Gimme the Good Stuff!

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”

We got this adorable pillow at Kohl’s this week. It’s my baby girl!

We’re trying to bring up Bella’s weight so she gets special alfalfa pellets and I made her some alfafa banana cookies. Charlie sure isn’t happy that he’s not allowed to have them. “Not fair!” It’s hard since they’re always together. They spend most of the day sleeping together. Charlie snores and Bella licks his nose. Simply adorable.

Charlie is always on alert where food is concerned though. Last night I stopped off at the bathroom before going to the kitchen to get their greens. Out of the corner of my eye I notice a little nose poking through the doorway. It was Charlie, chiding me for making a pit stop. “You’re supposed to be getting my food, human!” Sorry Mister Charlie!

Hershey had a bout of stasis two nights ago, his second in a year. It only lasted 3 hours, but it happened at 10:30 at night. He took his meds pretty easily, and then when gave him Reglan the following morning he enjoyed it so much he pulled the syringe out of my hand. Never had a  bunny do that for anything other than Metacam!

Checkups and New Chow

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We took Butterscotch to the vet yesterday for his annual checkup, and brought Bella along as well to check on her weight loss. Bella loves the car, but Butterscotch was very unhappy the last time he went for a drive. I think having Bella in the other carrier next to him made him feel a little better. He was very good at the vet and he was in great health.

Bella loves to look out the window in the car, but she wasn’t too happy at the vet. Both buns took a little while before they felt hungry at home. Bella is down another 3 oz. The vet suggested we put her on alfalfa pellets, but I have to keep those away from her mate Charlie. He’s already at his max weight and I don’t want him to have the extra calcium either.

Bella also has arthritis and one of paws always slides to the side, so we’re going to try giving her 6.5 ml of metacam once a day to see if she moves around any better. She tends to pull her front feet forward and close together which isn’t great. Fortunately she’s really good about taking metacam. “Give me my sugary treat in a tube!”

Wild Furry Boys and Girls

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Leonidas and Hershey have done just about everything that they can to get a better peek at one another. When I moved some cardboard to get some light, there were just two fences between them. They snuck their noses through and had a good sniff. Then Hershey has to let out a few grunts. It’s like he’s got a little motor in him. On other places where the cardboard isn’t as high they’ve stood up and stuck their paws through, trying to swat at each other. I put a stop to that, but they didn’t really make any progress. I’m sure Hershey will miss him when he goes home.

Upstairs, my Bella was doing her rounds again last night. The carrier was out of its spot under the mini fridge, so of course Bella had to investigate. And then my humidifier was drying out in the bathroom and she went to in there to check that out. Charlie always sits outside the bathroom door when she’s in there. He’s kinda of like an opposite lookout, ready to tattle on her to anyone who comes by. Later Bella came flying from the far side of the bed as if she’d seen a ghost. My funny girl, always entertaining!

Up Here, Boy!

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Yesterday I patted the couch and Leo jumped up next to me. He let me pet him for a little bit before jumping back down. I think I’ve only gotten dogs to do that before. He’s just as friendly as a dog, except when I go to pick things up off the floor. This happens with rabbits sometimes. They see the floor as their domain, and when I start messing around with that, they’re not happy. My own Bella is guilty of a few grunts if I get too close to her when using the dust pan.

Coughing and Purring

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Leo was a happy little guy yesterday. My brother pet him and got him to purr, and then later he purred for me to. Those are the first purrs I’ve gotten out of him since he’s been here.

I had a bit of a coughing fit during dinner last night and the bunnies were NOT happy. Leo and Butters thumped and they ran and hid. Sorry boys! It’s not like I did it on purpose, something just went down the wrong way.

This morning, Hershey jumped onto a chair to get a better look at Leo, and then up onto the pillow on back. This started sliding down with him on it until it hit the seat. He then walked to the edge of the pillow and it began tipping him towards the floor. When he could stay up no longer, down he jumped! He was okay though. That little guy is built sturdy, but it was pretty amusing to watch!

“Mountain” Climbing

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Leo spent a lot of time running around the back of the couch like a cat last night. He doesn’t seem to mind when he starts sliding back onto the seat, but I usually cup his bottom to slow his descent. He doesn’t mind that either fortunately. Leo was so active last night in fact, that he gave me a static shock when his nose touched my arm. Usually I’m giving the shock to a rabbit, so it was weird to be on the receiving end!

Not content with higher altitude pursuits, he also liked tunneling under the blanket hanging from the couch. Other rabbits do this too, and it’s an odd thing to see a lump under a blanket slowly moving across the floor. At least he’s having fun!

And finally for today, check out our new door candy!

Getting to Know Leo

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“Leonidas & Hershey”

Leonidas sure has gorgeous hair. Those lionheads have long luxurious locks! He’s been a very friendly boy. When I gave him the couch again he didn’t come up right away, but when he did, he was all over me. He didn’t seem to care that I wasn’t part of the couch and had a good time hopping back and forth over me and my laptop. He even typed in a search of random keys. Google didn’t know what to make of it.

He and Hershey are getting along a little better now. Although now both rabbits are trying to chew through the cardboard to get at each other, so I have to keep checking it when the boys are out. Leo’s seems content to be without the couch at night, and spent half the time he did have it under the coffee table asleep anyway.

Leo the Lion(head)

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Little Leonidas arrived for a visit last night. Another cute lionhead mix! He jumped up onto the couch and stayed there most of evening. I don’t often see a bun who loves the couch that much! He mostly slept all loafed up in the corner and let me pet him. My brother came down to say hello to him later, and he suddenly sprung into action. He was running across the couch, jumping down, then back up with a little “warning thump” to make room for him. He also licked his socks. They might have smelled like my Bella upstairs, but I can’t think of any other reason.

He did try and walk across the back of the couch, which is a little dangerous, so I fenced off the couch at night to prevent any escape attempts. He didn’t seem too bothered about losing his big cushy throne, but we’ll see how quickly he returns to reclaim his spot when he has couch access again today.

My boys, Butterscotch and Hershey, were very curious about the new visitor, but couldn’t really see him since he was up on the couch. Easy to fix, they just jumped up onto a chair at the other end of the living room. Hershey is the most interested and made sure to greet him at the pen window when he did come back down the floor later.


California Buns

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“Wild rabbit at San Diego Zoo Safari Park”

My bunnies have their human servant back! Even while I was away, I saw rabbits! At the San Diego Zoo Safari Park there were a trio of wild rabbits, mere feet away from a giant rhino. It’s a giant preserve so the buns there must have it pretty good. I also saw a cheetah and his dog companion run across a stretch of grass. It was a very animal-filled trip!

Butterscotch was scared when I arrived home. It was after their bedtime, so that was also confusing, but he wouldn’t let me pet him. Hershey hid somewhere and I didn’t see him until later. Bella didn’t, but Charlie came right over and let me pet him. My little man! “Thank goodness you’re home! Now give me a treat!”

“Dog Run at San Diego Zoo Safari Park”

“Cheetah Run at San Diego Zoo Safari Park”

Vacation for the Bunny Sitter

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

“Bella & Charlie”

I’m going away for a week and my dad is watching the bunnies. All four of them. Hope they don’t give him too hard a time! I know how much work it can be to take care of little furries that you’re not used to. When I brought up my suitcase Charlie ran away. I think he thought it was a carrier. Butterscotch and Hershey will likely be the easiest. They’re younger and more flexible. Charlie and Bella are older and set in their ways. If Charlie doesn’t get fed when he expects it, he’ll go and find a human to feed him. He probably thinks he should be the one in charge when I go away!

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