…I Think I’m Love

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“Charlie definitely has less of an appetite giving him more pellets, we’re down to 3 bowls of veggies a day now. He did go back to eating a lot of hay. He ran to greet me when I came home this morning, and tonight he followed me into the hall when I did my nails.

He bit me twice when I tried to remove fluffies while he was in the box. I don’t blame him. I watched him sleep for a while before going in the pool. So cute, his eyes almost completely close. He tried to get behind the dalmatians twice. He climbs over Pongo. He can’t get at anything back there so I moved Pongo. He blends right in!

He had a group of small poops in the lb and I wondered if those were the other kind that he eats, or something wrong with him. I looked online and those are indeed cecotropes. I’ve never seen them before. He did more regular poops later, but I’m finding more and more around the room. I hope he isn’t marking. Jason said he did a pile in front of the dalmatians, and I found a pile on the green rug. He peed on that last night. I guess he thinks it’s part of his litter box.

I took a nap before dinner and dad said Charlie was defending the room again. I’ve got a little watch-bunny! I never have to worry about invaders. He’ll bite anyone that comes in and he’s too fast to be caught or stopped. His grunts will wake me and freak out any bad guys. He’s twitching again, he did that once before. Hiccups maybe. Or he likes the music from the TV. He slept and ate all night, he likes to sleep at my feet. Aw, and they say dogs are loyal.”

…I’m Glad I Have a Bunny

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When I woke up, Charlie was in Jason’s room trying to get past the gate. We mixed his pellets with the new oxbow and he ate them all, as usual. He was a bit nervous of Kyle when they met, but did come closer as he was curious. He slept in his box the whole time. Grandma came up to see him and said he was beautiful. Debbie did too and she took some pictures. I lured him out of the box with some alfalfa hay. It’s the perfect treat!

He slept late today, and then went into mom’s room. We cleaned his litter box while he was out of the room but when I returned he had pooped in the spot again. Oh, Charlie! He doesn’t seem to have as much of an appetite as usual, maybe eating more pellets fills him up.

Charlie did not like the yellow squash, so I’ll eat it. He did like the basil though. Mom tried to lure him into her room with hay again, but he did not want to go. I tried to pick him up with a towel and was almost successful, but he got away. I took him down for dinner, but I think it was too warm for him. He licked the ice pack I gave him! How cute!!

Kyle was such a sweetie today, but made me realize that I’m happier with a bunny as a pet. He needs so much more work and attention. When we took him for a walk, he barked when Mom went into Potato Field. He does look cute with his new cut, but he smells like dog :|- Both he and Charlie were hot today, summer is on the way!

…I’ve Got a Healthy Bunny

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Charlie went to the vet today. He seems fine in the carrier, as long as he has food. But he doesn’t like moving in it, or being in the car. I stroked him while driving and he calmed down once we were in the vet waiting room for awhile. He was all healthy and behaved very well at the vet’s. He was on a high table on a towel and the vet was able to clip his nails and pick him up. We’ll try that on the counter in the kitchen to brush him.

Unfortunately this is a lighter shedding, so we’ll be in for a lot more next time. He is a little skinny and weighs 3.06 lbs and we can give him more pellets. I might decrease the veggies to 3 bowls, but I’ll put more in each bowl. We bought some oxbow hay and pellets. The hay is a 9lb bag and it’s huge!! Everyone said he was so cute at the vet, and a feisty boy. He has clean ears, good teeth, good sounding tummy, and he made a poop that the vet said looked good.

When we got home it took Charlie a bit to get back to normal. He sat in his box for a while, but after watching CSI Miami, he perked up and started hopping around. I’m so proud of my good little boy!

I took a nap in the evening and mom and jason tried to come to my room and Charlie lunged at them. They said that he was protecting me since I was asleep and dad thinks he does that in the morning. How sweet!! A guy who looks out for me! Of course my family members are not thrilled, but it means something to me.

