Bunnies, Books, & Beds

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Bella was learning.  She really was.  I was even starting to wonder if she was just pretending to be a dumb bunny.  Charlie does it.  She learns and we learn.  She learns to come when the fridge opens, and we learn to keep as little litter in her box as possible if we want a clean(ish) floor.

Now she’s decided that my summer quilt a fun, new chew toy!  I wouldn’t mind so much if she’d snuggle with me on the bed while she’s digging on it.  She hasn’t been biting me as much, she prefers the library.  Also known as the floor next to my desk where she and Charlie rip books apart.  At least they’re getting a little culture!

Examinate! Examinate!

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easter bunny

THUMP printed my article in their latest issue.  Yays!  I never grow tired of talking about my bunnies.

We took Charlie to the vet yesterday for his annual checkup and he’s as perfect as ever.  I was a little worried about his weight since Bella joined us, but he’s just where he needs to be.  He’s quite pleased I don’t have to cut down his snacks.

It took him a while to calm down completely though.  He wasn’t as outwardly nervous as in the past, but kept backing up into the vet when she was examining him.  He spent the rest of the day under my dresser, only coming out occasionally for meals and for Bella.  I don’t even think she knew he was gone

Happy Earster!

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Proof that girls are made from sweet stuff: Bella smells like cinnamon.  And she gets into a lot worse smelling things than that.  I was grooming her this evening and she started to lick her paws just like Charlie does when he’s trying to relieve tension.  I guess that’s a bunny thing.

They’re snuggled like a figure 8 now, but get into lots of trouble during the day.  There’s now 3 towels wedged under my parents bed for them to chew.  Bella gets the two main ones and Charlie gets a little one on the far side of the bed.

I took out the Easter decorations yesterday and they both went nuts.  There’s a little plush bunny that is now part of their toy collection that Bella liked and was grooming.  I guess it smells like the attic.  I also dumped out a bunch of plastic eggs and they had fun nudging them all over.

Bunny Heaven

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Oh did we see bunnies this weekend! The annual Long Island Rabbit Breeders Assoc show was at Old Bethpage on Saturday and we visited for the second year. I love seeing all the different breeds! There’s always some like Charlie, but we didn’t see anything close to Bella. She’s our little mixed monster! I really do love spotted rabbits, and I’m leaning towards a holland lop in the future. I’d never buy from a breeder though, I’d adopt. Those are the bunnies that really need you.

A Small Sample:
Broken Rex

Mini Lop



Charlie Pouts About

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Upstairs Downstairs

Last night Charlie went under the dresser for hours and wouldn’t come out to be fed. I was starting to get worried, since eating is like breathing to bunnies (Done all the time!!). So I went to bed with food on the floor and when I awoke it was all gone.

He seems okay today, and I think I figured out what was wrong. In addition to Bella’s upsetting departure every night, Charlie is in the middle of a shed. He always gets cranky when he’s shedding, especially when I keep plucking out tufts. It’s hard on both of us!

I just witnessed bunny communication in action! Charlie was chasing Bella around the room and attempting to mount her until she started to groom him under the dresser. Sneaky little boy. He knows how to get what he wants. She may be dominant, but he’s no dumb bunny!

Bella Re-does The Floor

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into the fridge

Bella’s got so much energy! She’s taken to ripping the carpet up in the corners of every room upstairs. We’re running out of ideas. If only she was as easy to please as Charlie. Just watching her is a workout for him.

I’ve spent a good half hour grooming Charlie this week- he’s started to shed gain. Then I see him grooming Bella for half an hour this evening. So who’s gonna groom me?

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