Thursday, December 31, 2009

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Hoppy New Ears!! Charlie was happy today. I was able to spend half the day with him. He came out a lot to look at Kyle and I even brought him up on mom’s bed to see him. We held Kyle of course, otherwise he would have jumped on the bed and scared Charlie. Charlie came out of his carrier willingly and I don’t think he minded going to see Kyle. He’s wary, but very curious. Kyle runs to the hall when he hears us say bunny, rabbit or charlie. For new years I threw some paper confetti on the floor. I gave Charlie a test piece and he ate it. I gave him pellets at midnight and Jason helped me clean the confetti before he could eat it. Maybe next year I’ll just use hay. Grandma brought fresh pineapple for dinner tonight and I gave charlie a piece. He ate it for the first time and liked it.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Charlie came on the bed this morning and did 4 rounds of bunny runs. When I came up in the evening after watching the dog, Charlie danced around me. Aww, he missed me. He didn;t go out to see the dog today, guess he’s bored with him like we all are.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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I think Charlie might like Kyle. The reverse is obvious, Kyle likes everything. Charlie comes out into the hall constantly, and every single time I leave my room he’s right behind me. After checking out Kyle at night, Charlie did a bunch of binkys. I still want to keep them apart though. Maybe in a couple of days I’d hold Kyle and let Charlie approach him. As long as he doesn’t whine. The barking doesn’t bother Charlie. In fact the only thing I think he doesn’t like is that he can’t go into mom’s room. Instead he goes into Jason’s room. This morning he broke through the barrier, but I caught him before he did any damage. Later Jason let him go in his closet for the first time. Lucky bunny.

Monday, December 28, 2009

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Charlie was out in the hall a lot today. Every time Kyle was up there, Charlie came out to see what was going on. When he saw Kyle he would freeze, and sometimes ran away, but kept coming back. The barking didn’t seem to bother him. He raised his ears, but I guess since nothing happens when he barks he isn’t afraid of it. Kyle barked a lot because dad wasn’t here. He seems to think he’s the alpha, ha! Charlie let me groom him pretty well in the evening, and I saw a piece of poop stuck on his bottom. He hopped into his carrier later and I scooped him up an onto the buffet in the hall and was able to take it off. Put up quite a fight, but wasn’t angry afterward.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

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Charlie was good while I was downstairs with Kyle today. I watched him on the webcam and he slept most of the day. He came out into the hall a few times when the puppy was there and I think they could see other a few times. Charlie was curious, but still wary. Kyle seemed a bit interested, but wanted me more than the bunny. Now that I started twisting the green bags and only using them 8 times, the food stays fresh way longer and I didn’t have to throw any out from the last time. I moved the carrier from the hall to my room while Kyle’s here and Charlie kept going in and out and running around m and nudging me. “Are we going somewhere? Huh? Huh? Are we going, now?” It was so cute.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

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We left bunny alone all day as we went to NJ. He was good. He was sitting under my chair and got up when I came in. Then he followed em around. He ran at mom once and grunted a little, but he was generally good with her and didn’t even blink when she left. I think he even missed her today. He ate most of the food I left him, some from each bowl. He ate most of his pellets and tipped the old bowl upside down! He played with his origami candy cane, i think he likes it. I gave him a large strawberry and some carrot sticks for fruit, but he didn’t eat the strawberry. I’m afriad that all the sugary fruits have put him off sour strawberries. I cut it up for him and I’ll see if he eats it overnight.

Friday, December 25, 2009

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Charlie came running out into the hall when we were all downstairs opening our presents. I brought his up after and helped him unwrap. His first gift was a bunch of dried fruits and he loved that. He even ate a prune for the first time. He actually didn’t eat all of his pellets from the night before. We think it was because we gave him so much alfalfa hay as a gift. When we changed the litter box he didn’t poop all over the carpet, so that was good. When I brought it back up, he nudged me. He was telling me to get on with it and get the box ready for him! Then he came over and looked at what I was doing and then hopped away. When I was laying down with him in the evening he got up and then lay down even closer to me! It was great, that’s a bunny sign of love!

Thursday, December 24, 2009 Hoppy Christmas!!

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Charlie was in mom’s room before I wanted to bring him down so I lured him into the hall to catch him. I groomed him on the counter before setting him down in the living room. We also took a photo by the tree. He hopped around and sat under the tree for a while. At present time he chewed on the corners of his and my presents and tossed his around a bit. Once I opened his alfalfa present he started eating and was happy. Then he tried to hop through the paper and skidded a bit. Aww. He hopped over my batman wii and took a few bites out of Jason’s presents before I brought him back upstairs. He was a happy bunny!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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I was doing more choc today and at 4 on the dot Charlie was in the hall looking for me. He has an awesome sense of time. I brought the bow box into our room and asked him to pick out a nice one for a present. He of course went for the silver one, his favorite. He was flinging it around and when I went to take it, he grunted at me. Once he started to eat it I took it away for good. Stacy stopped by after work and went to pet Charlie. He growled and scratched at her, so I guess mom is not the only person he doesn’t like in his space. He calmed down after she backed off though.I come up from prepping his food and find Charlie on my bed, hiding behind Sandy and chewing on her leg. Naughty boy. Then he did a binky on the bed.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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Charlie didn’t eat a chunk of his strawberry, not like him. I gathered up a list and calculated percentages of sugar in his fruit so I think I’m going to be making some changes. The blueberries aren’t anywhere near as bad as the raisins, but the new cherries we bought are too rich. I guess I’ll just eat them then, yum! While messing with his food, picking out stems and such, Charlie turns sideways and stops eating. I guess he doesn’t like me messin while he’s eatin. I was doing chocolate molds today and I spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen. Charlie was missing me and waited in the doorway for me. I had to go up and pet him for a while. It’s nice to be needed.

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