Happy 4th Birthday Bella!

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Don’t worry, that bite was part of the cake design. I wouldn’t dare let her eat a whole chunk of that yummy cake!

Bella must have known it was her birthday today because she was in total destruction mode. Last two mornings she’s been ripping at the rug outside their litter boxes and shredding the puppy pads I put down. The pads are working pretty well, Charlie doesn’t seem to mind using them as opposed to the carpet. Now if I could just get him to ONLY use the litter box…

Charlie’s hock booties didn’t work out so good, so now we’re back to just putting on cream, but every other day. His hocks are definitely better, but we’ll keep creaming him for little longer.

I promised Bella I wouldn’t discipline her today, but I had a hard time with her persistent antics. She even bit my thumb when I was just trying t pet her. With all of her aggressive behavior you wouldn’t think that she has a shy side, but she does. At her “party” today, we sang happy birthday and presented her with her cake , but after a few nibbles she ran back under the dresser. She also likes to run from the camera. Not so good for your shutterbug sister!

Rabbits-2 Humans-1

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We finally got the vet tape for Charlie’s tootsies. After the first application Charlie had his new bootie off in a few flicks. Second, off after a few minutes of biting. Third time was the charm! He now has one foot wrapped in a cute red sock. We try for the second foot tomorrow. Maybe now his feet will finally have a chance to grow some fur back.

Bella is always finishing her pellets and going for Charlie’s. At this point I keep moving his dish to wherever he is, away from her. I told her “If you can find ’em, you can ’em.” Seems fair at least.

We had a nasty rainstorm yesterday and I think it frightened Bella. I woke up at 3am to a loud thud and discovered her thumping. She did it a few more times even though I tried to calm her. Poor girl was not happy. After a few minutes she ran off into the hall with dutiful Charlie at her heels.

Can I Borrow Some of Your Fur?

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I love that Bella always lets me put a hat on her, only to knock it off a few seconds later. Charlie isn’t always as obliging. After going back and forth, I made a pair of plastic socks for Charlie’s hocks, only to have him kick them off. I found a site that tells you how to wrap the foot with vet tape and include a cushion of shedded bunny fur. I never thought of using fur as padding. God knows I have enough of it floating around to use. I was contemplating fur-extensions before this, so there’s always that route if the booties don’t work.

Charlie’s been a real trouper through all of this, but he’s becoming too smart for us to catch him with the box. We clipped Bella’s nails tonight and used it to catch her and it was much easier. Granted he deals with the box everyday, but I think he’s a wee bit sharper than she is. That’s fine though. She can certainly get by on her looks alone, (and his fierce protectiveness of her).

Only 11 days till Bella’s 4th birthday! I still haven’t figured out her cake. I’m sure whatever I make she’ll try and sneak a bite of the sugary (not-good-for-bunnies) goodness! She got quite a fright tonight when my television had volume problems.  It suddenly got very loud and knocked my brother onto my bed. Poor little Bella was in the litter box, but ran into the cardboard tube and thumped a couple of times. Thankfully she calmed down pretty quickly.

Goldie Locks and the 3 Litter Boxes

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After a couple more weeks of getting better, then worse, I finally built a plastic sock for Charlie’s hock. We’ll see if it lasts for more than a couple of days on him.

I also finally caved and now have 3(!!) litter boxes under my window. They’re in an “L” shape and boy does Bella love hopping from one to another. It’s the only way to keep Charlie from weeing on the rug. I don’t know why he decided it was okay for him to go on the ground, but it’s definitely not good for his hocks.

So Charlie’s got a reprieve from the dreaded “catch-a-bunny box” for at least a couple of days. Even though I put in all those holes originally, both he and Bella have done a good job making them bigger.  Maybe that many weren’t such a good idea…

I made the mistake of sitting on the floor when I came in to see Bella today and she immediately put her paws up on me, asking for a treat. Then she licked me and I caved. That little girl sure knows how to get what she wants!

Where Did You Get Those Pants?

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Bella and Charlie can be very affectionate when they’re in the mood. Sometimes she’ll lick my arm or my leg and Charlie will too (if I have food me). I don’t know if Bella’s nips are supposed to be affection or just her playing with my pants. After visiting a pet store and meeting a very eager black lab puppy, all Bella wanted to do was sniff and nip at my jeans. It was incredible, she kept at it for almost an hour. Oddly enough, she wasn’t interested in them once I had taken them off and they were lying on the floor. Then she surprised me when she did the same sniffing routine to my new Muppet pajamas. I hadn’t washed them yet and they must have smelled interesting to her.

Lesson: Bella is VERY interested in smelly pants.

Charlie’s hocks seem to be doing better, but the left one doesn’t have enough fur on it. I’ll be glad when I don’t have to play bunny-round-up with him and a box. He’s still weeing on the rug outside the box and in Bella’s room around her boxes. She’s mostly using the boxes, but does still like to leave little brown presents outside the box. I get a surprise in the morning if they’ve spent the night in my bedroom. That’s been happening a lot lately, so I get lots of presents to look forward to!

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