is no surprise. That being said, I do know plenty of older buns who can still cause a raucous!

Just a Little Bit of Stasis

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Sadie was doing bunny runs around her pen last night. She was so cute, zipping along like that. Just before bedtime, our Butterscotch had a mild bout of stasis. He didn’t stop eating completely, but refused enough for us to know that something was up. He hasn’t had it since the end of January, so this was pretty good for him, off of the Reglan. We’ve been giving him bowls of hay constantly, so hopefully that has been helping. Sadie was very amused by all of this commotion last night, and kept a watchful eye on us from the arm of the couch.


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Sadie is enjoying my couch as much as any rabbit can. She loves to dig, so I put an old quilt down that she can dig at to her heart’s content. I don’t think she really sleeps up there, but she does go up for scouting. As a small rabbit, a boost is needed to see over fences and cardboard, and she’s smart enough to know that. If I’m sitting on the couch, she’ll come over and nudge me for some pets. If I’m not responding fast enough, she’ll start to nibble on my clothes. Not enough to make a hole, but enough to get my attention. “This is Sadie-Time, human!”

Surreptitious Photography

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Cameron GIF.gif


Sadie bunny is visiting us now and my foster Cameron is excited to meet another rabbit, especially since it’s a girl. She’s just about his size, but has WAY more energy. She was doing runs on the couch last night, but of course stopped right when I started to take some video. Somehow they always know when you pull out your phone or a camera. My cousins’ dog used to do that too, but I think he was posing for still photos. Whenever I want to take stills, the rabbits always want to move, so I guess being sneaky and surreptitious is the best way for rabbit photography!

Furry Couches

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“Minnie & Sal”

Sal and Minnie have both really enjoyed hanging out on my couch. They sleep up there at night, and in the daytime, and I even fed them once up there. I always put a sheet down for visiting rabbits since mine don’t really go on couches and I know bunnies leave fur behind wherever they spend a lot of time. These two also liked to sleep on the pillows, so those are furry too. Fortunately I have a fur/lint scraper that gets a lot of action in this house!

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