Tunnels and Pellets

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Misty played in her couch tunnel again yesterday. I wonder if she’d like one of those little tunnels you can buy. Most rabbits I’ve given them to are too nervous to go in them. I have a large cardboard tube for my Charlie and Bella but I carved holes in the top to let light in. Occasionally one them will run through it. It also has carpet down on the bottom. My bunnies are so spoiled!

My Bella’s weight has been going down a little since I took away the Sherwood pellets. We bought a new kind today that the vet recommended, Selective Supreme. It doesn’t have as much calcium as the Sherwood, so Charlie can eat it, but it does have more fat than their regular Oxbow, so maybe that will help Bella.

Couch Tunnels

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Misty had a great time with me last night. As soon as I came in her pen, she started sniffing my legs. I had just been sitting on the floor in my boys’ pen, and I guess I must have smelled real good! She kept her nose trained to my leg for nearly 3 whole minutes! A little while later she finally discovered that she can tunnel under the blanket that is hanging down off of the couch. She must have spent an hour scurrying back and forth under the blanket, occasionally nudging me whenever I was in her way.

Ya Wanna Bond With Me?

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“Butterscotch & Misty”

I discovered that my little Butterscotch had been chewing on the carpet by the fence. He’s just so determined to get closer to Misty. I wonder how he’d get along with her. I let him visit Charlie and Bella upstairs last fall, but Bella wasn’t too interested. Butters might fight a little initially, but I think he’d probably mellow pretty quickly and want to snuggle with Misty. It would be great if all four of my rabbits could live together, snuggling, grooming and playing, but that’s never gonna happen! Hershey and Charlie would butt heads as alpha males, but I don’t think Bella would mind having 3 little brothers to boss around.

Hershey’s Great Escape

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Last night I saw a piece of cardboard next to the TV shaking, and Butterscotch standing next to it. I didn’t see Hershey anywhere, and then the cardboard stopped moving. I quickly jumped out of Misty’s pen to investigate. I think she was a little rattled by my sudden departure, but I saw that Hershey had sneaked behind the TV cabinet and was heading for the shelf behind his pen. What a bold little boy!

I ran over to the other end of the shelf, which was by his litter box, and opened up the fence there. I had to beckon him to run over to me, but he eventually did and then I closed up the exit. I made sure to fasten the cardboard by the TV so he couldn’t do it again. He went right back over there to try though, but I was quicker than him for once!


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It’s a hot one again today, so we put on the AC and I gave the downstairs bunnies frozen water bottles. Charlie and Bella never want anything do with them, but I thought Misty and the boys might be willing to snuggle up to them. I placed a bottle next to Butterscotch and Hershey. Hershey pulled the cloth that I had wrapped around it off, and then they both moved away. Misty did lie down next to hers though, so maybe she likes it. She’s the only one without a buddy to snuggle with in the house, but a cold bottle is no warm bunny!

Banana Chip Frolics

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I baked some banana chips in the oven yesterday since all the ones you can buy have sugar added, and I certainly don’t need chunky bunnies. It takes a couple hours for them to dry out, so for half of the afternoon Butterscotch and Hershey were running around the dining room sniffing the air. “I don’t know what you’re cooking, but it smells so good!”

Later in the evening, Misty, Butters and Hershey were all running around together. They’re so cute together. I know the boys are going to miss her when she goes home. Her stay with us is longer than any other bun visitor and I hope the boys don’t think we got them a new sister! More bunnies will be coming once she’s gone though, so hopefully they won’t be too upset about her leaving.

The Roof is Falling

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We got new gutters yesterday morning, which was a little noisy when they were tearing the old ones off. The bunnies downstairs were bothered most. Butterscotch was unhappy until he found a spot to hide. Hershey ran around for a little but then seemed to just accept it. Misty seemed pretty okay with it and so was Bella. Maybe it’s a female thing? Charlie seemed okay once he went over and snuggled with Bella. They started when I was still in bed, so my Charlie was sitting in my doorway keeping watch, just in case the noise was something bad. Once I was up he didn’t seem to mind it anymore. I never have to worry about anything bad happening with a little guard-bunny on duty!

Cleaning and Dreaming

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Yesterday we cleaned the boys’ room and they ran all over, checking out all the moved furniture. Misty wasn’t fond of the loss of attention so she went and took a nap in her box.

Later in the day I was watching Misty dreaming. Her head lolled to the side and her mouth twitched. Sleeping bunnies are always adorable.

Contagious Flops

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Yesterday something interesting, and cute, occurred. Hershey flopped, then Butters flopped, then Misty flopped. They were all in visible range of each other. Is flopping contagious? 3 out of the 3 bunnies say yes! This morning they’re all lying in different places in the living room, but can see each other. If you stand in the middle of the room it’s like you’re in the Bun-muda Triangle!

Cool Down the Runners

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Misty and Hershey have had a lot of fun running around together. It’s on opposite sides of fences but they’re only about a foot apart. So far Hershey and Butterscotch have been behaving, so they’re allowed out in the living room all day. It’s gotten warm here so the air conditioning is on for them. Fortunately they’re all used to it by now. I also made some small ice cubes to put in Misty’s water bottle to keep it cool for her. She doesn’t seem to take a drink very often, but I did see her drink yesterday.

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