Psst! I See You!

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Leonidas moves around very well for a blind bunny. I swear, he must have some vision. He seems to know what is going on all of the time. I know rabbits do rely a lot on their sense of hearing and smell, but if I didn’t know his vision was limited, I would never have guessed. He lays at the fence near Misty for part of the day, and behind the couch for the rest. Misty mostly stays by the fence. I think she wants to be close by in case he hops over.


Permission to Pet?

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Tonight Leonidas came over to me and snuggled in so I pet him. At first he snapped his mouth at me, but didn’t bite. I let him sniff me and then went to pet his head so he understood. He started purring almost immediately. I kept talking to him, telling him how good a boy he was, and he just kept on purring. He’s so soft, it’s certainly a joy to pet him!

Misty was watching from the other side of the fence. I opened up the cardboard barrier between her pen and my boys so Hershey came over to look at her for a while. He didn’t fuss like he usually does. Maybe he remembers her from when she was here before.

Bunnies Up There, Bunnies Down Here

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P1320730 (1).JPG


Now that Misty and Leonidas have taken up residence in the living room, Cameron’s playpen has moved to the hall on the other side of his pen. I took down some room dividers and now he can see all the way upstairs, and Charlie and Piper up there can see him. Charlie let out a thump tonight to let usĀ  know that he is not happy that Cameron is getting all this new space an attention. Cameron just likes to sit there and look up at them. I wonder if he might be happier with a friend. Maybe if he continues to improve we can find him a nice forever home somewhere with a bunny-wife.

Leonidas might not be able to see, but that doesn’t slow him down at meal time. He polished off all his food today whereas Misty picks out her favorites and leaves the rest for me to clean up. They do both love their hay. They use American Pet Diner, which I don’t believe I’ve tried yet, but will be after seeing how soft and green it is. We sometimes have trouble finding enough quality hay for 4+ bunnies, so good hay is always a happy find.

Gift Books, Not Bunnies, for Easter!

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Gift BOOKS Instead!.jpg

Usborne Books is holding a fundraiser with the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group. Gift books instead of bunnies for Easter and help support the rescue bunnies!

Hop Over Here for the Fundraiser!

Buddies Through the Fence

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Misty and Leonidas are visiting us now. They’re not quite bonded, but are still dating. Misty had visited a few years ago when she was with her former mama and now she is Leo’s girlfriend. Leonidas is blind and he treated his litter box like home-base tonight. He’d hop out to explore, but kept going back to it. Misty was usually nearby on her side of the fence, sometimes in her litter box. They both love munching on their hay, which is always good for bunny guts!

He Just Keeps on Hopping

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Over the last few days, my wobbly foster bun Cameron has been moving very well. he’s started jumping onto a self under an end table, and then back down without falling over. I leave his pen open for about 2 hours in the evening, but he only spends about 20 minutes, collectively, running around the larger area before returning and putting himself “to bed.” I’m so happy to see him make such good progress, especially now that he is off his E.C. medication and steroid. I hope with time he will continue to improve and fall over less and less.

Lights Out Came Early Tonight!

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We had a big wet snow/rain storm today and lost power for a few hours. Fortunately it came back before the house got too cold. I had already moved the bunny greens into the garage as a temporary fridge in case the power stayed off all night. I was with Cameron when it came back and he had been allowed out for playtime, but didn’t want to come out in the candlelight. Once the lights came back, woosh, he came out!

The snow plow came down our street a few times, and each time Piper cocked her head, and looked over at me. I don’t think she liked it. “The only fluffy flying white stuff around here should be me!” Charlie, Hershey and Butterscotch didn’t really seem to care. As long as they got fed, they were happy.

Charlie had a vet appointment before the storm got bad, and was very good. His creatinine levels are similar, so I am keeping up the sub q fluids, three times a week. Hopefully that will be enough to help keep him healthy for the rest of his life.

Digging for…Something?

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“Hershey & Cameron”

My Butterscotch has been sitting on top of a chair in the living room to get a better view of Cameron when he comes out to play. Hershey just goes right up to their double fence and sits there, waiting for him. Cameron does go over to toward him to say hello, but he’s not as interested in them as they are in him. He seems like he’s okay on his own, but I think he’d also do well as part of a pair. He does love grooming his stuffed toys, just like my Charlie did before we got Bella.

Lately, Piper has been digging everywhere. One of her litter boxes only has newspaper and hay since she really only goes in there to eat hay. Now I frequently find a mess of shredded newspaper mixed in with the hay. I guess it also became a digging box. She was digging at the corner of my comforter this morning, trying to get under the bed. Then she jumped up on the bed and started digging at the bedding. She jumped up onto the pillows, into the headboard, but never seemed satisfied. I have no clue what she was after!

Improving a Bit, Every Day

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My foster bun Cameron has been back with us for almost two weeks now. He has definitely improved since he first arrived. Originally, he had trouble standing up and moving even a little bit. Now he hops around, can jump into and out of a litter box, and only sometimes loses his balance. That tends to happen when he rears up on his back legs like when periscoping or lifting a foot to clean his ears.

When he does wobble, once he settles in he sticks out his back feet to stabilize himself. I don’t know if that’s a symptom of whatever is going on, or if he learned to do that to balance himself. He is going off some of the meds soon, so we will see how he is doing once their course is finished. He’s such a sweet little guy. He loves licking his stuffed animals, and me as well. He would make an awesome mate for another rabbit when he is feeling better.

Cameron: on the Move

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My foster rabbit Cameron came back to me last week. His balance issues became worse, and his adopter was not able to adequately care for him. Since he’s been with me, he’s been improving. We are not sure what is causing the issues, but he is being treated with Panacur (for E.C.), Prednisone (steroid for inflammation) and Meclazine (for dizzyness).

I have him in a long and narrow pen with rolled rugs and towels along the edges as bumpers. I’ve been taking him out of the pen for about an hour every evening to give him a chance to move around more. The first day he fell over a lot, but since then he has been doing much better.

He had been using a cut-down litter box, but I gave him a small regular-sided box when I let him out last night and he had no trouble hopping in. He wobbled a little inside, but righted himself. I decided to clip that to the other end of his pen so he has two boxes now. He’s had a great appetite throughout all of this, which is great. Paws crossed he continues to improve.

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