Do You Prefer Humans or Rabbits?

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Douglas has been visiting us for a while now and I think he’s getting a little homesick. My Cameron was keeping him company at the fence last night. He sat next to his litter box and I guess Douglas wasn’t happy about that because he started digging in his box. He got some litter out of the box, and even a bit in his water dish! Good thing I check the water before I go to bed.

Douglas seems like the kind of rabbit that would rather have human-slaves to pet him and feed him than bunny friends to chat and snuggle with. Some rabbits like being an “only-bun” while others like rabbit companionship, like my Cameron. It’s always a good idea to think about your rabbit’s disposition before decided to get him a friend. He might rather have you all himself!



Another Bun Saved Thanks to LIRRG

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“New Rescue”

Yesterday I participated in a Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group rescue up on the north shore of Long Island. You never know what you are going to find on these rescues. When our rescue party arrived there was no sign of the bun. After walking around and taking to a few people in the area, I spotted it. We started coming around it with pens and one of our volunteers approached it with banana. Fortunately she was able to just scoop it right up. It had quite a few ticks on it, and was likely dehydrated, but now it’s safe. Douglas gave me some congratulatory snuggles on the couch afterward.

Couch Snuggler

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Douglas is a definite snuggle bunny. I was lying down on the couch last night and he hopped right up, not caring at all that I was taking up most of the real estate. He just nudged me for attention and then snuggles right in as I started petting him. He’s a rabbit who knows what he wants, and how to get it!

Keep It Cool, Bun

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On hot days like today, it’s important to keep your rabbits cool. Douglas has the right idea, lying down on a cool tile. While air conditioning in my first line of defense, cool objects like tiles and frozen water bottles help as well. My upstairs hallways isn’t air conditioned, and my 10lb Piper just loves to lay there all day long. I guess the heat doesn’t bother her. She’s smart enough to go in her room to cool down, but perhaps those big ears of hers help with cooling. I also keep a water bowl in the hall so she has plenty of water nearby. I top off water bowls in the evening so all the buns have enough to last them overnight.

Noisy Boys

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I heard a loud nose this morning and thought some fences may have fallen over. No, all pens still in place. Then I looked for noisy boy Douglas, but he was laying on the coffee table as per usual. Then I heard the noise again and realized it was my Cameron! My little wobbly boy was ripping up the cardboard between the fences. Don’t think that just because he’s special needs that he can’t make a ruckus with the rest of them!

Who’s the King Around Here?

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Douglas is always waiting for me on top of the coffee table. He likes to sit there surveying the kingdom. Don’t tell him he’s not the king. I think my Hershey would have quite a bit to say about that! Douglas is curious about my boys, but not so much about Noelle. She doesn’t really seem all that into him either, but she does keep going over to my Cameron. I guess some rabbits just like some more than others.

Enigma Buns

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Noelle is an interesting little girl. In the morning she’s a sweetie, happily greeting me for her pellets. Then at salad time she gets a little impatient. By bedtime when I give her a treat, she is grunting at me and ready to bite my hand off to get it. Oddly enough she let me pet her and pluck some shedding fur. I expected her to bite me. What a little enigma!

Douglas decided to help himself to my tray of supplies yesterday. He pulled out the container with my lip balm and flash drives and happily scampered across the table. It’s all a game to him. Once I said he could have it, he dropped it and lost interest. Sometimes you just have to use reverse psychology with bunnies.

Side Flopping

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“Douglas & Noelle”

My Charlie is nearly 10 years old, and when rabbits get to that point, they tend to have trouble with arthritis. Think of it as a 70 year old human. He is on some Metacam for pain management, but I have to limit it because of his kidney issues. Sometimes I find him lying on his side, looking all adorable. He did not used to lay like this, but I think it must be more comfortable for him. It’s always important to notice any changes in rabbit behavior. Even the slightest thing might indicate something bigger, since, as prey animals, rabbits are so good at hiding any illness or ailment.

Young buns, like Noelle and Douglas downstairs, also sometimes lie on their sides, but in their cases it’s usually because they flopped over. I guess that’s just the best way for them to get comfy sometimes. Some rabbits can flop very aggressively, and even roll all the way over. My Hershey did that once and was very surprised when he landed back on his feet!


Furniture Buns

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Douglas is a rabbit who makes the most of the furniture in his pen. He’s laying on the coffee table, waiting for me to come into his pen and taking in a view of the room. Then when I do come in and sit down on the couch, he hops right up to snuggle with me. Noelle also enjoys sleeping on my furniture. Her favorite spot is on the shelf under an end table. Lots of rabbits have enjoyed that spot. It’s off the ground, but covered and cozy.

Ruckus of a Rabbit

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Douglas is a bundle of energy. He zips around his pen, making a bit of a ruckus. He’s a lop, and they tend to be sturdier in the back, which makes for noisier runs. The other rabbits in the room don’t seem to mind. They must understand what bunny runs are. I don’t know if Noelle does runs. They tend to do them when I’m not around, (so I don’t get in their way.) Noelle is a little curious about Douglas, but seems more interested in Cameron, who is on the other side of her. Maybe it’s the size difference? Do rabbits even realize their size?

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