Eat me out of House and Home

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brother luv

The buns are adjusting better without me this week, but they had their big brother to watch them as well. Bella really wants to either destroy her cardboard house or rip up the carpet in my closet. The cardboard I can replace (as long as it doesn’t collapse on her) but I don’t know what to do about the carpet. Eventually she’ll have ripped it all up. I need some sod to lay down that she can just graze on.

They seriously need to make rabbit-friendly carpet. Both Bella and Charlie like to gnaw on something that gives resistance. He likes wooden furniture, but she likes carpet and quilts.

Lately I’ve been spending some time down on the floor with Bella and she is responding well. When I ask to snuggle with Charlie, he often says no, but Bella never refuses. She doesn’t like being groomed as much, but thankfully that’s not my job!

Oh, Bella..

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Every day I learn something new about my rabbits. Charlie is highly intelligent, cautious and considerate. Bella is fearless, curious and affectionate. She has the better nose, and he he better hearing. Somehow they manage to get along together and not destroy the house – just my bedroom.

I always know when Bella’s gotten into something when I see Charlie, squat, staring in her general direction. He’s a little tattle-tale but it does help when I can’t find her.

Bella’s learned to come when I call her now, even if she doesn’t think I have food. She’s tall enough to stick her head in the fridge though.

I told her recently that she only needs to nudge me if she wants my attention and yesterday I had my legs up on my chair when I felt a hard nudge on my foot. She had stretched all the way to nudge me, so of course I had to pet her.

Charlie had his nails clipped over the last two weekends and he is very well behaved. I fear Bella will not go as well. Once he understands what is going on, he relaxes unless it hurts. We’re gonna have to hypnotize Bella.

Bunnies don’t like Jobs

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miss you

I started an internship at PCH this week leaving the buns alone at home for most of the day. Well, when I say alone, I just mean that I’m not around, because everyone else in the house has been at their wits end with Bella.

I suppose she thinks that if I’m not there, she’s allowed to try anything. She’s been digging in the litterbox constantly, and pulling up carpet in my closet and behind my door.

Charlie has been an angel as usual. I just wish he had some control over her, since we sure don’t!

Bella Barges In

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Hay for All

Oh Bella! Sometimes she’s absolutely sweet, like when she licks and nibbles your fingers after you just ate. But other times…like when she hops on top of Charlie’s head to get some hay.

Charlie’s learning to stand up to her though and is doing his share of sitting on her head as well. He’s also been teaching Bella how to open doors. She used to grab the edge with her mouth and pull it open, gnawing along the way. Now she just nudges it open with her nose like Charlie.

Who Me? I Didn’t do Nothin’

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Nap Time

At 2:15am I hear loud knocking while in the bathroom. It’s Bella! She’s under mom’s dresser riupping up carpet and knocking her noggin again. She eventually stopped, but I forsee her getting sent to my room for future (forced) sleepovers. She also did more digging in the litterbox yesterday. It is cleaning day today, so I suppose I can’t blame her.

After being good and heading off to her room 2 nights in a row at 11pm without having to be told, Bella is now shaping up to be the good one. Charlie peed in his hay box, and then I caught him in the act doing it again! Apparently my prodding him doesn’t stop him peeing where and when he wants. I don’t know why he’s started doing that all of a sudden.

I did have a lovely snuggle session with both buns this evening that lasted for a good 20 mins. I also got to see Bella flop and roll like Charlie, but she had a bit of trouble with the rolling part and nearly rolled over!

Rabbit Nightlife

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Under the Dresser

After eating a pie-plate of yummy hay and clover crumbs, both Bella and Charlie stretched out and went to sleep on mom’s floor. This is probably the first time Charlie has ever fallen asleep in there aside from underneath the dresser. Maybe he’ll be able to sleep in there when I go away.

Bella sure learns fast! It only took a week or so, but now she runs out into the hall every time she hears the fridge open, just like Charlie. Not always a goof thing…

The both seem to understand about bedtime. They go to her room and he says g’night and then leaves. It’s so cute. I just wish she was always as willing to stay in there.

At 7am, however, my parents awoke to the *knock* *knock* *knock* of Bella’s noggin under the dresser as she pulled up carpet. She’s never done that before

Kissy Kissy, Hissy Hissy

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Big Girl

This evening I crouched down on the floor and lowered my head until i was at bunny-eye-level. Bella came over, sniffed my face and body, and then proceeded to groom my scalp. I realized that my posture was “asking to be groomed” to a rabbit, and she actually did it! Whenever I put my head next to Charlie he just nudges it or hops away. I could feel her wet nose on my face as I got bunny kisses.

I told mom to try this later as it seems to create a certain understanding between us. She doesn’t nip at my ankles as much and seems to be more willing to listen to me.

It All Checks Out

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Inside the Box

Yesterday was Bella Leche’s first visit to the Vet. She’d managed to chew on some duct tape and get a piece stuck on her in the process. Oh Bella! She also lost a patch of fur and had a red sore under her chin, so we had the vet check that out. She’s healing nicely, and hopefully it taught her to stay away from duct tape!

Dr. Saver thinks Bella’s a New Zealand/Hotot mix, which is kinda what I thought too. She’s at her max weight though, 6lbs, so mom’s gonna have to cut back on the treats. She spoils them way too much, and we don’t wanna wind up with fat bunnies!

Bella was a bit nervous at the vet. She started shaking in the car, as Charlie did when he first went. She is more curious than him though and hopped right out of her carrier when we opened it. She also went right back in at the end, which is the fastest I’ve ever seen her go into it! When we got home she headed for her room and stayed there for awhile. I think she needed to calm down and feel safe. Charlie came over to comfort her. Aww. But he was the same way on his first vet visit too.

Interestingly, Bella also has her origins in NYC. She was caught there and first brought to Animal Care & Control, where we adopted Charlie from. She came out to Long Island some time after that. So now I have two city bunnies! I don’t think they miss the noise though, not that there isn’t enough traffic in our house.

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