Charlie did spend a while in mom’s room tonight. I lured him in there with a plate of alfalfa hay and he stayed for a nap afterward. He was in there for over an hour so he must have been comfortable. I rearranged my room with him gone to try and accommodate the two of us better. He’s the best roommate though, even if he wakes me up early in the morning.

…Charlie’s Better than Any Dog

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Charlie always gets up and waits outside mom and dad’s room for dad to feed him in the morning. Today, it was mom who fed him and she wasn’t expecting him to be waiting there. She almost stepped into him and he grunted to alert her of his presence. What a smart boy!

He did have 3 accidents today though. There was a dry stain on the green rug, then when I was cleaning the litter box he peed on the rug again. And then later I found a puddle behind my door. I don’t know why all of a sudden he is doing that. Maybe he is annoyed at me for having to groom him.

Charlie’s let mom and Jason pet him today. Mom brought a plate of alfalfa hay into her room for Charlie to eat and he sat there and licked the plate and floor, clean. He used the litterbox in the hall. He hopped in there and peed in it. He peed all over today!

…Charlie’s a Real Member of the Family

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Charlie was a very good boy again today. He even let me brush his sides and upper tummy, which was needed as he is shedding lots. My entire floor and all of his toys are covered in fur, as are my clothes. He still sleeps from 11 to 4 in his box, but is very receptive to pets and love the rest of the time.

This morning he wanted to play with me, but I was so tired. I draped my hand down and stroked him for a while. I feel asleep doing that with him last night, and again this evening. Who could ask for anything more than a bunny to love?

I wanted to get Charlie some more toys. I put parts of the playmobile house together for him, but I have to find a place to put the bigger piece. I put the smaller one below the garbage can next to my bed to raise it up. Since he likes to chew on rubber so much, I want to get a durable rubber toy for him. Funny bunny, he’s been tossing around his brush. I gave him a metal slinky, but I think he might be afraid of it b/c it moves.

He always seems to know when bedtime is eminent because he runs into the hall for last licks. He must be a very intelligent rabbit. He is getting very used to everything. I’m learning a lot about rabbit behavior and Charlie’s personality as well. For example, I read how rabbits only like you to groom their head, because letting me go any further would just be unacceptable. Charlie is just like that.

Charlie really likes going behind the tan couch in the living room. When he was down there for dinner tonight he started running laps behind the couch and around the coffee table. It was so adorable! As we were eating, he’d butt into our feet under the table and the person would also look funny and smile. He was very good down there and went into his case with no trouble. After we brought him up, he went into the carrier again. I wonder if he though going in there would take him downstairs. He must know where it is since he can see the living room from the hallway upstairs. It’s only a matter of time now before he starts running up and down the stairs.

…Charlie Returns the Love

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Charlie saw me up at 5 so I had to feed him then. When mom got up, he hissed at her so she was afraid and shut her door. I heard him running swiftly from the hall to my room through a small door opening. I didn’t know he could do it with that little room. He ate 3 bowls of food this morning, all greens though.

Mom and Nanny came in to see Charlie and he was stalking Nanny. She was new for him, but ran away when she tried to pet him. Granted, it was a finger on his back, and he was afraid of me doing that in the beginning. He’ll become more comfortable with time, as I’m an example. He seems to be totally comfortable with me, but doesn’t like me to touch his tummy. He greeted Jason when he came home from golf. When he comes in my room he sits on my bed. Perhaps Charlie considers that my territory so he doesn’t mind if people go there. Mom brought Charlie an apple slice and then she sat on the floor by the door. He went and sniffed around her, and seemed to be okay with her.

I had a bonding session with Charlie this afternoon. He was a very good boy!! I took some alfalfa and put it all over my lap and Charlie came out of his box to get it. He walked over to me and stretched himself about as long as he could get. He put his front paws on my leg and then for a few moments, he walked onto my lap and was eating hay from there. What a good boy!! I was so thrilled about this. We had a great time and I really feel as though he trusts and loves me.

