…Club Charlie Gets a New Location

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“Charlie dug a bit under the desk again last night, but I walked over and shooed him away and he stopped. Then this morning he started to dig to get to the bookcase. I tried to stop him, but he had an agenda. He went in his box then.

I made a clubhouse on my shelf for Charlie today. He seems to likes it so far. I moved a bunch of books around and I’ll have to be careful about what he tries to eat. The dog didn’t bother him. He came out into the hall when Mom yelled at Kyle licking her legs.”

…The Charlie Club Opens its Doors

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“I’ve put Charlie on a schedule to make his morning feedings of pellets later when we go away. This week I’ll feed him at 6am. I was up at 5:30 and I heard him hopping around, but I didn’t move. I also heard him chewing on the carpet, but went back to sleep. There was a bit of fuzz under my chair. He might do it there b/c he smells food. None other than that.

He’s been chewing on the straw mat a lot, which is good since it is getting all over. I just feed a piece in and he sucks it right up. He is soooo cute on the shelf in the hall. I’m calling it his clubhouse. He seems to be getting up later from his nap and going to sleep a bit earlier. Then he goes into mom’s room for awhile after I come up. When he comes back home I hear a swishing sound and I know he’s back for some eats. I think he may be becoming nocturnal. He sleeps from 11am to 6:30 and then naps on and off all night.”

…Charlie Tries to Blend In

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“Charlie really likes the cardboard cave in the hallway. He spent most of the morning in there, and when I went looking for him once, he was hiding. He was sitting on the shelf and blended in with the beanie babies! I was in hysterics, I swear he does things like this b/c he knows how cute they will be.

I had to wake him up to being him downstairs for dinner, which I don’t like to do, but he just went back to sleep behind the couch till 6:30. Then he hopped around for awhile. I made him a tent but he didn’t seem that interested. He’s eating well again, I guess it was the food choice. After we came back upstairs, Charlie went to sleep under mom’s dresser for 2 hours. Then he came back and chowed down.”

…Charlie Eats His Weight in Carpet Fibers

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“I just got so close to picking Charlie up, but let me tell you why. At 7:30 this morning I heard him chewing carpet. He did it repeatedly so I got him breakfast, and penned him into the blanket. He still chewed to try to get out. I have to watch him constantly and pen him in when I’m not there. I’m trying to spray him with water when he does it, even though I don’t want to do that. He keeps sniffing the carpet. Maybe cleaning it might help.

He was annoyed with me all day. I tried to make nice when Juliette came, but I think he was nicer to her than me! She loved him though, said he was cute and soft. She was able to pet him a lot and fed him hay.

I put the room back to normal and am now trying to get Charlie to forgive me. He hasn’t chewed any carpet since this morning and as long as he still eats and poops, I’ll let him chew it. He prob will get tired of it after a while like everything else. I just want him to be happy.

He was scared of the fireworks at Eisenhower tonight though. Jason said he ran under a piece of cardboard and stayed there till we came home when he ran under dad’s dresser. I gave him some carrot, but he doesn’t seem to be eating his veggies. I guess he is sick of dandelions. We’ll have to get him new stuff tomorrow. He does seem to like tunnels though, so I’ll try to get a big tube for him.”

…Charlie Owns the House

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“I awoke to the sounds of Charlie tearing up the carpet behind my chair. I covered the area with a folder. His breakfast was late so I went to get it for him. Not an hour later did he start biting it again in another place. So I covered up that spot. Then I hear a low thud, thud, thud, clang! He was moving his food dish so that he could lay down next to it. Aww. Then he went on bunny runs and binkys and landed in mom’s room. I went to see him when I got up and then he came back and sat in the hallway while I was in the bathroom. He explored my closet for a while, then tried to get under the desk, before going in his box.

I cut up a box to put over his sandbox, but he didn’t go in yet. He tried to dig in the carpet and get behind my desk again in the afternoon, but stayed in my room most of the day. During dinner it got dark so he went in the hall. Then when I napped after dinner, he went into mom’s room. But she didn’t know he was there until she heard a low rustling sound. I came to see him and he binkyed. He’s such a happy boy. He didn’t finish his breakfast or pellets but did eat some new pellets. He hardly touched his dinner, I hope it isn’t the type of food.

