The Bunnies Have a Date

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Yesterday we decided to let Charlie and Bella Leche play together in the living room.  They started out with just a small penned area, but all they wanted to do was get out of the pen.  We decided to let them have the entire living room and those two had such an amazing time.  They followed each other everywhere, running around like mad little buns.  Charlie kept grooming Bella, but he would not let her groom him.  Today I let the two of them get together upstairs for a bit and they had even more fun than last night.  I let Charlie show Bella his room and she loved it!  They ran through his tube together, jumped up on my bed, and even had a grooming session in his giant litter box.  Then, just before bedtime I noticed that Charlie had been shoving his head under Bella Leche’s tummy.  She finally got the hint and proceeded to groom his head!!  I was, perhaps, a bit more excited than I should have been, but I was just so glad that the two could reciprocate.  I don’t plan on leaving them alone together for awhile yet, but it’s nice to know that they like each other.  And with two such feisty bunnies, I’d say we got pretty lucky.

There’s Bunny Love

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Bella Leche came up for the night again and Charlie spent a long time at the fence grooming her through the bars.  They really seem to like each other.  She got to groom his tail a bit when he wasn’t paying attention.  I’ve decided that her nips at me when I’m sitting down with her are just signs of affection.  She’s trying to groom me, but without fur, her bites can hurt!  She licked my hand a few times too.  I still wouldn’t put my head on the ground next to her like I do with Charlie though.  Maybe in time.  We tried mustard greens today and though Charlie actually ate some, Leche didn’t like them (I had to put some in my tacos).  They both seemed okay with turnip greens though.

Charlie Likes Leche, But Still Wants to be Boss

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Mom brought Bella Leche upstairs again tonight and Charlie spent the entire time at her doorway sniffing, grooming her, and biting at the fence.  We put them together for a few minutes just to get acquainted and Charlie tried to mount Bella.  He still won’t let her groom him though, which I thought was a sign of dominance.  They do seem to like each other, but they’re still at odds for dominance.  This is Charlie’s house, but Leche is claiming parts for herself.  I wonder if dumb bunnies are as interesting as the smarties.  Are there dumb bunnies?

Leche Busts into the Kitchen

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We brought Charlie downstairs for dinner last night.  He and Leche each had half of the living room, separated by a fence and kept sniffing at eat other through said fence all evening.  Charlie repeatedly groomed Bella Leche (as we’ve been calling her), but would not let her groom him.  Every time she tried to he would jump away.  Then, after Charlie had returned upstairs, my dad shouts up that Bella Leche is running around in the kitchen!  We couldn’t believe it, she was scooting around on the kitchen tiles.  I never thought she’d do that, Charlie sure never would.  Now we had to block the kitchen off to her, but apparently we didn’t do it well enough.  An hour later we found her in the kitchen again with no sign of how she managed to get in there!  She’s a little Houdini.  Leche decided to spend a lot of time in the kitchen this evening.  She kept going over to the back door and trying to get out.  Silly girl!


Chapter in Which… Leche Does the Unexpected

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Leche was a busy girl tonight.  Between 10 and 11pm she jumped onto our other couch for the first time (that we know of), got into the dining room (still can’t figure that one out) and refused to go to bed for the first time.  I think she’s learning some of Charlie’s habits.  I’m glad she’s more of a jumper than he is.   I’d like to have a bunny hop onto the couch and into my lap instead of a smelly dog.  So far she’s only hopping up onto things when we’re not watching her, like Charlie and my bed, but I hope with time she’ll feel comfortable even if we’re around.

Bunny, It’s Cold Outside

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We opened up the dining room to Leche yesterday and boy did she have a fun time running around in there.  Binkys galore!  It’s been getting down to 60ish in the living room these last few cold winter nights, so we decided to bring Leche upstairs at night.  She settled in quickly, spending most of her time sleeping under the dresser.  Charlie doesn’t seem as miffed as before, maybe he’s accepting (tolerating) her presence.  We bought Leche a new carrier and I made a cushion for it, but she wouldn’t budge into it this evening so I just carried her upstairs in her litter box.  I think that rather shocked her.  Charlie’s used to that trick now.  Whatever works!

Leche Learns and Pushes Boundaries

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Now Leche’s started knocking her box over.  I righted if for her 3 times only for her to promptly knock it over again.  I think she thought that was a game.  I do think she wants something with a higher ceiling though.  We bought her her own carrier, a bit bigger than Charlie’s.  He kept sniffing at his and I can tell that he does not like sharing.  This morning I’m told, Leche was found on top of couch, having hopped up there all on her own, but jumped off when mom came up the stairs.  That’s what Charlie does with my bed.  They think they’re being so naughty!  Oh but she was naughty in the evening when she knocked down a cardboard barrier into the dining room.  Luckily she wasn’t alone and was quickly ushered back to the living room, not before trying (and failing) to walk onto the kitchen tile.  She’s also learned our routines now, and understands her bedtime.  These rabbits are smarter than humans I’d wager, at least some of the humans I’ve met.

Charlie is the Easy One

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Leche is eating more and more, but still seems to prefer veggies over pellets.  Totally the opposite of Charlie.  We brought her upstairs for the evening, and she had a great time exploring my parents’ bedroom.  She kept hopping on top of a box, but her favorite spot was under the dresser; so is Charlie’s.  At first though, Charlie saw me in the room with her and ran away really mad.  He hid under my dresser and grunted at me when I tried to pet him.  I felt like he was my spouse accusing me of cheating on him!  Eventually he calmed down, but man did I feel bad.  He knows he’s still my baby and that no other bun will take his place.  We had a fence in the doorway so Charlie could come over and touch noses with Leche.  At one point he even started to groom her when she put her head down.  Aww!  But she wouldn’t groom him, and he was more interested in her than she was in him, playing hard to get.  Getting her into her carrier was a nightmare though.  Going up wasn’t so bad, but the second time it took 3 of us 10 minutes and she jumped over a 16in piece of cardboard to get away!  She was too heavy for me to push her in.  And I thought Charlie was tough.

They Nudge and Nip

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Leche’s habits are already becoming apparent.  She’s crepuscular, like Charlie, and is most active in the evening, also like Charlie.  Her pen was left open most of the day, but she slept in and next to her litter box for most of it.  She’s eating more, finished her veggies and pellets.  She wants to be petted by everyone who walks past her.  I found out that she nips if you stop before she’s ready.  First a double nose nudge, and then a nip.  Charlie does the same thing, except in his case it’s because he wants you to move out of the way.  I can’t really fault her for wanting affection, but hopefully the increased attention will satisfy her needs for it.

Leche Settles In

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Leche spent the night sleeping in and next to her litter box.  We opened her pen up in the afternoon and let her hop around the living room.  She took her time checking out everything and even tried to walk on the linoleum in the hall, but slid too much for her comfort.  Eventually she was familiar enough with the lay of the room to do a few bunny runs, we even saw a couple binkys!  After a bit of running around she went back to her spot inside her pen and went back to sleep.  I was able to pick her up once, but the second time she wasn’t in the mood.  Charlie wouldn’t ever have let me even once, so good for her!  I brought Charlie down for a bit to sniff her through the fence when she was in her pen. She wasn’t as interested as he was, but she’s the first rabbit he’s seen since he came to live with us over a year ago.  He’s still obsessed with standing at the top of the stairs in the hall to look down on her.  Hope he’s sending her encouraging thoughts!

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