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I was doing my nails and Charlie got a bit wonky so I finished them in the bathroom. I gave him a piece of honeydew melon, but he wouldn’t eat it. That’s three melons he’s refused to eat. Strike three, they’re out! He’s getting better about the plucking, where I pluck, not how long though.

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“This morning I awoke to the clanging of Charlie’s baby keys. He’s really into those now. Charlie got up when I got home from school. It took me almost an hour to prep his food that we bought this morning. He was waiting for me under my chair when I came back up. Aw, he was waiting for me! God, did he eat today.

Jason came in to play a game on a table and Charlie was all upset. He hissed at jason and then stalked the table. Aww. He bit it a bit, and then finally sat down under it, satisfied.”

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“Charlie hissed at mom this morning, but did not charge b/c of the fencing, so that’s good. He does tend to sit in the hall and prevent Jason from going to the bathroom though. He’s also been eating his veggies before his pellets. Odd for him. He’s also sick of kale now, so I may dry dandelions again.

We got dried cranberries and he tried some and liked them, so that’s another fruit I can give him in the morning. We had a blackout at night and I quickly turned on my glowstick to find bunny. Luckily he was already in my room and eating. He hopped around into the hall and mom’s room and I followed him. He didn’t seem too bothered about it, just curious. The light came back on in 10 mins and he hopped back home.

Later he hopped onto the bed and I moved some pillows so that he could get at the headboard. He hopped up there and even went up on my pillow. He was king of the mountain! Then he ran down and binkyed several times. He was so happy to have gotten to high up!”

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I put up some fencing to stop Charlie from charging at mom and he went under there from the side tonight. He seems to understand. We bought him a new dish, a new carrier, and nail clippers at pet supplies plus. So far he stuck half his body into the carrier, but won’t bring in his back feet. Aww.

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“I didn’t hear, only felt Charlie hop onto my bed this morning. He went away when I tried to pet him so I just went back to sleep and let him explore. We took him outside when cleaning the room, but it was windy and cold, and I don’t think he liked it. I don’t want to bring him out anymore. He did like eating the grass, and the dead leaves from Bonnie’s tree. He tried to eat some the lilly grass, but I think that is toxic to him, so I quickly stopped him.

Mom is finally making more of an effort to make friends with charlie. This results in me getting bitten and scratched more. I hope they’ll get along someday.”

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Charlie tried pear for the first time and liked it. We tried a bosc today, and will try a bartlett next time. Charlie ran around mom’s room this evening, and then came back in our room and did several aerial binky’s in place. Aw, he was so happy. Then I pet him and he lay down on floor behind me.

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“Last night, I told Charlie he should eat his poo outside of the sandbox. Next thing I know he’s sleeping outside the sandbox and then gets up to eat his poo. Then, he hops back into the sandbox. What a smart bunny! He listened!

When I was napping this evening, Charlie scared mom and she spilled soda so now I have to keep him in my room when I nap. Geez, she refuses to put in the effort to get him to like her, but she keeps complaining about being attacked. Duh! Charlie sneezed at night for a while and I wiped his bunny nose afterward. It was very wet, and he didn’t seem to mind too much.”

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“Charlie woke me up at quarter to 6 by jumping up at the side of my bed, and then landing in the garbage. I tried to pick him up, but he jumped out of there. Poor boy, I’m gonna have to let him come up from the bottom all night now.

Mom tried to feed him some alfalfa hay, but he bit her instead. Now she’s mad. So much for my great idea. Maybe she needs to pet him. I was laying down when dad came home and charlie pounced on him when he came in. I had to get up quick and tell him that I wasn’t sleeping. What a good guard bunny!”

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Charlie jumped up on the bed when Jason was up there and walked around him. It was so cute. The new feeding schedule seems to be working out pretty well. He just did crazy fast bunny runs in my room. He crashed into the closet, hopped through the sandbox, ran into the hall and back in, and then boomed into the litter box. Then he ran out and ended under the dresser. All tuckered out, he went to sleep.

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“At 8am, I’m awaken by a bunny! I was having a bad dream so I was greatful. He walked on my legs up to my waist. I don’t think he knew he was walking on me since he’s never done that before and he was afraid to jump off me to the bed.

So I moved the feedings up a bit. I made dinner and snack at 4, gave him dinner then, and snack at like 9:30. I also gave him a bit when I made breakfast. That seemed to work. I may try to move the dinner pellets later, but who knows.”

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