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Charlie did wear his hat for short periods of time today, mostly while sleeping. He wore it in the morning for everyone to see, and then later for photos. I managed to wear him down enough to get him into the carrier to go downstairs, maybe he is learning. He premiered his movie, and he even watched it from under the table. Got him back up pretty easily. When I went to take pictures of my costume (Pele), he laid down at my feet. So I put his costume on and now he’s in the pictures too! Lastly, I carved a pumpkin in his likeness and he was so curious to see what I was doing.

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Charlie was good when Stacy came over today. He was a bit timid at first, but warmed up to her. She gave him raisins too. He let her pet him and hopped all around the room. He comes when I tell him to “come here” and it’s so cute. He tried on his halloween costume for her. He looked great!

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“Charlie hopped up on me at 5, and then again at 9. Both times he walked up me to my head and walked around my head on my pillow. What a funny bunny! SO I realized that circling me is his way of getting my attention, but it can mean other things. He wants food, he wants me to come back in my room and sit in my chair, etc. He really wants me in my chair in the evening. He’ll come into the hall and lead me back to my room. Funny, but weird.

I also have this feeling that instead of me training him, he’s actually training me. I know he is. Oh, and mom hand fed him several raisins tonight and he was very sweet with her! She pet him and he put his paws up on her, not maliciously. Food, the way to bunny’s heart.

Also…I saw a bunny at school! He was on the football field and I spotted him running next to me inside the fence. He was brown and about Charlie’s size. Then AI saw him again under a tree after class. I’m gonna look for him again.”

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Bunny woke me up on the bed again. We napped together in the afternoon, he’s always cuter. When I gave him apple, I tried to prop it up on something, but he kept pulling it off. Later I was taking pictures of the pumpkins, and Charlie decided to play with his. The bottom is not flat, so he was wobbling it around. It was adorable. He even took a bite out of the side and was licking his lips. I don’t think he ate any though. He tried to follow me downstairs again, so mom distracted him.

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So Charlie is circling me like crazy now. And he follows me. I’m worried he’ll get spoiled and too clingy. But he still comes first, food and sleep. Which he likes a lot of. He’s still visiting Jason, not so much mom now. Tonight I was petting him under the dresser and he puts his head underneath my hand to sleep. That’s the sweetest thing he’s ever done.

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All Charlie did all day was eat, sleep, and be petted by me. He ran around me in circles three times today and only stopped when I pet him. Aww! I also followed him around for an hour petting him. He went under my b&w scarf and laid down. It was so cute. He also went into Jason’s room a lot all day. In the morning he went in and broke through jason’s new gate. Jason also put a string on his door for Charlie to pull if he gets stuck inside. He was trying to teach it to him. So adorable!

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Charlie was very clingy today, ran around my feet again and loved being petted by me and Jason. Did some bunny runs and then hid under mom’s bed. Silly boy! I took the strips off the roller and used those on bunny’s back and he seemed to tolerate that more. I gave him 2 raisins afterward for being good. All I have to do is pick up the back and he runs right over. Man is he smart. He’s spending more time in Jason’s room now that he make the new gate. We’re all glad. I never thought Jason would be this thrilled about a little bunny rabbit. It’s great.

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Bunny ate all his food by 8:30am, I may move up his second veggies bowl. We put him in mom’s room when we cleaned mine. He was a little upset, but was fine when we let him back in. Later when mom was in here b/c of our internet problem, he was not so fine. He eventually did settle down though. He circled my feet again when I came back up after getting his food. I stopped and pet him. Maybe he does that for attention. It works after you walk into him enough times.

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Charlie had a lot of energy tonight, saw him do several binkies. Jason really seems to love him. He likes petting and snuggling with him and he talks to him so sweetly. Bunnies are the best freakin pet ever.

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So I took him down in the sandbox today. He was good, and I got him back in easily. I put him on the counter to check out his nails, but he wouldn’t stay still. I got my hand under him and that stabled him. I carried him upstairs, and after some heel flicking, he laid down. We snuggled later. He let me put my arm around him and my face next to his. So sweet!

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