Bunny Sleepover

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Every night, usually by 11:30, Bella heads to her room to go to bed. A few times she’s stayed with Charlie longer, but always eventually went home. Last night she decided that she was not going to leave. I gave her ample opportunity, but she stayed put and had a sleepover. The two behaved very well until 8 in the morning when I awoke to Bella scratching at my door. I let her out and she and Charlie ran back and forth across the hall before they both settled in her room and mom shut the door. Still, it’s good to know that she can handle spending the night in our room (and me too!)


This Post Has Brought to You By the Letter “L” and the Number “7”

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Bella’s done a bang up job of ripping up carpet along the wall. I’m going to have to rotate the extra piece of carpet I put on top as she’s ripped that apart as well. I cleaned it up today but the rest of the room will have to wait for this weekend. It’s really difficult to stay angry with her though, when she looks up at me with her doe eyes and twitching nose. Fortunately she doesn’t hold a grudge like Charlie can, and she’ll forgive me for yelling as soon as I forgive her.

Happy Birthday Charlie!

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Yesterday was Charlie’s 3rd birthday. I made him a sand castle cake which Bella tried to eat. That girl loves anything with sugar in it. He got a little straw basket, boxes to toss around, raisins, and a big hunk of drift wood. Bella seemed to like his presents more than he did, and tried to eat all his treats. Big sisters can be very pushy (I should know). Then they collapsed in the corner and slept all evening. I guess it was a good birthday then, or at least better than his first when we sang “Happy Birthday” and he ran under the dresser in fear.


All Quiet on the Furry Front

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Things are relatively quiet with the buns lately. I’ve noticed Bella intensely grooming Charlie’s back, just like how I do it. Apparently I’ve been doing it like a bunny should! We weighed them both the other evening and both have gained a bit. Charlie is 4 lbs 6 oz and Bella is at 6 lbs 4 oz.

She’s a bit on the plumper side, but I’m not too concerned. They’ve both been much less active as per the heat and humidity (even though they both live in an air-conditioned room) and they keep other very clean. Charlie appeared to have a bald spot on his forehead, it was very cute! But it was really just the way his fur was brushed. Maybe his mate likes it better that way…

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