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“Piper & Charlie”

This past weekend my Charlie wanted to eat less and less, and today is refusing almost all food. I brought him to our amazing vet and his blood work shows that his kidneys are in very bad shape and that she recommends putting him to sleep in a couple of days. His creatinine is up to 6.4 from 5.2 last month, and doc says that once it’s over 6, rabbits usually don’t feel like eating. He’ll still swallow the critical care once I get the syringe in his mouth, but doesn’t want to eat on his own.

His potassium was 6.7 and BUN was 83, both high. He has trouble maintaining his temperature, so I’ve got heated snuggle safes and a safe floor pad down as well as a space heater keeping the room he’s in warm. I’m giving him time to snuggle with Piper, but she’s keeping a little distance. He did this right before Bella passed away, so Piper may be picking up on his illness. She’s not as intuitive though, so she might just be clueless.

Charlie was my first rabbit and the one who started everything bunny for me and my family. He will be greatly missed but always remembered.


A Bit Too Stiff

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My Charlie may look like he’s practicing his ballet poses, but it’s just his arthritis. His back right leg gets stiff sometimes, and with this up hot/cold humid weather he’s been having more trouble. He’s been getting cold laser therapy, but I’m not sure it’s working. The last two sessions have not shown any improvement. I don’t know if the pain med, Galliprant, is noticeably helping, but if it keeps any pain away I’m all for keeping him on it.

I had stopped his glucosamine supplements, (well, he stopped wanting to eat them) but I’m getting him something new from Sherwood to try. Perhaps their joint support supplements will help relax his leg. He’s still able to hop around, and come over to ask me for food when he’s hungry. Piper tries to nudge my ankle for food too, but doesn’t seem to get that it doesn’t work when she does it. Or she’s just trying to get me to move my feet so she can lay there.

Cameron’s Day: A Short Film

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For a while now I’ve been working on a little movie about my new adoptee, Cameron’s, daily routine. I finally got it finished, so here he is in all his wobbly adorableness!

My Bonded Boys

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The “Dessert Brothers,” Hershey and Butterscotch are my bonded pair of boys. Not actually related, but have been together for most of their lives. I only know of a few other boy/boy bonded pairs, but they are not as rare as girl/girl for rabbits. Theses two sometimes chase or mount each others, but mostly just snuggle. They’re sweet to their little brother Cameron, through a fence, but I would not even begin to attempt to make an all boy trio. That would be a sight to see, but alpha-male Hershey would probably fight with them both. A bunny bond is a delicate balance of dominance, affection, and sharing/not sharing food. Not so easy when they have to eat separately!

Charlie Update and Cameron Cleanup

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My Charlie had his first six cold laser treatments over these past two weeks, and now I’ll take him for more every week or every other. I’m starting with one week, then two and seeing how he is. I’d rather not take him every week if he does okay with every other. He is not happy about going, although they have been cleaning up his butt for me, which I’m happy about!

We cleaned our Cameron’s pen today. He was very confused as to what was happening. I’m sure he was not happy that we vacuumed up all of his loose fur and took away all the smells. I’m sure he’ll make it his again soon. He already started on bunstruction with the cardboard in front of the bookcase.


Charlie Goes Down But Stands Back Up

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I was away for a few days last week, and my parents were watching Charlie when he suddenly lost the use of his back legs. They were wonderful taking care of him, rushing him to the vet in the morning, propping him up and moving him to dry locations, feeding him, and even giving him water in syringes. He had been a little crooked the days before, and fell over a couple of times, but he was moving around okay when I left him. It could be arthritis or perhaps an injury from falling over. He started getting cold laser treatment at the vet, and within a couple of days was standing up, and hopping around with the legs very well again. By the time I came home, he was moving around like nothing had happened. I’m so grateful that my parents spent so much time caring for and feeding him. I know both they and he were happy to have me home again!

Kronenbun Boys

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“Hershey, Butterscotch & Cameron”

Even though I’ve been spending a lot of time caring for my Charlie, I make sure to save some time for the other Kronenbuns. The boys downstairs are pretty good at entertaining themselves though. Cameron loves to lie at the fence near his big brothers. They would rather snuggle with each other than be petted, but Cameron is always up for petting. He’s a licker too, and it’s always nice when a rabbit reciprocates for all that petting!

My Little Man’s Hanging in There

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“Piper & Charlie”

My Charlie finally seems stable again. His temperature is still dipping in the middle of the day, but the vet said as long as he’s moving around, acting like normal that it’s okay for him. He may just have a lower normal body temperature, and he’s lost some insulation as he’s gotten older. I also cut out the syringe feedings to see if he’d eat more pellets on his own. He is eating a little more, he’s just such a fussy eater. We didn’t do blood work since it wouldn’t change the treatment plan for now, so hopefully we get some better numbers when he goes back in October and his course of antibiotics is finished.

Couch Dreamin’

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Must be nice just take a nap on the couch all day. Guess I’ll never know what that’s like since my couch is occupied with a little furry body. “There isn’t any room for you up here, human! I need the whole couch to stretch out on.”

Rusty Chillin’

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Rusty has been relaxing on the couch this weekend. It’s been a little chaotic for the humans, but Rusty is chillin’ just fine. When I was in the couch last night, he didn’t even pay attention, and just ran back and forth over me, like I was part of the couch. That’s okay Rusty, my feelings aren’t hurt!

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