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“Charlie had a busy day. He was bookin around last night, expending some energy. Then I could not catch him to go in the carrier this evening. I’m only going to take him down weekends now. He spent a lot of time in the hall, he like to watch the action. He even stayed there when dad and Jason were putting the new outlet for the fridge. He’s so curious.

He and I have really bonded though. When we were home alone this evening, and I went upstairs, he waited at the edge of the living room for me to come back. Then, I realized that whenever I motion him toward me, he understands what I want him to do. Smart boy! I also nuzzled my face against the side of his tonight and I think he liked it as much as I did.”

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When I fed Charlie this morning, he was lying down next to my bed. Awwwww. I had to reboot the cable box, and mom was telling me what to do. I was on the floor and then Charlie scares the crap out of me by jumping and growling at me. But, he’s been on better terms with mom overall. He just gets on edge when she is near.

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After months of ignoring it, Charlie decides to chew his big green stick because it is in his cage. Hallelujah! When I went to get him food tonight, Charlie went into Jason’s room, literally. He left the gate open and in bunny went! Jason kept him cornered and eventually he hopped out. Jason didn’t push him though, he’s too scared!

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Charlie was in and out of mom’s room all day. The window was open so he heard a lot of street noises. He decided to start eating the wood under my dresser and made such a mess. He kissed me several times today, wet, and once while my mouth was open. He started squeaking while bathing and I thought it might be from the hair so I went and plucked him. While trying to get past me in the hall, he bit my wrist and I got mad and chased him. Then he hid in the corner. I think he was sorry, so I went over and petted him. He knows a head rub means I love him.

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“Charlie was under mom’s dresser when we got home. He backed away from me, but warmed up to me pretty quickly. He spent a lot of time later under the hall dresser. I think he likes to watch what is going on. He was there when dad was watching tv there after dinner. He seems to like the new location of the sandbox. He slept in it several times today.

Charlie loves his cage. He spent a lot of time in there today, and I used that to carry him downstairs tonight. We weighed him on our scale and it was 4lbs, basically the same as the vet. He sat under the table a lot. Maybe he wanted to be near us. Aww. I carried him up since we didn’t want to try and get him into the carrier again. He was good and I held him tight until we got to the floor.”

Second Vet Visit

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“I had to chase Charlie to get him in the carrier, and then he broke the zipper and broke out. He was not happy in the car, but calmed down at the vet. He sat down several times and ate hay, but not the carrots. He was even better behaved than last time and was very good. We saw another bunny when leaving and we put him in the cage on the way home. He seemed to like that better and even sat in the litter box for stability.

Charlie weighed 4.05lbs or 4lbs .8oz. He gained about a pound from his last visit when he weighed 3.03lbs or 3lbs .48oz. He could lose a few ounces so I’m decreasing his pellets to a 1/4 cup again, but still give him it twice a day. He was good during the nail clippings and she held him up for the back feet. She also didn’t hold his paws for the clippings. Weird.

The vet said to get a more absorbent litter for his heel stains. She also thinks he should be given only a stick of carrot a day, but I know his tummy. She also thinks he should practically live in a cage. Charlie is a smart rabbit who likes being in closed in spaces. I’m sure he will have no trouble staying in a cage at the vet if he gets sick. We are trying to give him the cage as a place to sleep and I’m sure he’ll be fine. She kept a chart, so we know what to say to her for next time.

His sleeping habits were off since he lost 2 hours, but he was back to normal after dinner. Then at 11 I decided to move his cage into my room. It was crazy trying to fit everything in there, especially when he came back in, but I think I have everything about where I want it. The carrier is not here b/c he peed in it, at least once, and mom is cleaning it. We need to get a sturdier one though. Charlie went up the ramp and in the cage several times tonight. I knew that he would once it was in our room.”

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When I laid down after the dentist, Charlie lay next to the bed watching me. I think he knew something was up. He only left the room after I got up. He walked near the cage and ramp, but hasn’t gone in it yet.

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I swear, this bunny is psychic. He always knows what I am thinking. Tonight I let him into Jason’s room and the gate was open. Before I could close it, in Charlie hopped and I had to coral him back out. Boy was he fast, and Jason was mad. Hehe. Charlie did 3 binkys in a row before, and then another at 1:30. They were standalone hops, and he got 5 in of air on the last one.

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We got back late from the beach, later than I had told Charlie, and Jason said he was up and walking around. I think he was waiting for me, aww. I apologized when I got home. I blocked off the couch when we brought him down, so he just slept behind the end tables. Better since I can reach him there. He’s still shedding, on the head and sides now. Last night he flung hius chewy cheese into his water dish and the yellow dye came off on everything. It was okay once it dried, but I had to change his water.

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“I had to wake up Charlie and force him into the carrier to take him in the car to potato field. I wanted him to go somewhere else in the car before the vet next week. He was not happy. I’m afraid it was too hot and he was shaking the whole time and a half an hour after we came home. He would not eat his favorites and sat in the corner behind his sandbox. Eventually he did calm down and ate and went back to sleep, but he was mad at me for the rest of the day.

I’m not sure if this was on purpose or not, but I found several holes that Charlie had bit into my shirt. I’ll have to check all my clothes now. He must have done it when I was lying on the floor. He did let me snuggle for a while and then he stretched out his back legs. I felt them in my hand and at first didn’t know what I was feeling. They were warm and smooth and strong.

Later, I let him go in my closet while I was cleaning and opened up the secret panel. He liked going back where the toaster was and chewing on the wood. Then, a shelf fell on me. I was fine, but I called for Jason to help pick up the stuff. I cried out for Charlie and mom came and said he was in her room. Apparently he ran in when it fell and circled around mom to tell her something was wrong, and then ran under her bed for cover. What a great bunny! I called him out from under the bed and he came and the rest of the evening was quiet. What a wild day for Charlie!”

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