Well, it seems it was the food, so I gave him diff stuff. He’s still biting the carpet, and all over. He did use the sandbox covered, yay!, and is almost biting the lead weight. What a naughty boy! I took so many folders out so I moved the groucho bio down. He then pulled it out and started to chew. I don’t care, I never read it anyway. I guess he thinks its a new toy. It is pretty heavy though, damn my boy is strong!”

…My Bunny is Missing

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“Aside from a pee stain on the table cloth, Charlie was quiet and good all night. I saw him run into the hall at 9:30 and he stayed laying just outside the door until I got up. Then he hopped around, on, and under me for a while before hopping into mom’s room to sleep under dad’s dresser. He jumped onto my back and over me. He’s never done that before and it felt kind of funny.

I missed my bunny today, he spent the whole day in mom’s room. He went nearly 8 hrs without using the litter box. He came back to eat his pellets, but then went under mom’s dresser after dinner! I was so upset. I went over there and pet him a while until he seemed like he gave in. He came out and nudged me as if to say, “”all right, let’s go,”” and then we went back to my room.

He’s still twitching sometimes when he lays down. I touched his leg which made him twist onto his stomach and he stopped twitching. Maybe it happens when he is on his side.”

…Mom Gets Her Bunny Back

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“This afternoon, I waited until 5 pm to vacuum the room. I carried Charlie into mom’s room in his litter box and moved some of his stuff into there. He hopped around for awhile and eventually settled underneath dad’s dresser. He came back just before my dinner and during dinner he went and slept under mom’s dresser. I was so surprised that he was in there because so was mom! Then a bit later in the evening, he went into mom’s room and sat down by the scale and hopped around. I guess he is okay with mom’s room again.

Later when mom came into my room he lunged at her, but then I had her do it again. This time she didn’t speak when walking and he was okay. I had dad and Jason do the same and he was also fine. He lunges at Charlie Too when I drop him down suddenly, but is okay when I bring him over slowly. Charlie purred a lot today, I found his sweet spot. He likes to be rubbed just above his right eye brow.”

…I Belong to My Bunny

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“Charlie was sleeping under dad’s dresser when we came home from the zoo. We let him stay under there until he started to eat the wood. He slept for a while and then I took him downstairs for dinner. It was difficult to get him in, but I did in the hallway. He ran around and slept a lot. 3 hours later I struggled to get him back upstairs. I finally did it with a carrot.

He let me pet him a lot and kept nudging me to do more. He also licked me! Then I went to tell mom and he followed me into the room. Aww, then he sat down next to me. My baby loves me!”

…Charlie Gets a Stunt Double

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“Charlie has been shaking a bit all day, I hope he is okay. He slept a bit longer than usual as well, but he’s still eating and pooping as usual. We got the camera back today and I uploaded all of my footage, before it crapped out again. I also got Charlie Too. He’s the same size as Charlie and sooo cute.

He went for mom again this evening, but she was standing in the same spot, by the doorway. Obviously, he thinks that is his space. Everyone else sits on the bed and there is no problem. She got upset, but I think she will calm down in time.

Also, Charlie has stopped shedding completely. He finished probably a week ago and I’ve been meaning to mention it. I put a sheet up on the door to block the air-loss with a little bunny sized opening in the bottom. We’ll see how that works.”

…Charlie Explores New Turf

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“Charlie spent the morning by Jason’s room. Kyle came to visit for a bit and Charlie was sitting in his spot in the hallway outside Jason’s room the whole time. He also went in the hall closet and chewed on the doors. At 11 he bolted from the hall and then bolted all over my room in short bursts. He did calm down and go to sleep.

I was doing a movie shoot in the afternoon while I thought he was sleeping. Then I come back and he’s sniffing around a sensitive shot. Oh well, he didn’t wreck anything. He nosed around a big rubber ball I was using for a while.

We tried to get Charlie on the kitchen table again tonight and this time he eventually came out of his carrier. It took like 15 mins but then he explored the table top a bit. He never settled down like he did at the vet though. Then we let him run around the living room for a while.”

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