All-Boys Bunny Camp

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Binky hopped up onto  the couch with me last night. Unfortunately when I went to pet him, I gave him a static shock, which startled him. It’s so cold here now that the heat is constantly coming on, drying the house out. When I was folding up a blanket last night, I made so much static that my TV flickered!

A new visitor arrived this morning: Douglas. It’s his first stay with us and we hope it’s a happy one! He’s already very interested in the other bunnies in the room. I told my Hershey to be a good host, but that little guy has a mind of his own. Douglas doesn’t seem to mind him though and spent a good 20 minutes staring at him through the fences. Welcome to Kamp, Douglas!

Five Bunnies for My Birthday!

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Piper-Licks“Piper & Charlie”

Binky bunny arrived yesterday for a couple week stay with us. Now I’ve got 5 bunnies to celebrate my birthday with today! All the fur I can get! Binky is one of those bunnies who likes to be able to go around all sides of his litter box, so I moved it out of the corner for him. He was running around and keeping true to his name by binkying as he ran around the corners.

My Piper seems to be grooming Charlie a little bit every day now, but as you can see in the GIF above, she’s a little rough on him. That’s how she grooms all of her toys and none of them have complained so far. I’m sure Charlie will let her know what he likes, and when she should tone it down. I’m glad she loves him so much though.

Furry Girlfriend Moves In

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Charlie and Piper are pretty much bonded at this point, but I only let her out a few hours a day when I can supervise. I’m not worried about fighting, rather the trouble she can get into with her new freedom. Once I’m satisfied there’s nothing else she can get into, I’ll let them be out all day together. They’ll still be apart at night so that Charlie gets a chance to eat. She’s a real hoover and wouldn’t leave a morsel for him.

Piper has finally started licking Charlie back! It’s big licks like a dog does. After a little while he backed away, “Okay, enough. I didn’t need a bath, ya know.” She’ll get better with practice boy, you’re the first bunny she’s kissed!

Charlie likes drinking from Piper’s huge water bowl and even jumps into her giant litter box! His has a cut down side for his arthritis so it’ so funny to see him hop into hers. He runs around with her all afternoon and is exhausted in the evening. He spends that time sleeping, snoring and dreaming.

Bigger Bunny Exploration

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“Queens Zoo Flemish Giants: Olivia & Blue”

Charlie & Piper”

This week I went to the Queens Zoo and saw the two resident Flemish Giants. Now that I have a big white bunny myself, they don’t seem quite as big. They were a bonded pair and very affectionate. It was a little chilly out, so they were snuggling in a hay pile, but came running over to me when I came by. They must have smelled bunny on me! The blue one even let me pet him a little.

Bonding between Charlie and Piper is up to 2 hours now and they’re pretty much good with each other at this point. Occasionally he tries to mount her (more like “mountain” since she’s so much bigger!) but she just away and then comes back for more kisses.

Now that she has access to the rest of the room, I have to make sure everything is Piper-proof before I let her be in there without supervision. She’s already been up on the bed, chairs and once she made it up onto my keyboard. Girl sure loves to explore!

Bonding and Break-ins

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“Charlie & Piper”

Bonding is still going well between my Charlie and Piper. Sessions are longer and they have access to more and more space together. I just have to figure out a way to stop Piper from pulling up the rug behind the toilet in the bathroom. Apparently that’s a prime snuggle spot for the two of them. If they only knew what went on there!

My mom got to pet Charlie for the longest ever during a bonding session. He normally doesn’t like her very much, nor lets her pet him, but this time he was snuggling with Piper so he didn’t mind. “As long I’m near my girl, I don’t care who’s rubbing my head!”

Lately, Charlie has been trying to sneak into my brother’s room. I don’t know why the sudden fascination, but last night he tricked my brother into letting him in. My brother heard knocking at his door, and thinking it was me, opened it only to find little Charlie! “Thanks for letting me in, brother!” At least he didn’t try and chew the door open.

Hoppy Birthday Hershey!

