Ther Other Bunny Did It!

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Bella’s still going nuts every morning. I come home to fresh destruction each day. I don’t know if it’s the weather or boredom but she hasn’t let up for over a week. If I could, I’d let her run around in the yard!

Last Wednesday night Charlie refused his dinner and a raisin! He was having a gassy tummy which sent me into a panic. It’s happened a couple of times before, but it’s hard to recognize in him because of his general fussy nature. He didn’t really want to take the medicine, but eventually I got him to lick it down. After a couple hours in the hallway he seemed well enough for me to go to bed. Seeing my feisty boy all sluggish and compliant is not a happy sight!

It’s Bella-geddon…Again!

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“Bunny Kiss!”

Bella has a new pattern of chaos as of late. Around 1pm yesterday my brother had this odd feeling that something, somewhere was wrong. After realizing Bella was not in her usualy spot, asleep, he eventually discovered her ripping into the baseboard under my parent’s carpet. Somehow, she managed to pull out a metal cd rack that was tightly wedged behind a filing cabinet. Then today she tried again. Yikes!

Charlie’s fur is growing back in a little mohawk style in the middle of his bald spot. Poor little guy. Bella keeps grooming more fur off of him. Does she really want her man to be bald? He puts up with a lot from her. Then again, I guess we all do. How do you stay mad at a bunny who doesn’t listen when you yell at her and then licks your snack off of your fingers?

Lagomorph Interior Design

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I made a few technical changes to the blog, but the bunnies are still up to their old tricks. I had to change the blanket early again because Bella is making Swiss cheese of it. Also, the closet has finally lost its carpet. No, Bella didn’t tear it all out, just about half of it. For now the floor is wood but I’ll be getting rugs soon. I put some towels in there for the present as I’ve apparently lost ownership to the floor of my closet to the buns.

They had a good time exploring the change. I couldn’t tell if Bella was mad about losing “her” carpet in there. She did start ripping some up under my dresser today though… Of course that could just be coincidental. A bunny’s gotta rip something up!

I recently baked a grass, banana & pellet mixture treat for the buns and they’ve eaten about half of them. As soon as I open the container Charlie comes running over, and Bella even bit prematurely as I was putting hers down and got my finger instead! I guess they’re a success. I just hope I can use that type of container for something else without Charlie running over and dancing around my feet. He’s too smart for my own good!

Rip Out that Fur & Carpet!

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Charlie’s bald spot is still growing thanks to Bella’s aggressive grooming but he’s getting a white mossy new coat growing in. On the other end, his butt and backside are full of fluff! I’ve already had to put him on a table twice to groom him. He’s never been this fussy about grooming him on the ground. I’ve still got much fur to go.

Last week the fireworks were aplenty. Fortunately the buns didn’t seem to mind. Charlie only jerked up his head after a couple booms from our annoying neighbors down the block on the fourth.

Bella has managed to rip up most of the carpet along the walls of the closet so now we’re going to re-carpet it. So today I get to clear out the bottom of the my closet and wait for a new piece to be put in. Then she gets to start destroying that one!

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