I’d better get a carrot for posing like this!

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Yes, it’s photoshopped, but just the two of them together. There was no way I was going to get costumes on them both for a photo at the same time, but I did get one on each long enough to take the pictures. They were very good about it. Charlie was a bit fussy about his, but Bella seemed right at home in hers. Hmm, is she trying to tell me something?…

So for the record, Bella is a Devil-Angel and Charlie is an Angel-Devil. So basically, the same thing, but not. They look as sweet as angels, but when you’re not looking, they’re as devilish as can be. Actually, they were pretty good today. As far as I know though,  I am at work for a chunk of the day, but they’re SUPPOSED to be sleeping then anyway.

This is Bella’s first Halloween with us and Charlie’s third. Last year he was Snoopy, and the year before his namesake, Charlie Chaplin. The Snoopy costume was easy, I just held a thought bubble over his head.

That’s just a ghost biting the carpet!

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Bella’s been a naughty girl this week, digging up carpet and getting more tape stuck on her chin. Maybe she’s ramping up because of the cooler weather. I actually saw her do a run this week. She never really does that.

I’m finishing up the buns’ costumes now. They’re gonna be utterly adorable, for about 20 seconds. Then they become chew toys.

Tape on My Chinny-Chin-Chin!

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I discovered a house near my work that has a bunnies in their side yard! There’s five of them and they’re oh so adorable. One of them even came to the fence to sniff me.

Back at home, Bella’s been getting into trouble. Yesterday she was digging at the carpet behind my door and wound up getting masking tape stuck to her chin. No one else was able to get it off her so she had to wait until I got home from work. She didn’t seem to care though. This is like the fourth time she’s gotten tape stuck to her.

Bunny Boo!

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Bella says she wants to be something scary for Halloween. We’ll have to figure something out.

Moving Day!

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I put a hollow craft pumpkin on Charlie’s box, only to discover that he was afraid of it! He didn’t want to eat his pellets because it was underneath the scary orange thing. One I realized I took it down and showed him it was okay. He stuck his nose in its nose, but still was not happy. Then I showed it to Bella and she sniffed it (thought she’d take a bite, but no!) and then dismissed it as being boring. I guess that’s good enough for Charlie since he want back to eating.

Mom and dad got new dressers in their room so a whole new landscape was created for Bella. She can’t go under the dressers but there is a desk she can sit under now. Charlie didn’t adjust to furniture moves well, but Bella seems pretty okay with it. She was most upset about being kept out of HER room while they were moving the dressers in and out.

The above photo is Charlie devouring a sea grass basket from Ikea. The lid is almost gone after 3 days. Luckily it came in 3 sizes so there are 2 bigger ones for them to much on. Never knew that’d be such a big hit!

That’s MY little brother!

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Bella is enjoying her new toy: Halloween skittle dispenser – $1, Rolling hay feeder – priceless. Why is it that my buns love the cheap toys so much more than the expensive ones? And of course frees are the best. Their favorite toys right now are little cardboard boxes. They shred and toss them until they disintegrate. It’s a nice recycling program.

Bella seems to be really stepping up in her big-sister role. After trying to pull some fur from Charlie’s chest, resulting in a grunt from him, Bella came to his rescue and nipped me. She later came running over when I did it again. Awe, what a good protector.

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