How Many Licks Does it Take…

October 21, 2012 at 2:13 am | Posted in rabbit | 1 Comment

Bella’s trying to steal my ice cream when she THOUGHT I wasn’t looking.

Uh-oh, Bella did it again. She decided to wake my brother up by scratching at the door. Unfortunately, it was 3am this time. Naughty girl! I’m sure Charlie was there trying to tell her it was too early.

Bella been so affectionate lately. All it takes from me is a few pets and snuggles and she’ll give me a few licks. Sometimes it’s on my face, hand or even my ankle if she’s trying to get some food. (I think she’s learned that being nice will get her treats faster than being grunty.) I even got a licking from Charlie. That occurrence is quite a rare one.

Rabbits to the Rescue!!

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The buns are trying to be so helpful lately. Last week, my brother didn’t have his early class one morning and was sleeping in. Bella, however, didn’t know this and tried to prevent him from oversleeping and scratched at his door at 8:30 in the morning until he finally got up. (I think she probably just wanted to get fed, but i’ll let her think she was doing something good.)

Then a few days later, mom was having a lot of gas in her tummy, so she borrowed some of Charlie’s gas medicine. Apparently gassy troubles run in our family.

We got out the Halloween decorations this week. Oh how the buns love new stuff! Bella doesn’t quite understand the jack-o-lanterns though. The little ghosts, however, are a huge hit. Charlie quite likes to snuggle with them for some reason.

Box, Sweet Box

October 7, 2012 at 11:11 pm | Posted in rabbit | 1 Comment
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Charlie’s checkin out his new pad. Dad made the bunnies a lovely new house to provide them with shelter and gnawing material. So far they haven’t been too keen to sleep in it, but they have each taken a few bites. It replaces a fairly dilapidated cardboard box. They don’t like change, but I’m sure they’ll get used to it. And now they can jump on top of it without me worrying that it will collapse on top of the other bun.

Bella’s Empty Nest

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Charlie is checking out the closet, because Bella built a nest again. Womp, womp. She hasn’t done this since January, but it’s still not a happy sight.

Thursday and Friday she started bringing some hay into the closet at 11:30 am, but stopped before noon. Then on Saturday she continued on into the late afternoon and even picked it up again in the evening, taking occasional breaks throughout the day. I can’t imagine all this work would be easy for her if she actually was pregnant.

She continued to build her nest yesterday for two hours in the afternoon, but that was the end of it. Fortunately there was no activity in the closet today save for Charlie exploring the strange new thing in the back of the closet.

Now I just have to clean up the pile of hay on the floor. I’m not even gonna think about cleaning the closet for a couple of weeks.

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