Hoppy Thanksgiving from the Kronenbuns!

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“Charlie & Piper”





My Charlie bunny is still having some kind of appetite issue and we are bringing him in to the vet tomorrow morning if he does not improve today. Our little foster bun Cameron was neutered yesterday and is doing well. We hope to pick him up from the vet tomorrow. I’m very thankful for our wonderful rabbit-savvy vets at Catnip and Carrots Veterinary Hospital.

As for our two visiting rabbits, they are having a very fun time together. Glenda does her bunny runs in the early evening. Last night that was when Bella was napping, but it didn’t bother her one bit. She was even snoring a little bit. Later, she started her exercise and did very loud runs around her pen.


Two Hoppy Lops

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Bella and Glenda are visiting us for Thanksgiving this year. My boys Hershey and Butterscotch sure are happy to have two lovely ladies with us for the holiday. Bella has already picked out her favorite napping spot, next to the bookcase. She’s a big girl and is not bothered by anything. So very different from my big girl, Piper, but she is a lop. I know Glenda is always a mellow girl and she’s a lop too.

Good Luck, Cameron!

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My little foster boy Cameron is getting neutered tomorrow. He’s such a little mellow sweetheart that I can barely believe has wasn’t neutered already. He’s such a happy little guy. He likes to run around his pen, flicking his head and lifting up the end of his little cardboard tent with his nose. Sending happy thoughts his way and hopeful that everything goes well tomorrow. I don’t think he’ll be coming home until Friday since the vet is closed to visitors on Thanksgiving, so I’ll have to save him some cranberry sauce!

Bachelor Bun Eating Habits

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“Annie & Toby”



Toby seems to have joined some of the other buns in my house with taking longer to eat his greens and pellets lately. Maybe I hit a patch of hay with lots of clover and now everybun is filling up on that? I don’t know, but at least they are all eating, even if it takes them a little longer. Single buns like Toby and my foster bun Cameron can do that, but my Charlie and Butterscotch have mates that would eat their food while they’re thinking about whether or not they’re hungry. I imagine Toby’s sisters, Penny and Annie would gobble up all of his food if they were bonded, given how quickly the pair of them inhale their food every day. Sometimes the life of a bachelor bunny isn’t so bad, at least your food will always be where you left it!

Is it Stasis? Sound the Thump-alarm!

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”

Last night, two days after my Butterscotch had another flare up of stasis, we think our Hershey was also going into stasis. It’s tougher to tell with him because he’s a tough little dude, but of course it was right before bedtime so you can’t just “wait an hour and see if he eats.” We medicated him with the usual gas drops, Reglan for gut motility and Metacam for pain and took his temperature. He was a nice 101.6 so I put him back on the floor with his brother and checked back half an hour later. He was eating by then, so I’ll never know what was really going on with him, but it’s better to medicate early, just in case.

While this was all going on, Toby and my Butterscotch got into a thump war. They were each in an end table, so the sound of their thumps was amplified by the whole table. I think Toby was louder, but Butters doesn’t like to quit. Eventually everyone calmed down, even curious Annie, and they all went to bed. Well, at least the humans in the house, plus Penny, who likes to sleep under a big box at night. All buns are eating fine today so far, so it’s very mysterious. I have noticed that my Charlie and foster bun Cameron haven’t been eating as quickly or as much pellets as usual the last two days. Maybe they don’t like the weather!

Napping, Napping, Eating, and Napping

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These three bunny siblings sure have made themselves comfy at camp. Penny likes sleeping up against the couch in her pen, Toby naps under an end table, and Annie’s favorite spot is under a cardboard candy box. Since bunny naps take up most of the day, that only really leaves them time for eating. That they all do at lightening speed! It’s always nice to have bunnies queued up to eat at mealtime, as opposed to having to hunt around for them, like they’re doing me a favor by eating. Some bunnies (my own) just have no manners!

“All Riled up Over Nuthin'”

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Every time I go past the living room, Annie wakes up. If I enter the room, or go in the adjacent dining room, Annie jumps up onto the couch to see what’s going. “Food? Hay? Attention?” Then Toby realizes something is up, and he starting hopping around in his pen, jockeying for position. Of course, as soon as I go in the pen to sit with Annie, she jumps off of the couch and into the litter box. “I don’t have time for you, I’m on my own schedule!” Penny is the easy bun, very mellow. I just give her meds and food, and she’s content to nibble on hay and let the young-in’s get all riled up over nuthin’.

Annie 500

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Annie was doing crazy runs on the couch last night. She just used the couch as part of her obstacle course. Jump on the couch, jump down, run around behind it, through the cardboard tube and in and out of the litter box! Toby always perks his head up when he hears her running around. “What dat? Oh it’s just my baby sister.” Penny isn’t bothered at all. As long as she has lots of hay to munch on, she’s content to nibble between napping.

The Double Nudge

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Penny lolls her head over when she’s sleeping because of her limited mobility, but she looks so cute when she’s fast asleep. I’m sure she still runs real fast in her dreams! I got a couple of head pets in with Toby last night, which is about how much I’m likely to get. He always comes over and gives me a double nudge whenever I come in his pen. Annie let me have a little snuggle with her on the couch. My Butterscotch had a small bout of stasis last night, so I didn’t have much time to spend with all the buns. I always make sure every bunny gets a few head pets, especially our foster bun Cameron. He’s getting a little more social, and he’ll be begging for food and attention every time he sees me in no time!

Add 3 Bunnies for More Fun

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Bunny siblings Penny, Annie & Toby are visiting us again. The girls are curious and exploring, and Toby is his usual suspicious self. I can leave the “windows” between their pens open all day since these buns know each other, even though they aren’t bonded. I know it makes Toby happier to be able to see them. Annie is happy to have the couch to play on, and Penny is happy to munch on her hay all day.

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