Later I went to play Wii in Jason’s room and Charlie came and sat in the hallway. He’s done this a few times before when I was downstairs getting him food and now I think he misses me. If I spend my whole day in the room, next to him, he;’s happy. If I leave him alone in there, (at least while he’s awake) he comes looking for me.

…I Have a Funny Little Bunny all Puffed with Fluff

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Well, Charlie does not like Mustard greens. Good thing we have a yard full of clovers and dandelions or we might not be able to make it though the long weekend. I found some more fluff balls, so he continues to shed. At least he isn’t eating those. Now there are just little white fluffies all over my room. And all over me.

When we came home this morning, Charlie was sleeping on his corner on the blanket but he ran over to me. My little sweetie! He also likes to sleep behind his box next to the hay manger. Just in case he needs a snack, mid snooze.

Aww, I’m watching Charlie sleep now in his box. He moved his head, kicked his leg, twitched, and moved his mouth like he was chewing. He must be having bunny dreams. He grunts when I try to pet him anywhere other than his head when he’s in there. I can pet him almost everywhere when he’s eating. He seems to stop caring then. I touched a back foot when he laid down again, but he pulled it in. I’ll approach from his front next time.

He got up at 4pm today, I got him a bowl of veggies, he ate it, and went back to sleep by 4:30. He got up again at 5:30pm to eat some hay. Eat, sleep, eat, sleep! Oh, well, we have to fit a poop in somewhere too. He had another pee accident, on the green rug where he did last time. I’ll have to spray it with vinegar and see if that deters him. I gave him the rubber duck dalmatian to play with. He really liked it, until I realized that he was eating the rubber. I had to take it away, but I could hear the squeak of the rubber as he chewed on it. I guess he acquired a taste for it after eating that eraser.

We’re at the end of our rabbit food though. Since he didn’t like the mustard greens this morning, we don’t have nearly enough to last until Tues. I’ll have to pick some more greens in the yard or get to Potato Field if it’s open tom.

Aww, oh Charlie was so sweet to me just now. I went over and put my face next to his and snuggled my nose with his muzzle. That’s the second time today I did that! It’s odd, he won’t let me do that with my hand, but my head is okay. I was feeling a bit down about his not warming up to me, but that made me feel better. I guess he loves my face! Which is great since I like that part of me better than my hands anyway!

Charlie just licked my pinky while eating hay. Then he nipped it. I told him, no, but I don’t think he was being malicious. I think it was a sign of endearment. Then he licked the finger again before going back to eating hay in the hallway. Then after bathing in my room, I put my hand down to pet his head. He put his head down, as he does, but then proceeded to roll over on to his side. Floppy boy.

…Charlie Gets Fiesty

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Charlie slept a lot all night, and I woke him at 6:15 for breakfast. He had another accident, but I don’t know how accidental it really was. I saw him go over near the spot he peed on the quilt yesterday and lift his tail. I knew instantly what he was doing. I guess he still smelled the old spot so he thought it was okay to pee there. We’ll have to change the blanket today. So I don’t blame him. Especially since he never poops to be territorial, and didn’t pee at all downstairs last night.

Charlie’s been chewing on the paper rolls lately, I’ll give him some more. I moved the hay manger yesterday and Charlie really seems to like pulling the hay out. I had to put some cardboard behind it though because all of the hay was falling out the other side.

Charlie snapped and bit my hand when I was moving his stuff to change the blanket. I understand though, he’s saying, “hey! Don’t touch my stuff!” but I still don’t like it. We made up though, and I was able to touch Charlie’s tummy a bit and he lets me rub under his chin. I pulled some fur out, he’s def shedding now, but he’ll only let me use the brush on his back. The best time is when he’s eating b/c he’s busy and his mouth is full.

