Bunnies Who Tell Time

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Stella bunny gets a few raisins at bedtime every night. He learned my routine here so fast, that he was jumping around, all excited after just one day. Nothing will quell this furry beast until he has his raisins (and then he just keeps asking for more). Some rabbits seem to pick things up much faster than others. I swear that my Charlie can tell time, as he expects certain hings to happen even if he is not getting the same cues in the house. He also somehow is able to adjust to daylight savings quicker than me!


Big Scaredy Bun

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I spooked Stella bunny yesterday. He was sleeping and didn’t notice me walk into the living room. He must have been in a deep sleep and suddenly I was there. The big buns are always the scaredy buns. I think it’s because of their big radar-dish ears. They hear everything much more acutely. I know that’s the case for my 10lb Piper. We’ve been hearing fireworks occasionally now that summer is here, and if it’s a big enough boom, Piper always darts into the hallway. I don’t know why she runs OUT of her safe room. Maybe she’s getting ready to evacuate the house?

Gimme My Metacam

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Stella bunny happens to be shedding right now, much like the other rabbits in the house. He leaves behind a furry white carpet where he likes to lay. I use a lint scraper to pick up all the extra fur on the floor. When you have a house full of 6 rabbits, that’s a lot of fur. If only the scrapers worked on the rabbits!

My older bun, Charlie, just started up again on Metacam, 3x a week for his arthritis. Because of his kidney problems, he can’t have it every day. I hope it’s helping him. He still sits there sometimes with his back leg sticking forward, but he’s always able to hop around. He even chased his mate Piper a couple nights this week. He must be feeling a little better if he’s doing that!

*Nudge, Nudge*

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“Stella & Cameron”

Stella bunny is such a mush. Whenever I come into his pen and sit on the couch, he comes right over and snuggles at my feet. He hasn’t jumped on the couch yet, but he is already ready for snuggles. My rabbits are generally not like that, preferring to snuggle with each other and only approach me for food. My foster Cameron sometimes comes over and nudges, but it’s tough to tell if he’s asking for pets, or just for me to get out of his way. Most rabbit nudges are a warning to move out of their way!

A Whole Lot of Bunny

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Mister Stella is visiting us again. He made himself quite at home very quickly. He chowed down on his dinner right away, which is always a good sign. An eating bunny is a healthy bunny! Cameron came right over to see him, and they said hello to each other. Cameron loves meeting other bunnies, and Stella is a whole lot of bunny!

Hershey’s Fudge

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This is my (Not-So) Mini Rex, Hershey. He came to us overweight and he is a prime example of how difficult it is for rabbits to lose weight once they put it on. He has lost some, but I would like him to be about a pound lighter than he is. When you’re 5lbs 5oz, that’s a lot. He still moves around well, considering he is 7 years old, but he has short Rex fur, so I worry the extra weight he carries may lead to sore hocks as he gets older.

So far, all that happens on his feet is smeared cecotropes. (Insert Hershey’s fudge joke here.) Due to his weight, he’s not able to to eat them directly, and given his ravenous appetite, I’m sure he would eat them all if he could. I’d like to get him to lose some weight so he could at least do that. So, a little less pellets and greens ever day, and we’ll see what happens. He’s got to shed some of that winter weight for bikini season!

Checking Up with My Boys

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I took my Charlie and Butterscotch to the vet this week. Butters just had an annual and he was very good. Charlie went for a bloodwork recheck and for some advice on managing his arthritis. His kidney function is slowly decreasing, so I’m going to give him 25 mls of sub q fluids every day now. Doc says that he can have Metacam every other day, even though it may adversely affect his kidneys. The arthritis is painful, but he doesn’t really feel the kidney issues, so it’s better for him to get some pain relief with the Metacam. He’s not happy about getting fluids every day now, but he does love Metacam!


Piper is the Best Medicine

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“Charlie & Piper”

My Charlie has chronic “poopy-butt,” which means he doesn’t always eat his cecotropes like rabbits are supposed to, and they get stuck to his bottom. Sometimes, the cecotropes can come out not properly formed, usually due to an imbalance of the bacteria in their gut. I cut out greens completely for him a couple months ago and they do appear better formed. Rabbits usually eat cecotropes directly from their body, but due to his arthritis, it’s hard for him to bend over like that, and so he generally poops them out. Sometimes he eats them, sometimes he sits or steps on them. I clean him every day and give him sponge baths in the sink as needed. The best medicine for arthritis is to keep moving, and Piper is the best medicine for him. She runs all over the house and he is usually following right behind her, making sure she doesn’t get into any mischief. Just keep hopping!


Hoppy Birthday Cameron!

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Today was the date our vet calculated as our foster Cameron’s birthday. He is 2 years old, and since it was Memorial Day, I made themed cupcakes for the humans to eat. He was not amused by the fireworks decorations. He got to enjoy some banana, papaya tablets, Oxbow cookies and raisins. He also got a nice pen cleaning for his birthday, with a redo of his some of his setup. Since he’s a little better on balance, I took some of the bumpers out his pen. He’s been starting to rip them up and pull them out, so I didn’t want to keep fighting him on it. He still has bumpers opposite the litter box and in the corner where he sleeps to keep it nice and cozy.

Did You Hear That?

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Someone set of fireworks at 11:30 last night in our neighborhood. Either that or someone’s garage blew up. Could have been both I suppose. The bunnies all seemed okay. Cameron was sitting up in his pen, looking a little confused. I might have heard Butterscotch thump a little, but he thumps at everything. Rusty was grooming his stuffed bunny friend, and Piper was snuggling with Charlie. I worry about her since she’s got such big ears, she hears everything more acutely. She is not a happy girl on July 4th.

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