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

Yesterday was my Hershey’s 5th birthday! We had  a little party for him last night, but I couldn’t give him as many treats as I normally would since he’s on a diet. He still seemed pretty happy. His cake was a pizza, but made with ingredients a rabbit might use. The crust is timothy hay based, sauce is banana, “cheese” is carrot, and the toppings are green veggies and raisins. When I showed it to him, I figured he’d grab a raisin, but instead he nibbled on a piece of marzipan lettuce. Boy certainly has a sweet tooth!

Snow & Snores

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

We had a big snowstorm over the weekend, so I got my dad to bring in  a fresh bowl of snow for Piper to check out. I’ve done this with all my buns on their first snow with us. She came over to the bowl and stuck her head in, expecting it to be food, but it was cold! She picked at it, then tipped the bowl over, and after I righted it, started digging in the bowl. This bunny sure knows what to do in the snow! If I’d actually let her out there in it, I’d have never found her again! Later, I guess she felt dirty, because she decided to hop around in my mom’s shower for a minute. Most bunnies take baths, but mine likes a shower!

Bonding went better yesterday than the day before, just like it was before Charlie got sick. I moved them to a slightly more neutral room and she was much calmer, and he less afraid. He even groomed her quite a bit. Still nothing from her though. They even eventually got bored by the end of the half hour. I’ll have to give them more things to play with today.

Last night I was in the dining room and heard a funny noise. I didn’t know what it was, thought it was someone blowing their nose in the basement maybe. Turns out, it was Butterscotch snoring! I’ve never head him snore before. He doesn’t usually sleep near me, nor that deeply in the evening when I spend time with him. As soon as I got near him though, he stopped.

Under the Weather

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My little Charlie had a rough bought of stasis last week. It lasted a few days, but he’s finally better now. I was so worried about him since I’ve never dealt with stasis that lasted more than a day, but my tough little guy pulled through. We kept him warm, gave the proper meds and eventually he started eating pellets again. That was the main thing he stopped eating. I’m used to stasis occurring when the rabbit stops eating completely, but Charlie was still eating some things so I was slower to diagnose it. On the plus side, I’ve gotten very good at taking rabbit temperatures now!

We halted bonding for a few days until Charlie recovered and Piper was a little aggressive when we resumed today and wanted to chase him. Maybe she was so eager to see him after not being able to for days? She scared him and he won’t groom her now. I’ll have to decrease their bigger bonding area and let them get to know one another again. Good thing it’s so snowy and cold outside so I’ve got extra time indoors to spend bonding.


Checkup Buddies

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“Piper & Butterscotch”

“Piper & Charlie”

Piper had her first vet visit (with us) today. She was a very good girl and in perfect health. Butterscotch was coming along to get his sore hock checked out so she had company in the car. They were both a little nervous. We think Butters got his foot irritated by something and then nervously picks at it. He’s a bit of a nervous guy, so hopefully we can get it healed up and calm him down a little.

We moved bonding upstairs this week. Next step is their actual communal living space. So far so good. They pretty much do their own thing and occasionally come to each another to beg for a snuggle. We’re up to an hour sessions, but it could probably go even longer. My mom thinks they’re already bonded at this point, but I want to keep taking it slow. I’m not ready for my baby to move in with his girlfriend! How do parents do it?

Piper frequently comes over when I’m sitting and lays down behind my legs just like a dog. She’s so very loyal. Fortunately she doesn’t seem to ever want to eat anything that I’ve got, unless it’s fruit. I had some fruity Jelly Baby candy that she smelled and her nose was bookin!

Hoppy First Birthday Piper!

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“Piper & Charlie”

Yesterday we celebrated my brand new girl’s first birthday. Piper was running around her pen after midnight the night before saying, it’s my birthday! She wouldn’t settle down until I gave her an early present. Smart bunny!

We had a party during her and Charlie’s bonding session and she gobbled down her presents. I think Charlie managed to eat a couple. When I presented her with the cake I made (for the humans to eat), she just gave it a sniff and hopped away. “No people food!” It’s shaped like a sailboat because she’s named after a sailboat. Charlie had a pretty good time at the party too. He snuggled underneath her while she chewed on a basket. Awesome party!


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