I’m the King, Now Give Me Attention!

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Benita seems to know when it’s meal time now just like our buns. She follows us and dances around our feet. Well, she kinda does that whenever we greet her, but it’s so adorable. I think Charlie’s ready for her leave now. I don’t know if he’s fascinated by her or angry at her. Whichever, he certainly spends a lot of time in the hallway watching her. She’s definitely a lot like Bella, but then again maybe those are female traits. If some of the more rambunctious qualities are, then I think I’d like another male bun in the future. Just kidding, girls!

Attention! Attention! Me! Me! Me!

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Benita meets her puppet-doppelganger. (Trust me, they look more alike in real life than the photo shows)

Benita tried to steal some of my dinner as I ate on the couch this evening. Sneaky girl, climbing into my lap, lulling my into a false sense of security… Just who’s the dominant mammal here? It’s not been easy dividing my time between 3 rabbits when I get home from work, but fortunately the weekend is almost here. Snugglefest!

Where Are Those Imaginary Babies?

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I think Benita’s got a thing for guys. She had no trouble jumping right into my brother’s lap on the couch today. She certainly doesn’t play hard-to-get! Bella was nesting again today 😦 It’s been a few days and I thought she was finished, but that wasn’t the case. Now my room is even more of a mess (if that was possible). *sigh* I live in a perpetual barn.

Windy Out There, Fluffy in Here

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I spent the evening with Benita while a noreaster raged outside. I spooked her once when I sneezed and she was skittish the rest of the night. Fortunately we didn’t loose power, but it was very windy. Charlie & Bella stayed in mom’s room practically all day. Benita did come up on the couch with me a couple of times and we snuggled on the floor for a bit.

Just Whose House is This?

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Charlie & Bella have their post in the hall staked out whenever I’m downstairs. They know I’m with “that other bunny” but I think only Charlie is resentful about it. Bella’s just curious.

After being on the couch, alone, for hours afternoon, my dad sits down, pats the seat next to him, and up Benita jumps! Maybe she just likes him. I only got her to do it when I had a strawberry top to give her.

White & Fluffy Christmas

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Today was generally more quiet around the house. All the bunnies got presents in their stockings this morning, including Benita. They all ate the carrots first.

In the evening, after being good all day and learning how to hop around our kitchen, Benita jumped over the barrier and onto the stairs again. We stopped her, but Charlie ran out into the hall. What a talented little escape artist! She loves to follow us around – so much like a little puppy I know.

Bella is definitely nesting again. I wonder if having Benita here affected her. She took a scarf, paper and was trying to pull blankets into the closet. I had dad cut a small hole in the door yesterday to make it easier for her. We brought in a towel and some wrapping paper for her to use. She was finished by this afternoon and hasn’t gone in there since. She’s just so frantic when it happens. I feel sorry for her, especially since she isn’t really having babies.

Crazy Christmas

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If I thought that two bunnies were a handful, add another and you’ve got a footful. Charlie was so curious to meet Benita, that he kept coming over to the fence even after she tried to box him. I think he getting a little too friendly for her liking. Bella wasn’t really too interested, but did say hello to Benita.

We had brought our buns downs for Christmas eve, but all the fences and “territorial pooping” left us pooped out. The bunnies all liked their gifts, even Benita. I made them all some origami to toss and chew.

Not to be out-staged, while Bella was opening her presents, Benita decided it was a good time to climb the stairs. I couldn’t believe it! She hopped all the way up to the second floor by herself! That bun just keeps amazing me.

Mind If I Move In?

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Benita really seems to be enjoying her time at Casa Kronenberg. She sleeps, eats, runs around, jumps on the couches, and always runs right up to someone to greet them. How sweet! I wish mine did that. They’re like: Oh, you’re here again. But they are feeling a bit neglected, at least Charlie is.  I’ll have to spend more time with him tomorrow. It’s tough to please a temperamental bunny.

Benita Comes to Town

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Here she is! Benita arrived tonight is already getting along with everyone so well. She’s settled in quite well so far and is always ready for a pet. We’re looking forward to a fun-filled week together!

Snuggle with a Bunny to Keep Warm

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We’re getting another bunny tomorrow!! Don’t worry Charlie, it’s only for a week. We’re bunny-sittting this Christmas for the sweetie, Benita. I’m sure I’ll have lots of photos to post after she arrives. We’ve still got to finish getting the house ready.

I spent an hour vaccuuming my convector today. For some reason the heat isn’t working right in my room. There was a lot of bunny fur under there, so hopefully the heat will be able to circulate better now. It’s gettin’ cold outside!

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