Tape on My Chinny-Chin-Chin!

October 20, 2011 at 11:49 pm | Posted in rabbit | 4 Comments

I discovered a house near my work that has a bunnies in their side yard! There’s five of them and they’re oh so adorable. One of them even came to the fence to sniff me.

Back at home, Bella’s been getting into trouble. Yesterday she was digging at the carpet behind my door and wound up getting masking tape stuck to her chin. No one else was able to get it off her so she had to wait until I got home from work. She didn’t seem to care though. This is like the fourth time she’s gotten tape stuck to her.



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  1. How did you get it off! Please help, mine has box tape stuck on her chin somehow

    • I think I just held her and gently pulled the tape.

      You might have to carefully snip it away from the fur, but be careful. Rabbit skin is VERY stretchy and an accidental cut in the skin can be much larger than it appears.

      If it’s not too bad, maybe just snip the tape around her fur as best you can and eventually it will lose it’s stick and come off on its own.

      • Will she eat what’s left? I hope not 😦

        • If she tried to eat it, then it wold need to come off. Maybe adding some water or cooking oil to help it lose its stick. Something that wouldn’t be toxic if ingested like olive oil, vegetable oil or coconut oil. I’ve also heard the oils in peanut butter can work for this sort of thing.

          Otherwise, I’d say call the vet and ask for their advice. I’m sure this must happen to other rabbits.

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