Stop! Bunny Time!

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Bella's baby

I think I’ve got the rabbit routine for the evening memorized now. After their after-dinner-snack, the twosome lounge in mom’s room for awhile before joining me in my room. Then at 8:30 at least one of them heads back to see if the other will feed them early. Wherever they do get fed (at 9!) they typically stay until 10:30. They seem to work in couple hour cycles.

Bella seems to stick to the schedule even more than Charlie. Lately she hasn’t wanted wanted to go to bed at 11 and if she’s in my room, she’s staying put. But, every single night, by 11:45 latest, she gets up, and bolts to mom’s door and bites it open. I guess she knows it’s bedtime.

Happy Birthday Dear Bella!

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Bella's Cake

Yesterday was Bella’s designated birthday. We believe she’s a couple months older than Charlie and we placed his birth in August. She’s 3 now, but still acts like the younger sibling. She’s bubbly and spunky and very affectionate. After I placed her cake down she came over to sniff it and started to eat the frosting. Charlie definitely never did that before. Once she gets a taste of that sweet stuff, she’ll never want her greens again!

We bought her a couple of presents from PetsMart, but her favorite seemed to be the tissue paper we wrapped everything in! Just like Charlie and the boxes at Christmas. She got an expandable tube that Jason saw her go in twice, but she won’t do it for me, and a cardboard tube covered in hay. Of course there were the obligatory treats, carrot, grape, & raisin. She’s passed out in her room soon after, having a very happy birthday

Don’t Touch My Tootsies!

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Wild Bun

I’ve been seeing even more rabbits at work lately. I brought a carrot and left it by the bushes where they tend to graze.

My own buns have been mostly well behaved… Charlie got his back nails clipped Sunday and only squirmed at the end. Hey, it’s not easy holding a bunny up with one arm, holding his foot with another and clipping his nail with another- wait, that’s one hand too many. That’s my problem.

Bella seems to habitually pick pieces of hay from the litter box and toss them out. I don’t know if those are the rejects or she just wants less hay in the box, but she makes sure she gets her way.

Bella’s 3rd birthday is next week and I’m even taking a day off for it! (well that’s not really the reason, but don’t tell her that…) I’m baking a cake, but I don’t know what I’m doing yet. She says chocolate!

My Fur Coat is Too Warm!

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Butt Pillow

We’ve been having a heat wave in NY. The buns seem to be dealing with it well: they sleep a lot more. I like their way of thinking! They are too adorable when they’re flopped over sleeping. Sometimes they’ll even lean on each other after a flop.

It’s so great to be able to walk around everywhere bare foot and not worry about getting a Bella bite. I still wouldn’t leave my butt sticking out if I’m blocking her way though. She did bite dad earlier this week, but she it was dark in the room and she was “working out”. That generally means destroying something that isn’t hers in a vigorous fashion.

I’ve seen bunnies again at work! That’s 3 sightings inside a month. I even got to see a cute white tail go up. I suppose they burrow in the ground to keep cool in the summer. Charlie seems to like it a bit warmer, and Bella cooler. I guess because she’s bigger. So she tends to stay in my room where it’s cooler, and Charlie ventures out for warmer pastures.

Bella Starts (And Ends) Nesting

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Sorry for the lack of updates, but I was away for a week and am still settling back in. But while I was gone Bella went a little nutty and built herself a nest in my closet. She was running across the room with hay in her mouth to the complete confusion of Charlie. My mom was frantic. Both she and Charlie are altered so she couldn’t be pregnant, but usually spayed buns don’t have false pregnancies either. Bella is obviously not a usually bunny. Once she was done though, she ignored it for the rest of the week. We cleaned it up and she doesn’t seem to care. I’ll never figure that girl out! Charlie was very grumpy while I was gone but has softened upon my return. I guess that means he missed me!

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