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Bunny guarded me until 11am when he went to mom’s room. We got him some veggies at the store, and he slept in my room all day, first in the sandbox, then his bed box. I took him down in the carrier, but he jumped out twice, I need to fix the other zipper. He hopped around a lot, and was very cute, but I had to get him out from behind the couch to bring him back up.

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I could see Charlie sleeping in the morning before I turned off my computer. All I wanted to do was get home to my little bunny. When we did get home, I took off the gate and opened the door. Charlie was waiting by the door and ran out and around. He did let me pet him a but, but I think he wanted to run around. When I went over the webcam, he sat down at my feet and let me pet him, as if to say, “I’m glad you’re back,” which is all I need from my baby. He even guarded me while I slept.

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Debbie checked on the bunnycam and reported to me via twitter that bunny was okay. I kept twittering her, but she seemed to be watching the cam all day. Whenever Nanny tried to take bowls away from Charlie, he growled and tried to bite her. I warned her. He seemed happy, and spent most of his time sleeping on the floor. He even moved around his lunchbox!

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“I fed Charlie at 5:15am and he was up when I got up again at 7am. I scurried around getting everything ready and whenever I went by the computer setup on my dresser, he laid down next to me. When I came up in shoes to say goodbye, he didn’t recognize me! Then, he wouldn’t say goodbye or sit still. I think he knew something was going on. Eventually, he settled down and let me kiss him goodbye.

When we got to the hotel room in the afternoon, we could see him sleeping in his box on the webcast. It made me feel better to see him. We also were able to tell that Nanny left the door open a crack, and Charlie could get at the gate. She also gave him pellets after veggies even though I said at the same time.

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We cleaned the room today, and Charlie was led to Jason’s room and I gated him in there. He wasn’t too pleased, but I worked as fast as I could. When he came back, he sniffed EVERYTHING, before finally settling down. I covered his litter box with hay, and I put the living room one by the closet. I hope he’ll be okay for three days with Nanny, I’m gonna miss him sooooo much!

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I woke up to pet Charlie at 6, and he was wet from the litter box, yuck. He played around in the living room at dinner, I brought down his tube and he liked that. He really liked laying behind the end table next to the couch. When mom was ready for bed, then he decided to run under her bed. Finally, I got him out.

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Charlie was good with Juliette today, but still did not want to be played with. He seemed to like to fling around the little lunchbox under the dresser. Now that I only give him 2 bowls of veggies a day, he is eating much more hay. He further proves to understand my communications to him, and is learning to communicate with me as well. Simple body movements can tell me what he wants. Head down: wants to be pet, sitting up and staring: wants to be fed, constant nudging: wants attention, a nudge at my hand: stop whatever you are doing. We’ve learned so much in only a few months. I can’t imagine what we’ll be like in a few years.

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This morning I plucked a bunch of fur from Charlie’s back. He is definitely in the beginning of his summer shed. Poor boy, I hope this is a lighter one. He’s still good about letting me groom him though. Mom blocked off her room in the daytime so she didn’t have to be afraid of him popping out at her, so he slept in my room. Later, he was pulling on the baby keys, so I took them off the string and he flung them around for a bit. When I wanted him to come out to the hallway, I knelt down and motioned to him to come, and he did! What a smart little bunny!

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When Charlie came home after sleeping in mom’s room, he sat by the window and kept looking at me. Mom said, he was looking for his food. She was right! I motioned for Charlie to come to the rug where his dish was, and he headed right for it. Bunny communication!

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When I woke this morning, Charlie was no where to be seen, so I called out for him, and in a few moments, there he was! Then when I leave the room he goes back to mom’s to play. Charlie seems to like eating and tearing at the towel under mom’s bed. He’s started exploring my room again, looking for new fun. Charlie was running around, short length bunny runs in my room at 12:30am.

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