You May Already Have Won….A Rabbit?

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PCH Bunny

Yes, I know that’s not a great picture, but it’s of a rabbit next to the parking lot entrance at Publishers Clearing House.  I saw something hopping away as I drove into work and was stunned to find that it was a bunny!  I took the photo from my car with my phone, didn’t want to get closer and scare him away.  But where there’s one bunny, there’s usually a lot more, so I hope I’ll see them again!

Bella has now decided that it is her mission to destroy all the corners in my room.  She’s ripping up carpet faster than we can stop her.  I don’t mind as long as she isn’t eating it, but it’s gonna hurt the resale value of the house.  If it makes it that long.  Yesterday she even got a piece of masking tape stuck to her chin.  Didn’t seem to bother her though.

I actually fell asleep letting Bella last night.  Charlie never let me pet him long enough for that to happen.  I wish it was somewhere comfier than the floor though.

Some of us are going away next week and I won’t see my bunnies for several days, well except via a webcast.  They only seem to get into to trouble when I’m not around, so I hope they behave.  Hopefully I can find something nice to chew to bring back.

Little Brothers Matter Too!

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Charlie's Buddy

So Bella was very well behaved when she got her back nails clipped.  I also had a pretty easy time getting her into her carrier.  I cornered her off and after exploring every potential exit, she just hopped in on her own.  Can’t guarantee that will happen again, but it’s a start!

After noticing that Charlie’s hocks were getting a bit red, I decided that the current litter box situation was a no go.  Bella wants to push all the litter towards the front and pee on plastic.  She has longer fur though, so it’s not as a big of a problem.  After several different attempts and arrangements to quell her destructive desires and keep a clean box I think we finally found something that will work.  Now I have 2 small litter boxes in my room: one in the middle and one under the window.

Now that it’s getting warmer outside, we’re opening the windows to let in a breeze.  Apparently Charlie really likes how the breeze in mom room feels since he spends most of the day sleeping right under it.  This is the rabbit who left my room 2 summers ago because I kept it “too cold” for him.

It’s not uncommon to find Charlie in my parent’s room and Bella in mine for extended periods now.  Although they do spend the night in their respective rooms.  Bella also seems to understand somehow when it’s bedtime and sometimes goes home all on her own.  She’s getter smarter every week!

At this rate she and Charlie will have enslaved the house in a few months…or have they already?

Itsy Bitsy Bunnies

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mama and baby holding one babies

On Saturday we went to the Arbor Day festival at Planting Fields Estate, prompted with the prospect of rabbits at a petting zoo. There were bunnies – babies in fact! We saw a mama lop with her 8 (large litter!) half-dwarf babies, and a lionhead mama and her 2 babes. The baby dwarfs were about the size of Charlie’s head. It’s kind of hard to imagine that both he and Bella were once that small.

The babies were for sale by a few girls, about my age, who owned the mothers and they seemed rather knowledgeable about rabbits. It’s funny, and uncommon, to hear a man shouting at female friend that rabbits are just like cats and promoting the benefits of owning one. People are just so clueless.

After shredding a pocket on my summer quilt, Bella is bored with my bed and has moved back to destroying my Groucho Marx book in “the library.” She has really stopped biting quite a lot. More than once she’d come over and I’d brace myself for that quick and nasty pinch, but all she does is nudge. Of course she’ll still nip when she’s feeling feisty and/or I’m trying to make her do something she doesn’t want to, but at least I can sit on the floor without fear.

Bella also had her first nail-clipping in our house. It took mom to hold her to get it done, but she was very good about it. Much better than Charlie in the beginning. Granted, we’re more practiced now, but she doesn’t flinch as much as he does. And the best part is, she didn’t try to bite!

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