What a Glorious Arc!

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“Charlie & Bella”

We gave Charlie a bath to tidy his bottom earlier this week. It all went without incident until it was time to dry him. He let out a glorious arc of urine, twice! We quickly moved him over the garbage so it landed there. Fortunately I had the foresight to put a puppy pad down after the first time, in case he did it again. True to form, he of course did. It was even funnier the second time since we didn’t have to worry about pee on the floor. I don’t know how he’s able to store it up and release a bit at a time. I guess he’s like a dog like that. His bottom looks much better, now to clean up the floor…

Getting Accustomed to Piggys

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For such a little guy, Jeffrey sure can be noisy. He frequently “redecorates” his cage by moving his igloo around. It’s a noise that my rabbits aren’t used to and frightened Butterscotch yesterday. After moving it once, Butterscotch thumped every two minutes for 10 minutes. Such odd things seem to set him off. At least he’s not afraid of Jeffrey. They can now go nose-to-nose with him at the window between their fences. Hershey did it and stretched up tall just to let Jeffrey know how big he is. He’s always puffing himself up.

1 Pig With 2 Buns

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

Glenda went home last night, so now we’ve just got the piggy (and my 4 rabbits). My Butterscotch and Hershey have a better view of Jeffrey now and they’re always glued to the fence when Jeffrey is moving around. He does come over and look at them, but I think they’re more interested in him. “What IS that thing??” He did make some cute oinking noises in the evening while looking at them. Maybe he was trying to talk to them!

Getting Friendly with the Piggy

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“Glenda & Jeffrey”


Glenda greeted Jeffrey at the fence yesterday and they sniffed each other. There’s plastic between them so they can’t actually get at one another, but they seemed very gentle anyway. They were very cute together. Just after Glenda hopped away, Jeffrey starting sneezing. A guinea pig sneezing is an adorable sight to behold. He makes a little squeaking noise and his body twists and he jumps up a little. I hope he’s not allergic to bunnies!

Last night Jeffrey hopped into his cage and went to sleep in his little igloo house around 9:30pm. I remember that he used to put himself to bed in the evenings. Everything that little piggy does is cute!

5 Rabbits and 1 Guinea Pig

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Glenda let me pet her for a bit last night and I was able to groom her a little. Sometimes the sneaky tactics are the best. I’ll put her up on the table again for another good grooming session before she goes home.

Little guinea piggy Jeffrey arrived last night and he’s such a sweetie pie. He seems more interested in Glenda than she is in him, but that’s Glenda’s nature. I’ll have to see if my boys are interested today. I don’t think they’re afraid of him this time! He would probably like to play with them, but I’m worried my Hershey would bully him. He never likes any bunny (or piggy) that’s smaller than he is!


Interspecies Roommate

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Glenda will be getting a roommate later today. He’s a little guinea pig named Jeffrey. Last time he came to visit my boys were terrified of him initially. I guess they had never seen a guinea pig before. Eventually they calmed down and got used to him. Glenda seems so mellow I doubt he will bother her. He’ll probably be very interested in her though!

Bunny Relaxation

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Glenda is having a great time relaxing on her vacation. She doesn’t pay much attention to the “locals” but is enjoying herself and taking lots of naps. She always lets me pet her, but isn’t keen on letting me groom her. I’ll have to put her on the table again today for another grooming session.

Banana Sniffing

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”

Finola bunny went home last night so my boys get to run around the living and see Glenda now. She’s not terribly interested in them though. She prefers sleeping under the table or just lounging around in general.

I made a batch of aloe vitamins yesterday which also happen to include banana. Buns would never eat the aloe otherwise! About halfway through Butterscotch and Hershey finally got a whiff of what I was doing and congregated at the kitchen door. No odor gets past them!

And here’s a parting gif of Finola taking a bath yesterday:



Table Spots

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Glenda came over a few times for petting so far. Finola is a bit more shy. She comes over to check me out, but scoots away after I start petting her. “I don’t know you that well!” That’s okay! Glenda likes sleeping under the end table we have in the middle of her pen. A lot of buns pick that as their nap spot.

Finola is also sleeping under a table: the coffee table. I always try and give rabbits plenty of cover to sleep under. Finola also likes to lay by her gate where she’s right next to my boys. She’s shy with me, but not so much with my bunnies!

We clipped my Hershey’s nails this morning. He’s so good about being clipped. He has dark nails which are very tough for me to clip safely, but he’s so well behaved that it goes pretty smoothly. I’m relieved that his much more antsy siblings have light colored nails!


Bunnettes Arrive

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Two girls are now with us at Kamp Kronenberg, and my two boys are very happy to see them! Glenda returns for her 7th visit with us. She’s in the middle of a shed right now so was very shaggy when she arrived. I was able to pick her up in her litter box and groomed her on a table. She wasn’t happy about it, but eventually gave in and just let me groom her. She got some raisins at the end, so it wasn’t all bad!

Both Glenda and Finola are loving the hand-me-down IKEA sea grass baskets. It’s the small pieces that my buns are no longer willing to chew on, but they’re still perfectly good for less fussy buns. Most of the visitors toys are hand me downs since my buns get bored with their toys oh so easily.


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