She Wobbles But She Doesn’t Fall Down

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“Allie & Hershey”

Allie wobbles a little sometimes, but at her recent vet visit was given the all clear for adoption through the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group. She hops just fine and even hopped on tile floor, which not all rabbits are willing to do. She gets into her regular-sized litter box just fine, and has been spending her days hopping onto and off of the shelf under my end table. Sometimes when she periscopes on her back legs to say hello to me, she stumbles a little, but it’s nothing she can’t handle. She’s always eager for a pat on the head, or a treat!

If you’ve had any experiences with the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group, please consider leaving them a review on their Facebook page! Allie is currently up for adoption. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting her, check out her petfinder page!

Golden Ginger Girl

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Last night I groomed Allie’s face a little. You know you’ve got a good rabbit when they sit still while you pluck fur from their cheeks. This bun is really enjoying herself here at Kamp. She’s got such beautiful golden ginger coloring that you don’t often see on rabbits. Her litter box habits are great, once I moved the litter box to the corner that she wanted it in. Rabbits can be very specific about where they want their bathroom to be. I get it girl, you want privacy.

Allie is currently up for adoption from the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Allie, check out her petfinder page!

Pet Me, When Convenient

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I’ve been petting Allie quite a bit and last night I got her to purr. This morning when I came to see her, she came right over to me and let me pet her while she snuggled in. This is such a sweet girl. My mom pet her for a while last night and when she stopped, Allie put her paws up on the couch. “More petting, please.” A rabbit like this is the best kind: loves petting but isn’t super needy. I can go about my day but know that when I have time for cuddles, she’ll always be up for it.

Allie is currently up for adoption from the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Allie, check out her petfinder page!

Making Friends with Allie

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Allie is visiting Kamp Kronenberg for a 2 week stay. She’s one of the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group’s bunnies who is currently up for adoption! She’s a bit of a shy girl, so she’s visiting with me so I can try and socialize her a bit and help her to be a little friendlier with humans. She’s off to a great start already. She let both my mom and I pet her without a fuss and loved running around her pen in my living room. She is also not shy at all when it comes to other rabbits. When I opened the “window” between her pen and my boys Hershey and Butterscotch, she noticed right away and slowly made her way over to see them. Soon she was sniffing at Hershey who was just a few inches away, through some clear acrylic. I think she’s going to have a very good time at Kamp!

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Allie, check out her petfinder page!

My Two Hungry Hoppers

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Piper and Hershey are my two super-eaters. While I often worry about the eating habits of their mates, I never have to fret over these guys. I sometimes wonder what they would be like if they were bonded. I imagine a lot of fighting over who gets the last few pellets in the bowl or the last piece of lettuce. Hershey is pretty bossy and Piper is so sweet. She’s also twice his size, but Hershey tends to use his small stature to his advantage. I don’t doubt that he would sneak underneath her to get a some food. Chow down babies!

Help us Help Ashley the Rabbit

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I don’t share these often, but this is a tough case. Ashley recently came into the care of our rescue group and we’re doing all that we can to help her pull through and get better. Please share her fundraiser and donate if you can.

 Untitled    Untitled.png

Her Story: In early June 2017, this rabbit was found starving to death, loaded with ear mites. The finder brought rabbit to the Brookhaven Animal Shelter. The rabbit was in G.I. stasis, not eating or pooping. The shelter contacted a volunteer with the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group, who recommended immediate veterinary care.  This rabbit, whom we’ve named Ashley in honor of the shelter director, was in emergency care for 4 days. Ashley is so thin, her back bone is prominent. We took her into our foster care as soon as she was released from the emergency vet.  She is emaciated, anemic… she is fighting for her life.

Ashley is now living with an incredibly loving foster family, chomping on some good crunchy greens, resting on a soft blanket, enjoying a hay and alfalfa-filled litter pan. She is now a Long Island Rescue bun and this baby will not ever be left to starve or be attacked by parasites again.  But her struggle is far from over.

Please donate and share to help Ashley have a chance at life.  She is on multiple medications and supplements to combat her parasite infestation, malnutrition, liver damage and host of other issues caused by human neglect and abuse.  We need your help to give Ashley the best chance for survival.

Keeping My Boys Well Fed

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My little Butterscotch has been having something of a mystery illness for the past 4 weeks. He had bouts of stasis 4 times and an overall decrease in appetite. Two trips to the vet later, he’s been on Reglan twice a day to help keep his gut moving and Periactin to stimulate his appetite. He seems to be eating better now, so we’re cutting back on Periactin and will soon reduce the Reglan as well. Hopefully when we do, he’ll still be eating. His blood work and x-rays didn’t show anything, and his teeth were excellent, so aside from a few gas bubbles in his stomach, there’s no obvious reason for this illness.

We’ll be bringing my Charlie to the vet this week to get more blood work to make sure everything is going all right with him. His weight has been doing well, holding stable and he’s eating enough. It just takes several feedings during the day to do that.

Oddly enough, my boy Hershey who has always been a little overweight, actually lost a few ounces over the last couple of weeks. I would have thought he’d have gained by sneaking food meant for his mate Butterscotch, but somehow the reverse happened!

Duffy in Search of his Forever Home

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Duffy is going back to his foster home today after his weekend at Kamp Kronenberg. The little guy is still up for adoption, so if you know anyone who might be interested, check out his Petfinder Page. He’s so sweet and friendly and I can’t believe he’s the same rabbit I rescued two months ago. He lets anyone who wants to pet him and is happy to jump onto my lap on the couch for a petting session. I’d also like to mention how fantastic his litter habits are. For a rabbit who was running around outside not too long ago, he sure knows how to use a litter box! I’ll miss my little couch buddy!

Naps – The Best Time of the Day

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“Lola & Duffy”



Both of my visitors love flopping. Duffy does it under the coffee table and Lola does in the middle of the floor. She also has been known to flop on top of a table. That girl doesn’t care where she relaxes. Did someone forget to tell you you’re a prey animal, Lola? Duffy also hangs out up against the fence, which is another popular spot for rabbits. He’s got his eye on the action! Lola is going to be heading home later today so Duffy has to get his viewing in while he still can.

Duffy Jumps out of His Shell

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Yesterday Duffy jumped right into my lap on the couch for petting. It was so sweet! Then he did again for my mom and she got a long petting session with him. He’s a very friendly rabbit, so different from the crazy little guy who was running around in the bushes in Melville when I first rescued him.

Last night Lola jumped up onto my laptop. She likes being on top of the table in her pen more than being under it. She also doesn’t seem to care if there’s already something on it. She seems to spend most of the night sleeping up there. She’s like Snoopy sleeping on top of his dog house. I guess she’s got a good view from up there!

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