Snuggle Bunny Comes With Built-In Pillow

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“Sweetie Bun”

My little Hershey tried to get through the cardboard to see our new visitor yesterday, so I took some extra precautions. What does it say when I have to be more concerned with one of my rabbits getting IN to a pen than a visitor rabbit getting OUT? I’d like to see him chew through the plastic I put up, but knowing him, given enough time, he’d find a way!

I had a few long petting sessions with Sweetie Bun last night. She purred, snuggled into her dewlap and went right to sleep. Whenever I was in her pen, she spent most of the time right near me. She’s a very cuddly bunny! Then around 8pm she started doing little runs around the pen and many binkys. I’m glad she was having such a good time! She doesn’t seem to mind my boys. I’m going to open up a plastic window today so they can go nearly nose-to-nose for the first time. I’m sure she’s curious about who’s out there.

Greeting the New Girl

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“Sweetie Bun”


Sweetie Bun the chinchilla lop arrived this morning. She’s adjusting pretty well so far. She explored all of her pen, ate some hay and pellets and said “hello” to my boys. Butterscotch and Hershey were happy to meet her. Hershey had a little “chat” with her through the fence for a little while. I hope he said nice things! She’s got a water bottle and bowl of water and I saw her take a drink from the bottle and then go get one from the bowl too. I guess she’s doing a taste test?  Eventually she settled down in the back and took a nap.

Yesterday Butterscotch did something new. He hopped up to the tippy-top of the sofa and looked out the window. I think he must have liked what he saw because he sat up there for a few minutes. Our street isn’t very busy, so there’s not much to look at, but we do have a grassy lawn. “Looks delicious!”

Sleepover With a Girl!

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Misty came over for a sleepover with the boys last night. She’ll be back next for a longer stay, and Hershey’s already in love with her. We played all the classic rabbit sleepover games like: sniff each other at the fence, run around the room together, eat while I watch you eat, and take a nap several feet apart. It was a blast! Misty even came up with me on the couch a few times. She’s such a soft little girl.


Weigh and a Nail-Clip

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“Charlie & Bella”

We clipped Charlie’s nails today and weighed him while we were at it. His weight is holding steady, so he’s not gaining any from Bella’s pellets. She, on the other hand, did gain a couple of ounces in the last couple weeks. Way to go girl! Charlie was very well behaved at the clipping, as usual, but got a bunch of raisins in the process so that’s kind of to be expected.

Butterscotch has started taking after his big brother Charlie and weeing on newspaper outside of his litter box. He uses the box as a plate, just like Charlie. I even saw him today put the front half of his body in the box so he could eat hay, but kept his bottom firmly planted outside the box. I don’t know why he’s started doing that, but we’ll have to put a stop to it. He’s been a bit more skittish lately, abandoning his pellets unless his brother Hershey is right beside him. Maybe he’s afraid to go in the box completely in case he suddenly needs to flee for some reason? I wish I could see into his bunny head.

Can We Keep Her?

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“Finola & Hershey”

Finola went back home this morning, but I assured the boys that she would be back. Last night she spent a lot of time talking to Hershey. I think they really liked each other. At one point she even lay down next to Hershey at the window. Aww!! Now that’s she gone, the boys have the living room back and they wasted no time in running all over. Butterscotch is sleeping behind the red couch right now. A spot he hasn’t been able to get at for 2 weeks. Make the most of it boys! More bunnies are on the way in the coming weeks.

Pluck all that Fluff

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Finola let me groom her for a while last night. She’s really shedding her winter coat off. Poor girl, must not be very comfortable. She’s probably not going to let me groom her butt, where most of the fur ends up, but at least I did her back and head. I had to give her a couple of raisins for being good while I groomed. That worked until she got full. “No more raisins please! And you can stop grooming me now too!” I’ll try again today. I’m sure she’ll welcome the raisins!

A Real Rabbit’s Rabbit

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Finola is shedding a LOT. The floor of her pen is so white right now it’s like it snowed! It’s easy to clean up fur, but I’d rather groom it off the rabbit. Unfortunately, I’m a stranger to her, so grooming is kinda out of the question. I feel bad because I know she must not be happy about the shedding. Most visitors don’t want me grooming them, heck my own 4 don’t even like it. I’ll try again today, but I don’t think Finola is that comfortable with me yet. I certainly don’t want to scare her away. She’s not shy with the other rabbits in the house though. In fact, I think  she likes them a lot more than me!

Sadie seems to like Finola so much that she wants to get closer to her. She chewed on her fence for a while last night, and at one point lifted the whole corner about 4 inches off of the ground. What a strong little rabbit! All that chewing must make strong jaw muscles. Sure wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that bite!

New Girl in the Rabbithood

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I had a long petting session with Sadie last night. Later when I was in with the other rabbits she started a little binky-a-thon. She hopped up in all four corners of the pen. She jumps up several feet in the air, like a kangaroo! It’s adorable and incredible. I wish we could harness some of that energy. She could charge up my laptop battery!

After Hudson went home, we moved up Finola into the living room. She got a very warm welcome from the rest of the rabbits. Even Charlie and Bella came out in the hall upstairs when we brought her up. She likes looking at the other buns and was very curious. She spent some time talking to Sadie at their window between fences, and later went over to chat with Hershey. He’s thrilled with her—he’s such a ladies man. He spends most of his time at the fence, waiting for her to come over or just to get a glimpse of her.

Skittish & Wild

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Finola finally warmed up to me. I spent some time with her last night petting her and she purred for me. She’s a real sweet bun, but a little skittish. She runs under a box when someone startles her, and sleeps there most of the day. When she feels comfortable she will come out and sniff around. She’s just as curious as the next bun!

Sadie has been a crazy little girl! She threw her pellet dish into her greens bowl which was on the other side of her pen. My brother heard her clinking the dishes and took it out for her. She answered him with some aggressive flops. Later, she was destroying a basket which had hay in it. The hay is all over the floor, so I guess she’d rather play with the basket!

While Sadie’s antics were going on, Hudson came over to watch. She doesn’t seem to mind how crazy she is, which is good. She’s got a few crazy little siblings at home, so perhaps she’s just used to it. She’s heading back home today and I’m certainly going to miss her!

Bella’s Secret Twin

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Finola arrived last night. She’s a white bun with some cream coloring just like my Bella. It’s uncanny how similar their faces look. Color and build. They could be sisters! She’s already made our den her own, camping out in front of the TV. I hope she likes what dad is watching!

Sadie wasn’t too thrilled about having to share the spotlight with another bunny, but she’ll manage, as long as she gets her treats.

Hudson spent our time together last night sleeping under the coffee table. At one point she had eyes closed and her head leaning over to one side. Then her ears started wiggling and mouth twitching which meant she was dreaming. It was so cute.

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