Dad and I picked some dandelions and clovers from the yard and Charlie liked them. Charlie repeatedly managed to sneak into Jason’s room and we tried to made him a gate. It worked semi-well until Charlie learned he could stick his head through the green fencing! I was shocked. I just don’t want him to get stuck in there.

…Our Bun is a Moody Monkey

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Charlie likes parsley, which is good since we bought some at Stop & Shop today. Dad and I went this morning since we were all out of food for him. We also bought kale and picked some dandelions and clovers in the yard. Charlie chowed down on all 4 hardily today. Not to mention the carrots and red pepper he had in the morning.

Charlie is constantly cleaning himself now, the shedding must be rough on the poor guy. Nanny bought the glove, and I was able to rub him under his chin, where the brush couldn’t go, but I’m not sure it’s picking up his soft fur. I’ll use them both in addition to pulling out tufts, but he’s not wild about all 3. He spends a lot of his time cleaning his front paws, which have become grayish on the bottom. I wonder if it is from the newsprint in his litter box.

I used modge podge in the room today while painting his name on his bowls and I think that freaked him out a bit. He went to sleep in his litter box, which he rarely does, and then snapped at mom, and bit me. I learned that we should not acknowledge the bite and push his head down to the ground. He’s very particular. If he wants to sleep, you’d better leave him alone. He seems to be pretty tolerant when eating, and when he is resting he likes to be petted. When he gets moody, you just have to stay away. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen often.

He does seem to snap at Mom a lot. He doesn’t see her often because she is afraid and so he may be wary of her. Now that Jason’s room has a gate, he’s allowed in there and spends time in there instead of in mom’s room. I hope that with time he’ll grow to accept her like he has me, his cagemate. We’ll try having her feed him, he’s a very smart bun and may learn not to bite the hand that feeds him.

Charlie also doesn’t leave my room as much, now that the door is closed more often for the air conditioning. He also may not want to go out as much now that he knows what’s out there and can go whenever he wants. Although, he was sleeping in the hallway this morning and evening. He seems to leave the room when I’m not there. He likes my company! Almost as much as CSI: Miami! I swear, he watches tv and always watches that show. It must be his favorite.

Jason and I were writing a song to the tune of the Ballad of Davy Crockett. I’ll leave you with a few bars.

When Charlie is hungry he’ll grunt all night
If you don’t feed him he’ll give you a bite
You just can’t cage ‘im, he’s gotta roam free
‘Cuz if you try you’ll be cleanin’ up some pee
Charlie, Charlie the bunny
Eatin’ ev’rything in sight

…Charlie Goes Downtown

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The food schedule seems to be working well, as does the litter box sit. Hey, if we watch Kyle, I can take him out when I get up to feed Charlie. I realized, though, that Kyle is gonna have to sleep in the hall or Mom’s room because Charlie runs around and is loud at night. We gave Charlie some watermelon, but he wasn’t wild about it and it made the quilt all wet. Speaking of wet, when we changed the litter box, we had to keep Charlie occupied as he woke up. Trouble is, he peed on the quilt. Oh well.

We took Charlie downstairs for dinner today. He went in the travel bed very easily both times, and managed moving pretty well. But, we do need something firmer on the new bottom and some straps as well. He ran around a lot in the living, and loved going behind the couch. We brought down his litter box by the clock and he used that 3 times. After exploring around for awhile, he lounged around and slept on several spots in the middle of the living room. I filled up 2 tapes filming him.

I’m worried his nails are too long. That’s prob not the case since they were fine when we adopted him, and he’ll be going to the vet in a week, but you know, I worry. I tried to feel his front paws but couldn’t tell for sure. Then when I tried to just stroke his back legs, Charlie was having none of that, grunted and ran away. Oh well. He is getting better about the brushing, and I think he may be starting to shed. His poop is coming out as “strings of pearls” sometimes, and that is hair coming out. I’ll keep an eye on it.

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