Oh, Are You Back?

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The buns were not happy to see me after a week away. It’s understandable. They think I abandoned them and they were allowed to go wild and do whatever they wanted. “You came back and all you brought was yelling!” Boy was it a mess. I have to re-litter train Charlie, apparently, and do a major clean of the bunny room, which also happens to be my bedroom.

They both are also in the middle of a shed so I came home to two shaggy bunnies. They did NOT want me plucking fur. I managed to earn back their trust, groom some fur and give them some treats, not necessarily in that order. Fortunately (for all of us??) I won’t be going away again for awhile. Day trips are all we can handle!

Greetings from Bun-ifornia!

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I’ll be away from the buns for a week while I’m in California, but they’ll be well taken care of by my dad. I told Bella not to make a mess and Charlie not to pee all over the floor. I don’t think they’re going to listen to me though. They know dad’s a pushover. I just hope I come home to two bunnies that aren’t too angry with me for leaving them all week. I’m sure I can butter them up with a few presents if I have to!

My Little Sentry

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We’ve been lucky enough to get a few days of warm weather and that means it’s time to break out the frozen water bottles! I don’t know which Bella likes better: snuggling with one or licking it. I’m waiting to see the two of them snuggled together with a bottle between them.

The latest addition to our litter box/ bunny bathroom is a patio area. I’ve put a couple of bricks down to keep Bella from ripping apart the puppy pad. Now everyone can get what they want: Charlie can mark just outside the litter box, I can have clean carpet, and Bella can claw at the bricks till her heart’s content.

The other day I was in the bathroom when I saw the door open slightly in the mirror. I looked down and Charlie was there. The buns often will nudge a door open, but not usually the bathroom, so I thought something might be up. Apparently Bella was acting up again and Charlie had come to tattle on her. What a funny little boy! That and his uncanny ability to tell time (without even being able to read a clock) make for one smart bunny!

Hay! That’s Mine!

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This wire trough was one of Bella’s birthday presents last week. It’s really for hanging plants outside a window, but I thought it would work nicely as a long hay trough for the buns.  They seem to like it!

It seems that Bella needs to have some physical activity in the morning to pour all of her energy into. Typical four-year-old. Sometimes she’s content to dig at the wall next to my bookcase, which we call her “cave”. There’s a cement brick there she digs at for hours. I don’t kn0w if she thinks she’s going to get anywhere but she seems to enjoy it. If Bella’s in a really destructive mood though she’ll pull up blankets, move litter boxes and toss around hay until she can get at the carpet. A little redecorating perhaps? No matter what she gets into, Charlie is content to sit and watch her (at a safe distance) and be ready to tattle on her when a human comes into the room. He’s protective, but doesn’t want to get in trouble for everything Bella commits!

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