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I put ornaments on Charlie’s tree and he was so anxious about it. He bit his blanket full of holes and kept hopping around me. He kept looking at the tree and I think he likes it.

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Charlie let Jason feed him lunch and pellets today. I was lying on my bed after dinner and I hear a knock at my door. I said “come in,” and no one did. I looked down and it was bunny! Charlie did a bunch of binkys after playing with the creche box again. He freakin loves that thing.

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Charlie is eating broc rabe again, but in small portions, like the peppers. When the fam was in the attic this morning, Charlie ran out into the hall to check it out. He was very interested in all the decorations I was putting up, but his favorite was the box from the manger. He chewed on every corner. The tape rewinder is getting too noisy for Charlie and I had to calm him down. I want it moved from the hall, mom doesn’t. Charlie is definitely getting better with mom. She can come to the door and even a little into the room and he doesn’t even move.

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Charlie really liked checking out the box of Christmas decorations. Wait until I actually put them all around the room! He did like his tree and kept trying to push his way through the fence to get it.

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Charlie seems to understand going in the carrier now because he went right in, once I closed him into the hallway. He was somewhat fussy with me downstairs, but liked to stay near Jason. When I was getting food for him he decided to do some runs in the hallway. He always seems to do cute stuff when I go downstairs. I think he is trying to lure me back up.

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Charlie did a binky on my bed again and did some running tonight. Aw, he’s so cute. I think he did some quick turns under my dresser too.

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Charlie, when fed at 6am as opposed to 4am, does not always finish his breakfast by 10am. He went to bed at 1:30 last night and again tonight. I still don’t know why the change, but I like it. Somehow Charlie got into Jason’s room while I was at school. Mom discovered him. We think he moved the cardboard. I think he’s off cranberries somewhat, or they may just be old. I got my calendar w/ photos of him in it and when I showed him a picture of him in his sandbox, he looked at the picture, then at his sandbox, and back again. He knew that was what the picture was!! He looked around the back of the picture too. How freakin intelligent is that? He seemed to be tamer with mom, except when she brings him fruit before dinner. I think he knows that is what she doing then, so I’m going to have to break up that routine.

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Charlie went to bed late last night, a bit before I did and didn’t get me up until 6:30. When I came home from school bunny sat by his dishes again. He was hungry, so I had to feed him. Can’t say no to a bunny. He fell asleep twice in his litter box. It was cold and dark and his light was on and I wonder if he lies there for warmth. I went over to the fridge to get his food ready and he came running, so I had to give him something. He stayed up again late tonight and ran up onto my bed. I got him to go onto the headboard where I made an area for him and gave him a stick to chew. He checked that out for awhile.

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Charlie hung out in the hall while he cleaned my room today. I pet him and he relaxed and was willing to wait. He was pretty good with mom today. He was affectionate with me, and very peppy. At night he ran into his water dish and spilled it all over the blanket. He even made wet bunny foot prints all over the room. Poor bunny.

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Charlie’s been in and out of his cage several times today, eating hay. God for him. I also think he uses it to feel safe from mom.

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