Do They Make Toupees for Rabbits?

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Charlie’s going bald-er. He’s got an even bigger bald spot on his head now. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by it, fortunately. I can manage a comb-over for him. Bella is certainly an aggressive groomer.

Lately Charlie has decided that his favorite pillow is Bella. She’s soft, warm and even vibrates a bit. I can’t say I blame him.

I’ve noticed that Bella hardly ever bites me anymore. Even when she does, it’s generally a warning nip or an offensive strike because because I’ve just polished my nails and she doesn’t like the odor. Who ever thought our little Bella-Lugosi would become such a tame girl?

Shedding the Ounces!

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We said goodbye to our bunny visitors earlier this week. So our living room is empty again (for the time being) and I’m left with memories of bunny binkys onto couches and long petting sessions on the floor.

Bella and Charlie aren’t too broken up about it. We’ve had a lot more time to snuggle this week. Even Charlie was up for a cuddle! The poor little guy’s at the end of a big shed and he’s got a little bald spot on top of his head.

We weighed the pair tonight and they’ve both lost weight! I don’t what we/they did but it’s certainly better than gaining!

Invasion of the Bunny Rabbits

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We’re bunny-sitting for the Nagao buns again. This time it’s just 3, didn’t think we could handle 5 again. Sophie runs over evrytime I enter the room, but runs away if I try t pet her. I was able to do it when she was busy eating though. She’s very protective of her Oscar. I was able to pet him several times. He flattens his body down right away. He’s such a sweetie!

Chloe is still very playful. I’ve never known a rabbit who loved sleeping on top of things rather than beneath them. Chloe loves jumping up onto the couch to scout the living room. She always digs on my legs to make sure there’s steady ground under the fabric before she hops on me.

My two buns are bearing up all right. Charllie was initially angry that iwas slending so much time with the “the others” but eventually came around. Last night they did Lady and the Tramp with a piece of kale. Bella is still getting into trouble with the puppy pads. I’ll have to think up something new yet again.

We brought Chloe upstairs last night to have meet and greet with Charlie and Bella. I think our buns were more eager to meet her. They were all sniffing at the fence, so curious. Our buns are continually looking down into the living room at her.

Is That an Earthquake, or Just the Neighbors?

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The other night I returned to my darkened room at bedtime only to scare the bejeezus out of Bella. She shot across the room and darted under my dresser. Charlie looked on with the usual confusion. I don’t know why I scared her, I didn’t do anything usual. I suppose she was just so engrossed in eating her hay that she didn’t hear me coming.

More scary fun continues every morning as the driveway across the street from us being repaved, brick by brick. At 8 ‘o’ clock we were all rudely awoken by sledgehammer and other loud contraptions. What’s a bunny (and sleepy human) to do?!

We’re going to be bunny-sitting this week so I hope they get done soon. Last thing we need is house full of freaked out rabbits!

Why Is My Bottom Wet??

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Charlie was grabbing at some hay on top of a straw box and then, as I figured he would, jumped on top of the box to get at the hay better. Unfortunately, the box was a bit tippy and plop! He fell butt-first into the water dish. I rushed over to help/clean up the water and he just hopped out and started licking his wet lower half. Needless to say, Bella was only inches away and completely clueless.

I seem to spend all of my spare moments grooming the two of them. At least they permit me to do it. Charlie seems to handle it better. Bella is so fussy! Every tiny tug on her fur sets her tail a tappin. And then there are the occasional nips. You’d think the girl (and more rugged) bunny would be better with grooming. And I don’t even dare come near either of them with a brush!


Icy, Refreshing Bunny-cicles!

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Charlie decided to flop down between Bella and their frozen water bottle. Warm fuzzy pillow and a cold icy snuggler. This was right after I caught Charlie lifting his tail to wee on on the blanket. I yelled at him, but then felt bad about scaring him so I coaxed him back over and pointed like an air traffic controller towards the litter box. Success! He hopped in and did his business. So he clearly knew what he was supposed to do, and just wants to get away with going out of the box for some reason.

After watching the buns bathe (they don’t mind me watching, I checked) I realized that they can fold their ears down by will. I thought they needed to pull them down with their paws but apparently they can control them on their own. Interesting and weird fact. Even weirder because it took me 3 years of having rabbits to figure it out.

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