Hysterical Pregnancy, Again?

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For the past 3 months, every 4 weeks and 4 days (32 days), Bella Leche gets the need to build a nest in my closet. There’s no way she can be pregnant, she’s spayed and Charlie’s neutered, but she keeps building a nest out of hay and paper and bits of fabric.

No babies ever come, but her hormones must keep telling her she’s pregnant.  She only started in May, 4 months after we got her, so she hasn’t been doing this her whole life. Could it be a warmer weather thing?  I feel bad that she gets so crazy for no real reason.

I don’t know what Charlie thinks of it all.  August 29th is the next date.  We’ll see if she does it again.  At least she found a nice place in my closet.

We say goodbye to Annie today as she goes back home with her family. We had a lot of fun with her, but my buns are glad I won’t be spending all that time with “that other bun.”

Annie Comes to Town

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This week we’re watching another bun: Annie! She’s adorable and huge, compared to my buns. She’s much sweeter but just as curious as Charlie & Bella. She hasn’t the urge to bite yet, but I did receive a few grunts but also some purring. Last night she lay down next to my brother so he would pet her. For some reason they’re all suckers for him. It’s nice having another bun around the house and ours aren’t completely jealous yet.  Plus she’s a heliolop, which means that one of her ears is down (like a lop) but the other can spin around like a helicopter, I mean regular ear.


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Dead Tired

The cutest thing in the world is seeing a bunny roll and flop on its side. Dead bunny!

Bella Bites

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I leave the house for 2 hours this morning and Bella decides to go and tear up carpet behind my door. I think it’s because it’s the first time in a while that I’ve had my door open, ie. ac off. Then she did it again when I left for lunch. But in good news Charlie has been letting mom pet him for more than 3 seconds. Maybe he’s finally warming up to her, after 2 years.

Bottled Bunnies

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With the heat going up to over 80 everyday, my buns are much less active than usual. Of course they’re indoors with ac on, but they still know it’s summertime. Mom’s been giving them a frozen water bottle which we tried last year but Charlie didn’t like. Well Bella cozied up to it pretty quickly and now even Charlie is snuggling up against it and licking the outside. They pulled the label off the first day.

It seems like I have to change the back litter box everyday now. They have 4 freakin litter boxes for the 2 of them, but they both have to pee in that one. And Bella will dig it out if I just keep adding litter. I tried newspaper lining again, but she pulled it out after 2 days. So much for that. We’re clipping her nails tonight, only our second time doing her. Hope she doesn’t bite!

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