Hershey’s Tummy Troubles

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Last week my Mini Rex, Hershey, had another bout of stasis. He’s been mostly stasis-free in his 7 and a half years, but in the past year had it a few times. This past time was a bad one for him. The first time he had it with us, he was shaking from pain and had to be hospitalized for a couple of days.

Last week he also started shaking, and of course it was at 10:30 at night. He had also been doing something I’ve never seen a rabbit do before, baring his teeth. Now, Hershey is a tough little guy, so something like that from him wouldn’t surprise me, but in this case I think he was clenching his teeth in pain.

After giving him all the stasis meds we had for pain, gas, and gut motility, I reached out a friend in the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group for a stronger pain med, Buprenex. Fortunately she was able to loan me some and within an hour of receiving a dose he was eating again and moving around like normal. He just seems to get stasis harder than his mate Butterscotch, but fortunately it does not happen as often for him.



Charlie, the First Kronenbun

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“Piper & Charlie”



Last month I lost my Charlie to kidney disease. He was 10 years old, which is pretty good for a rabbit, and also suffered from arthritis and runny cecals. He had only been diagnosed with kidney problems at the beginning of the year, but may have had issues for longer. I’ll never know if the daily Metacam for his arthritis contributed, but I would be cautious about doing that for other rabbits in the future. I would definitely check blood work more often, and am getting a baseline for all my rabbits now.

When he finally stopped eating anything, was not maintaining his temperature, and was lethargic, I knew it was his time. I did not want him to suffer. I was not sure if I should bring his bonded mate, Piper, to his euthanasia, but the vet recommend it. She let me put Piper up on the table with Charlie, so he could be with her at the end. She was not very upset and I think she understood something.

Piper was fine back at home, and I’m going to attempt to bond her to our failed-foster Cameron soon. They’re living side-by-side now, getting to know one another. It’s usually a good idea to not wait too long to bond after the loss of a mate. Once he or she has grieved, it’s helpful for them to have a friend before they get too used to being alone and get overly territorial. Having Cameron upstairs with her has helped me too. Charlie’s absence leaves a big hole in my life, and Cameron’s plucky little wobbly body helps fill that.

You know how much you meant to me, Charlie, you were so smart that you’ve raised my expectations for all rabbits. No one else will ever quite compare, but all the bunnies whom I love after you, have you to thank for making rabbits part of my world.

charlie obit 1

Hoppy Birthday Piper!

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“Basket of Strawberries Cake”

Today was my girl Piper’s 4th Birthday. I made a chocolate covered strawberries in a basket cake for the humans to eat. I thought she might go after a strawberry, but the chocolate must have put her off. She sniffed it a lot, but just looked at me. “Why did you put all that yucky stuff on the strawberries?!” She got lots of yummy bunny treats instead.


Couch Hopping

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Last night when I was visit Douglas he keeps nudging my feet for pets. He did jump on the couch a couple of times, but he didn’t want to snuggle then. It was all business on the couch. He hopped over me, onto the arms, and then on the back and right behind my head before plopping down on the other side of me. Good thing he’s so nimble! He’s got those big lop feet to help stabilize.

What No Bun Has Done Before

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Since my Cameron moved in with Piper, he’s settling in nicely. He’s missing out on checking out Douglas in the living room, but with Piper to entertain him, I don’t think he minds. Most of the day he sleeps underneath furniture or his boxes, but sometimes he likes to sleep on his little bed. I bought that for his carrier, but he actually likes to sleep on it! None of my other rabbits ever cared about a bed, but he frequently does things that no other bun of mine has done before.


“This Couch is Too Lumpy”

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I was lying down on the couch last night after dinner, and Douglas hopped right up onto my chest. Fortunately, living in a house with rabbits, I except such things. He didn’t stick around for long though. I guess I’m not as soft as the couch cushions are. When he’s not stretched out at the front of his pen, begging at the passersby for a treat, he’s in the back corners, digging and ripping the cardboard. Some buns like to do that more than others, and he’s definitely a cardboard shredder!

Center of Action

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Douglas is visiting us for the weekend and he settled in right away under the end table that so many bunnies before him have enjoyed. He alternated between sleeping there, and at the end of his pen. From there he’s at the edge of the living room and has a great view of everyone coming and going and all that goes on in the house. He really is at the center of action there, and that’s just where he likes to be!

Hoppy Halloween from the Kronenbuns!

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Halloween 2018 Bunnies

Happy Gotcha Day, Cameron!

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“Piper & Cameron”

Today is the one year anniversary of when my Cameron came home with us. It was a total fluke. My mom and I were assisting with 5 rabbits from a rescue the night before. We were transporting them to a fosterer, but it turned out that there wasn’t room for one of the buns. We brought that rabbit home with us, and it just happened to be Cameron. We thought he was a girl and were calling him “Camille”.

He was only meant to stay until his neuter surgery, then be up for adoption, but a few days turned into much, much longer. After a brief adoption and illness, Cameron came back to us. We helped him recover and he carved a permanent place for himself in our home and our hearts. With my Charlie’s passing earlier this month, I’ve moved Cameron into the same room as my girl, Piper and will be attempting to bond them in the coming months. He’s the snuggliest bun I’ve ever had and I hope he makes a good new hus-bun for Piper.

Independent Tornado

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Little Sadie’s playtime leaves a tornado’s worth of destruction behind. It’s mostly hay, willow sticks and cardboard with a few pellets mixed in. She loves to throw and drag things, keeping herself entertained for hours. She came on the couch with me a little while last night for some pets, but usually she’s content to entertain herself. Some rabbits are like that, quite happy to make their own fun. She’s so independent that if she could get her food from the container and pour it into her bowl, she would!

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