Keeping Bunnies Happy

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“Minnie & Sal”

Apparently I’m a just one big toy for Sal and Minnie. They climb all over me when I’m sitting on the couch. Sal likes to have some snuggles, but Minnie just sits there and glares at me. Douglas wants me to pet him always, even if it’s with my foot. I have to get in a  weird position to do it, and when I stop, he fusses. That’s my job though, bunny-slave!


Couches and Coffee Tables

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“Sal & Minnie”



Sal and Minnie love their couch time. Both buns are quite content to spend the day lounging up on top of it. In the evening I sat with Sal and he snuggled in for  pets. Once Minnie realized what was happening, she jumped up and gave him a nudge. I do not think she was happy about Sal giving another girl attention, even if I’m just a human! I tried to give her a head pat, but she was not having any of that.

Douglas loves lounging on the coffee table. He frequently digs a little at the top, before settling in for a nap, just like a dog scratching at his bed before snugging in. It’s not as soft as a bed, so i don’t know that scratching will make much of a difference, but Douglas has a mind of his own!

Three More for President’s Weekend

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Douglas bunny arrived last night and Sal and Minnie this morning for a little vacation. First thing Douglas did when he arrived was chinning the corner of the couch, eat the baskets, and then finally nibble on a carrot. He’s a very high-energy rabbit and had a lot of fun running around the pen last night.

Sal came out to explore right away, but Minnie took her time. She hopped in and out of her carrier a few times before settling under a box for a nap. Sal is hanging out next to the couch. He took a bath and then lay down for his nap. The living room is quiet…for now!

New Stasis Prevention Protocol

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As many of you may know, my Butterscotch is a chronic stasis bunny. For the past several months he’s had a lot of trouble and the only thing that seemed to help him was the keep him on a maintenance dose of Reglan. Originally it was a small dose, but kept increasing as he was still getting sick. Our vet suggested removing greens from his diet, but that still did not help completely. I’m trying to get him off of the Reglan now as a friend of mine’s rabbit is in a similar situation with stasis and Reglan, but is having some neurological issues, possibly from the Reglan.

I’ve done some research and some suggest to remove pellets, rather than greens, from their diet. I have reintroduced greens and decreased his pellets for now. He was also getting a small piece of carrot which I also eliminated. He is getting parsley, cilantro, watercress and dandelion, no gas-producing veggies at all. I’m hopeful that once I take him off of the Reglan completely that he won’t immediately relapse as he has done in the months prior. I’m encouraging as much hay eating as I can, as he is not a great hay eater, by putting a bowl of fresh down several times a day. Fiber is key to stasis prevention.

Sign and Spread the Word

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This petition is circling around my rabbit rescue friends due to the new Peter Rabbit movie. Please take the time to sign, and inform anyone you can, not to buy rabbits for children at Easter. They’re a 10 year commitment, not a toy.

The bunnies will thank you!


Thank you from Piper & Charlie!


Thank you from Butterscotch & Hershey!


Piper’s Peppy Checkup

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I brought my Charlie for a recheck at the vet today, and his mate Piper for her annual checkup. She was nervous, but mostly good. She almost jumped off the exam table twice, but she didn’t try to bite or scratch anyone. Charlie’s creatinine was a little better, so I am going to continue doing the sub q for the time being at least.

He still has an issue with poopy butt, and the vet said something interesting. I give Charlie the Oxbow apple banana treats, and she said anything with banana as an ingredient can cause poopy butt. I knew not to give him banana, but never though of those fibrous treats as being potentially bad. We’re going to try the carrot dill and cranberry ones. I may also make a treat myself using the Selective pellets he likes as a base. That way I can control the ingredients and make a treat that his body would tolerate better.

Becoming a Sub Q Expert

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I’ve been giving my Charlie sub q fluids for the past two weeks. He’s so well-behaved when I do it, which has allowed me to get very good at it. I’m able to do it all by myself. I give him half a papaya tablet to distract him while I insert the needle, then I rub his head while plunging the syringe with the other. He gets the other half of papaya when I’m almost done. Then he waits for me put open the carrier door, and he hops right back in. I was initially very nervous about doing this, but I’m fortunate to have a rabbit who is so intelligent, understanding, and trusting of me. One of my other rabbits, Butterscotch, is the complete opposite. He came down with stasis twice in the last week, and he is so tough to medicate and take temperatures. I’m very grateful that I was able to learn these things on Charlie first.

Hershey’s Chocolate Birthday!

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”


My Hershey turned 7 years old this weekend so we celebrated with carrot curls and blueberries for the bunnies, and chocolate cake for the humans. Any excuse I have to make a cake, I do! Butterscotch got a little sick (GI stasis) that night, so I don’t think I’ll be repeating those treats when his next birthday comes around. His constitution is so sensitive that he has trouble if I deviate from his regular diet. He’s feeling better now though, so that’s fortunate.

My Dark Chocolate Bunny

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This Saturday is my Hershey’s seventh birthday. Aside from a bit overweight, (I call him my Not-So-Mini-Rex) he is quite healthy for his age. He’s built like a tank and is pretty much able to bulldoze anything in his path. He sure looks like a sweetie, but this bun has spunk. He’s smart, which for rabbits means he’s not always very nice because he knows what he wants, and how to get it. I usually give lots of treats to the buns on their birthdays, but Hershey has been gaining with the recent clover hay, so I’ll have to come up with something else for him this year. Maybe an extra-special salad? If he were a human that would sound like an awful idea, but fortunately he’s a bunny!

Bring on the Fluids

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My 9-year-old Charlie went back to the vet for recheck and it turns out his creatinine levels are still high. That means his kidneys are not working as well as they should be. It’s a little higher than when he was checked in November. He still has the stone from then, but it’s almost at the bladder now. I’ve been giving him oral fluids, but my vet is having me do sub q fluids again now. I’ll do it every day for  week and then three times a week. Fortunately he’s very good about it. Once I do it a few more times I think it’ll be easy for me. I don’t think he minds it very much. He’d certainly rather do that than get his butt cleaned!

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