Not the Feet! Anywhere But the Feet!

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Ever since we brought this tube back up after bunny sitting, our buns can’t stop chinning it (that’s how a bunny says “This Is Mine Now!) over and over. Every night they have to stop in the hall and check it out.

We clipped Bella’s back nails yesterday much to her sufferance. One foot was okay, she barely moved, but the other was a nightmare. I don’t think she likes us touching her feet (I don’t blame her) but boy is she god at wriggling out your grasp. Charlie is a little easier to keep put.

I did some cleaning and rearranging last night and that always sets the buns atwitter.  Bella got so upset that she had to leave the room during mealtime, but Charlie was just too curious. He came right over to see what I was doing, but is ready at a moment’s notice to flee.

Bunny Sleep-Over!

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After Bella’s semi-terrifying nail clipping experience, she would not return home for evening. So Charlie and I got another roommate for the night. She was pretty well-behaved. Only woke me up once by banging o the closet door.

The pic above was taken the following morning. She’s chewing on a loose string under my chair.  Things are better now between her and mom, I suppose she forgives her for holding her while I clipped her nails. There’s this cement block covering a hole she made on the edge of my carpet that she likes to dig at. Hopefully that helps to keep her nails short as well.

Oh and I almost forgot: it appears that we’re going to be sitting for a quintet (five!) of bunnies a few weeks. I’m so excited! I also hope the house is left standing. Between caring for them, placating my jealous buns, arguing with my mom about turning the heat up and yelling at my dad to keep the TV quieter it might get a big chaotic (for me). At least I’ll have 7 bunnies to pet to calm me down!

Those Are My Toes!

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Bella had her front nails clipped this morning and she was not a happy bunny. I think we had trouble with her last time, but those before went smoothly. Instead of using the kitchen we opted for the upstairs bathroom since it was a bit warmer. I wonder if the change in location also upset her. I think we’re going to keep doing clippings etc. in there.

Charlie was right outside the bathroom in a litter box the entire time (I don’t think he knew what we were doing, he just wanted to eat the hay). Bella thumped once on the counter top. *Sigh* We still have her back feet to do next week…

Bunny Slimfast

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So far so good on the new diet. It’s only been 3 days though, so who can really tell? I suppose not being attacked and then snubbed is a pretty good indicator that the buns are okay with it.  I cut out 1/3 of their pellets and replaced it with a bowl of the little bits from the bottom of the hay bag that they like so much.

Charlie needed to have his “posterior” groomed over the weekend. He was not happy. Neither was I. Neither was mom. Fortunately it went well and he’s all clean.  If he loses a few ounces he’ll be able to do it himself again!

Does this fur make me look fat?

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We had a weigh in this week, and Charlie and Bella are both a bit overweight. He actually gained weight from the last time it was checked. I already cut back on carrots, thinking they would lose weight. No such luck. Now I’ll have to cut down their pellets. They are so gonna hate me now.

Watch Me Pull a Tissue of a Rabbit

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Bella discovered a new hobby this week. She knocks over the tissue box and pulls each tissue out, one by one. She’s getting fairly good at it, maybe she could start competing in the Tissue Pull-ymipcs. It’s really very cute.  She does actually know what they’re for, I think. She has occasional sneezing fits and I always wipe her nose off when she’s finished.

It’s Only Been a Year?

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We were all set to give my room a throughout cleaning last Friday when we got the phone call – Bella was nesting again. It only lasted for a few hours, but she had just been nesting a few days before. What is going on??? I left the closet as it was, with her ever-growing nest and just cleaned the rest of the room.

Yesterday we had a little birthday party and visitors came to see Bella & Charlie. Bella’s a such a shy girl around new people. She really didn’t want to come out and see them. Charlie’s a bit more curious than afraid so he came over to sniff people. Kyle the puppy was also visiting us, so I think they were a bit wary. Bella’s never actually met him, but I guess smelling him is enough!

Mine, Mine, Mine!

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Though we were sad to see Benita go home, our buns were just fine with it. We also took down the Christmas tree yesterday so our living room is quite empty. We brought up the green tube that Benita used and Charlie’s spent about an hour re-chinning it to mark it as his again.

Mom has taken up the resolve to endear herself to Charlie. She’s been trying that for 2 1/2 years now, but I suppose she’s going to just try harder now. It wasn’t really a problem until Bella came along.  He’s so possessive of her that he attacks when Mom tries to pet her. That little boy is gonna have to learn to share!

Last Challenge

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Benita finally beat us and we let her under the Christmas tree. Now all she does is lie under it. I just think she likes the challenge. Now she’s trying to get behind the other sofa. It’s certainly going to be dull here without her. My bunnies will be glad to soak up the attention though!

Happy New ‘Ear!

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