Let the Healing Start Already!

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I think Charlie’s hocks may actuallly be getting better now. Maybe it’s the softer litter boxes. I hope so. Every time after we put cream on him, he runs over to his favorite spot in mom’s room, on the side of her chair. It’s weird that he picked that spot as his safe spot, but I guess it’s far away from the bathroom where we are. Bella has been oblivious to most of this, including the box we use to catch Charlie twice a day. She hadn’t been digging in the litter boxes, but I woke up to a mess this morning. Now she’s weeing on the carpet outside the box out of spite for my fixing the litter box.

My Aching Feet!

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Poor Charlie’s feet aren’t getting better and we’re going to call the vet tomorrow and see what she says. I changed the litter in the boxes in my room to just the softer carefresh and am only using the softer farmer dave hay. Maybe that was hurting his tootsies, I don’t know. He still doesn’t like being picked up everyday, but I’m getting better at it. He doesn’t hate me for it anymore at least.

Through the Bunny Hole

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Well, dogs get a door and cats get a flap, so why can’t rabbits have a hole? My mom finally caved and forced dad to figure out a way to put a hole in our hollow core door. Now Charlie & Bella have free run of the upstairs even when the door is closed! We just have to remember that and not be surprised if a little hopper should glide over our feet when the door is shut to keep other humans out. The buns seem to like the hole very much and are already running through it at breakneck speed. It has their stamp (consisting of teeth marks) of approval.

Two Healthy Hoppers

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Bella really didn’t remember going to the vet. She was all happy and curious in car, periscoping up out of the top of her carrier. Fortunately the visit went quite quickly. Bella is in good health and apparently lost some weight.  Maybe their new diet is helping.  We asked about her nesting and the vet said it could be that some parts or even just some cells were left behind when she was spayed. She’s only done it 4 times in the past year so we’ll keep an eye on it. We really don’t want her to have surgery. Dr. Savor knew she was spayed at AC&C, where we got Charlie, so she must have info about her before we got her. We also found out that her real birthday is April 29! She’s almost 4!

How to Catch a Bunny Without Really Trying

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Bella’s got the vet on Wednesday. I don’t think she’ll have much trouble, she seems in good health, albeit a bit overweight. I think we need more fiber in their diets. You’d think with all the carpet pulling and furniture chewing they’d get more than enough. I don’t think she knows about it yet, but will likely clue in by Wednesday morning.

We’ve been catching Charlie twice a day to put cream on his hocks. We built a box with two sliding doors on the ends that I can put his carrier next to. Then we just need to drop the box on him by surprise. So far it’s working. I don’t know how long that’ll last, but at least it’s something. He still struggles when I pick him up, but he is a bit calmer while I’m holding him. Of course he later lets the heel flicks fly aplenty.

How Keep a Well-Oiled Bunny

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We had planned for Bella’s to go to the Vet yesterday, but I think Charlie had a gas episode Monday night so we took him instead. Now that we talked to her I’m sure that’s what it was and felt so bad that I didn’t do more to help him. Now we have pain med and gas relief med. I don’t think it’s ever happened to him before, but if so this was the worst.

He’s a highly intelligent temperamental bun who is not quick to forgive and will refuse food and affection if he’s scared or angry. His behavior would change due to psychological issues making it difficult to distinguish from a physical one. I’ll have to keep raisins in the room as a test, it’s rare for him to refuse those.

Fortunately, Bella is not so easily moved and is run by her intstincts a bit more than her intellect. If she got sick, I think we’d all know it. Especially Charlie. He’d probably be the one to come and tell us. When he wasn’t feeling well Bella was right by his side. She knew and was trying to make him better.

We can’t keep picking Charlie (at least) up from the litter box because now he stopped using them. He’s started using the rug next to the box and now I have to earn his trust to get him to go in again! Epic fail. This is especially an issue since we have to apply a cream to his sore hocks twice a day(!!!). I need to make a box I can covertly drop on top of him and then open a door to reveal his carrier. I need an engineer to create a solution!

Charlie was good at the vet, nervous as usual, but he actually was in good health. That was a great relief for me. He’s only a bit overweight and in the middle of a fluffy white shed. He’s mostly returned to normal now as well.

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