Kronenbun Boys

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“Hershey, Butterscotch & Cameron”

Even though I’ve been spending a lot of time caring for my Charlie, I make sure to save some time for the other Kronenbuns. The boys downstairs are pretty good at entertaining themselves though. Cameron loves to lie at the fence near his big brothers. They would rather snuggle with each other than be petted, but Cameron is always up for petting. He’s a licker too, and it’s always nice when a rabbit reciprocates for all that petting!


My Little Man’s Hanging in There

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“Piper & Charlie”

My Charlie finally seems stable again. His temperature is still dipping in the middle of the day, but the vet said as long as he’s moving around, acting like normal that it’s okay for him. He may just have a lower normal body temperature, and he’s lost some insulation as he’s gotten older. I also cut out the syringe feedings to see if he’d eat more pellets on his own. He is eating a little more, he’s just such a fussy eater. We didn’t do blood work since it wouldn’t change the treatment plan for now, so hopefully we get some better numbers when he goes back in October and his course of antibiotics is finished.

Couch Dreamin’

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Must be nice just take a nap on the couch all day. Guess I’ll never know what that’s like since my couch is occupied with a little furry body. “There isn’t any room for you up here, human! I need the whole couch to stretch out on.”

Rusty Chillin’

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Rusty has been relaxing on the couch this weekend. It’s been a little chaotic for the humans, but Rusty is chillin’ just fine. When I was in the couch last night, he didn’t even pay attention, and just ran back and forth over me, like I was part of the couch. That’s okay Rusty, my feelings aren’t hurt!

Let’s Play, Rusty!

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Rusty bunny is visiting us this weekend. He’s always such a sweet little guy, and my Cameron already likes him. They both keep going to the back corners of their pens, trying to get to each other. Cameron wants to play, Rusty I’m not so sure. Cameron just wants to play with all the bunnies!


Recovery at a Snail’s Pace

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“Piper & Charlie”


Piper “Visiting” Charlie

My Charlie has been ill for the past week and a half, but does seem to making some progress, albeit at a slow pace. He finally started eating pellets yesterday, even just a few is welcome at this point. I think the infection is the cause of him not feeling well, since he started to improve after starting on that. He’s on Azithromycin for a month.

He has not been maintaining his temperature very well though. Most times, when I check him after couple hours off of heat, his temp is below 101 again. Yesterday I got a 101.1 after 2 hours, and then again later in the day, so I’m hopeful it will continue to improve. I had wondered if the Galliprant just started for his arthritis could be lowering his temperature, so I stopped it for a couple days. It may lower his temp initially, but it I think that wears off after a couple of hours. He just wound up more crooked, so I put him back on it. Sometimes I put his carrier on a heating pad on my bed and Piper would jump up to visit him. Well, I think she just wanted the food in the carrier.

Busy with My Boy

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“Charlie & Piper”

My Charlie hasn’t been doing so well the last couple of days. He’s still got an infection somewhere, so we’re trying another antibiotic for a month. His kidney function has also gotten worse. He’s basically not eating on his on own except for a few fruit treats and the occasional piece of cilantro. He grinds his teeth sometimes, I noticed it when he urinated a couple of times, so we got Buprenex from the vet to give him in addition to his Galliprant. It’s so hard not knowing what is wrong with him, but I’m trying to make him as comfortable as possible. His temperature has been below 101 so he’s been on a heating pad in his carrier a lot. Whenever I let him out, he usually snuggles with his mate Piper, and at 10 lbs, I think she makes a pretty good heating element herself.

Good Morning, Other Rabbits

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”



Every morning my Butterscotch waits at the end of his pen for me to take away the cardboard between pens so that he can see the other rabbits in the living room. Cameron usually comes over to greet him, and then Cheeks says hello. Most rabbits only wait for food, but some like to see other rabbits. Some even like to see people, but not most of mine. Cheeks is happy to see me for petting, so I’m always happy to oblige her on the couch.

Guard Your Blueberries

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After giving my Charlie another butt bath and grooming Cameron, I had some snuggle time with Cheeks last night. Just before I went into her pen, I put a bowl of blueberries for me on the coffee table. Well, I forgot that Cheeks goes on the coffee table, and when I returned a minute later, she was happily munching on them. She didn’t get very many, but that taught me a lesson!

Keep That Rabbit Eating

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I started my Charlie back on an appetite stimulant, Periactin. I’m only giving him 1/4 pill every two days to start. Between that and the Galliprant for pain, he tends to get a little groggy. I don’t want him to not eat because he’s too sleepy, so I have to balance it out. When you start out with a young, healthy bunny, you never think you’ll have to worry about getting them to eat more! Most of my other rabbits would love to eat all of Charlie’s food, and most of the them are a little overweight too. I keep telling my not-so-mini Rex Hershey that someday, when he’s older, he can have more pellets than the few gets on his diet now. I think he’s starting to think I’m lying to him.

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