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July 15, 2012 at 1:56 am | Posted in adoption, Bella, bunny, charlie, hotot, long island, mini rex, pet, rabbit, rescue | Leave a comment
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I made a few technical changes to the blog, but the bunnies are still up to their old tricks. I had to change the blanket early again because Bella is making Swiss cheese of it. Also, the closet has finally lost its carpet. No, Bella didn’t tear it all out, just about half of it. For now the floor is wood but I’ll be getting rugs soon. I put some towels in there for the present as I’ve apparently lost ownership to the floor of my closet to the buns.

They had a good time exploring the change. I couldn’t tell if Bella was mad about losing “her” carpet in there. She did start ripping some up under my dresser today though… Of course that could just be coincidental. A bunny’s gotta rip something up!

I recently baked a grass, banana & pellet mixture treat for the buns and they’ve eaten about half of them. As soon as I open the container Charlie comes running over, and Bella even bit prematurely as I was putting hers down and got my finger instead! I guess they’re a success. I just hope I can use that type of container for something else without Charlie running over and dancing around my feet. He’s too smart for my own good!


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