So Long Sniffers!

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We said goodbye to Natalie, Wes, Chloe, Sophie & Oscar today. They’re all back home and our living room is once again empty. We’ll miss them all, especially Chloe. While the others didn’t always let me per them, Chloe was a total sweetie. She sat with me on the couch, licked me and snuggled up a storm. I wish Charlie and Bella were more like that! Maybe if I had a couch in my room…

I’ll miss looking down and seeing a room full of bunnies and I think Charlie and Bella will too. As much as they fussed about other rabbits being in their house, they were very curious about them. At the very least they were an interesting diversion for them!

Hares Everywhere

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Chloe somehow managed to get past the fence and up onto the couch last night so now she’s allowed up there at night.  I spent the morning snuggling with her on the couch and then after adding another towel on top of her cage she settled up.there all evening. I think she likes that she can see so much from up there. Charlie likes it too since he can see her from upstairs. She is constantly licking me and when I go up, Bella licks me too. I don’t know if she’s trying to reclaim me, or taste Chloe.

I left Wes and Natalie’s fence open and they each inched over to the edge but wouldn’t go off the carpet. They were a bit more active in the evening and even checked out Chloe. She and Natalie did get a bit scratchy though so I put up cardboard to separate them.  I’ve been able to pet Wes a little, but Natalie’s more skittish and usually runs away from me.

Sophie has become little miss fuss. Every time I go to remove a dish or clean up poop she grunts and boxes me. What a fiesty girl in such a small package. Her fierce protection of her mate reminded me of how Charlie behaves when mom tries to pet Bella.

Aside from the poops that make our carpet like one of those carvel cakes with the crunchies on it, it’s going pretty well. Dad might not agree, but as Chloe presses buttons on my laptop and curls up, I’m in bunny-heaven.

Bunny-Sitting …Again

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Bunnies, bunnies everywhere!  Our first floor has been invaded by bunnies! In the photo is baby Chloe, Sophie & Oscar, but there’s also two more in the living room. Things were a bit chaotic as we tried to make things comfortable for everyone, but I think we’ve sorted most of it out (until I realize I’m wrong tomorrow).

Little Sophie is the most aggresive, once snapping at the baby Chloe and her male mate (we think she got a bit jealous). Big attitudes come in small packages. Her mate Oscar is just a big softee who puts up with it. He’s a bit bigger than our Bella.

Chloe is a little speed demon, who loves jumping up onto the couch and her cage. She has no fear, I don’t think she’s learned about that yet. She’s super friendly (especially with my bathrobe) and extremely curious. Chloe has the biggest appetite by far, but everyone ate their greens and pellets and Chloe drank and awful lot of water.

This is Wes & Natalie, we started calling them “the Twins” since they seem to stick together wherever they go. They spent most of the day in the corner by the bookcase, but when the humans leave the room, the fun begins! They said hello to baby Chloe but didn’t spend much time near her. At the end of the day Wes decided to jump up onto the couch several times. Sneaky boy.

Our own buns are very curious about the rabbits they can smell (and see a bit) downstairs. I hope they didn’t feel too neglected, but as I write this, Charlie is out at the top of the stairs watching them.

What’s Exercise?

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It’s kind of hard to exercise when all the bunnies want to do is check out my pedals. I guess the rubber feet were just too enticing for them to leave alone.

Charlie and Bella have both been giving to licking me, albeit infrequently, but it’s still appreciated!!  And I don’t think it’s because I suddenly taste really good.

After a month on a new diet, both Charlie and Bella haven’t changed their weights at all. Uh-oh. I think the source of this problem is the clover in their hay, but we’ll talk to the vet when we bring Bella at the end of the month.


Let Me Eat Cake

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Apparently Charlie does have a bit of a sweet tooth. He started to tear down the Hollywood Sign before I stopped him. I expect that from Bella, but not from him. At least someone likes the fondant.

We met the 5 buns we’ll be watching next week and they’re simply adorable! I hope my duo doesn’t go nuts with the added rabbitry in the house (although some of the humans might). I’m never completely sure what’s going on in their heads. I can only glean so much from their body language

Stop Moving Around My Stuff

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We had another big room clean. Yay for furr-less floors! Boo for grumpy bunnies! Bella absolutely refused to leave the room, so she stayed under the dresser and let us vacuum right next to her. Brave girl! That night she didn’t go to her room until 2am (I think she waited for me to fall asleep). Or maybe she just didn’t want to leave the clean room.

Lately they’ve been using the corner opposite their litter box as one, so I put Charlie’s old corner box there. Let’s see if they take the hint.

We’ve discovered that Bella gets upset every time someone talks in an aggressive or excited voice. You’ll be talking and suddenly you hear the thump. Bella is not pleased. Such a fussy girl.

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