Cee Ya Real Soon, CJ

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We said goodbye to CJ today.  Well, I said goodbye, the bunnies still smell him and that smell will likely linger until the Christmas-smell explodes out of the boxes we took down from the attic yesterday.

CJ certainly made himself at home. He had about 5 or 6 favorite spots to sleep in (depending on the time of day) and was so well behaved! (Don’t tell Charlie & Bella that) We opened up the dining room to him after Thanksgiving and boy was he happy. I think his favorite moments spent here were under a buffet table where he could scope out the entire dining room and living room.

Having a little guy like him around makes my two buns seem huge. Bella just stretched out on the floor and she looked like a yeti. I’m sure this optical illusion will change once we sit for Benita next month, as she’s bigger than them all.

Another Little Visitor

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This is little CJ. I say little because he’s smaller than our Charlie, but he’s actually older than him. This is my first experience sitting for a nine-year-old and let me tell you, he is just as spry as the young’ins!

He spent most of yesterday hopping, running and binkying all around the living room, occasionally stopping to eat. Today he was exhausted from all of that and took a few nice, long naps. One of his favorite spots is under a bench my grandfather made, in the corner. It’s next to where the heat comes out. Smart bunny…

CJ’s been nothing but fun so far. He actually stays in the area we set up for him- I know! This is the first non-escaping rabbit we’ve had in this house. He’s let everyone pet him, but doesn’t want to be picked up. Maybe he’ll feel more comfortable with me later in the week.

Charlie and Bella certainly aren’t being neglected either. I make sure they both get attention as well. (I’ll hear about it later if I don’t)

And the Blog-inies Are…

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Finally, after camping out at grandma’s due to hurricane Sandy, and getting power back after 12 days in the dark, I have my nominees for the Liebster Blog Award! Or rather, the buns and I have. Here they are:

1. The Life and Times of Bunnies – 2 Bunnies who rule their household, sound familiar?

2. The Rabbit House Blog – Bunnies from across the pond!

3. Caseycreates – This links to a journal on deviantART but her art is also amazing!

I ask my nominees to please answer these 11 questions:

1. What was your favorite cartoon as a child?

2. If you could be reincarnated as any organism, what would you pick?

3. Pretzels: soft or hard?

4. If you could travel in time to any point in the past or future, when would you choose?

5. Blogging or jogging?

6. What year has been the most interesting in your life so far?

7. What is farthest you’ve traveled from home?

8. What is the best Christmas gift you ever received?

9. Have you ever had an imaginary friend?

10. What’s the model of your mobile phone?

11. If you could have any super power, what would you choose?

And now it’s time to relax … until Thanksgiving!

Back on Our Turf

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We returned home earlier this week and things have slowly gone back to normal.

I finally was able to pull this photo off of my camera of their Halloween costumes. If it isn’t obvious, Bella is Minnie Mouse and Charlie is Mickey. The costumes lasted longer this year than in previous. They actually kept them on for a full 30 seconds after the photo was taken. Next year I’m going for a full minute!

We had a visit from a bun we’ll be sitting for next week named CJ. Charlie was so curious about him that he hopped right up to his human, sniffing her all the while, and went nose to nose with CJ. They nudged noses (their way of talking) and things were going well until CJ got a bit too friendly for Charlie and he boxed him a bit. CJ was okay but Charlie came back to keep sniffing his human.

I’m surprised Charlie was as sweet as he was. He even let CJ’s human pet him. I guess the way to Charlie’s heart is with good smells!

Adventures at Grandma’s

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Here on day 7 of relocation and day 12 of no electricity. I’ll spare you my ranting raving because Charlie and Bella are content here. After near freezing temperatures at home, we headed south to grandma’s house for heat. The buns settled in nicely, although it took Bella most of the day to adjust. She didn’t eat much, but Charlie stuck by her side. As long as they’re together I think they’ll be okay. Charlie made himself right at home instantly.

When we finished packing the car and were ready to pack the bunnies, they both hopped into their carriers with little fuss, very unlike them. I think they knew we were all going somewhere together. I had been covering them with blankets at home to keep them warm, but it’s all toasty now.

We’re also on the ground floor here and the buns are right next to a sliding glass door. For the first time (that I know of) Charlie and Bella can look at the outside world from inside, even if it is just a backyard. Charlie did spend some time outside in our backyard but Bella hasn’t. She seems fascinated with the window. One morning we even saw a wild rabbit in the yard. I wonder what Bella thought!

When it gets dark, however, the rabbits cast a reflection in the glass and they do not like it. They appear to think it’s another rabbit. Bella stalked her reflection the first night and jumped back when she went closer and so did the rabbit! I close the blinds every night and those other bunnies magically disappear.

They already have learned that I go out in th garage fridge to get their food (and sit at their gate whenever someone goes out there) and have staked out their favorite spots for napping. We only had one unpleasant moment when the gardeners blew leaves across the patio. Charlie was totally unprepared for such an invasion of his view and thumped about 10 times in total. He ran over to me in terror, but then ran back to tell Bella to run away too! She, as usual, was oblivious to the situation, and asleep in her wooden house.

Glint of Gold During the Storm

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Sometimes I think my furry musings just speed off into the ether and are forgotten, but then someone goes and nominates me for the Liebster Award! The buns think that the nom is really theirs, since I write about them, so THEY would like to thank Jean of Wholey Jeans!!

Jean asks that I we answer eleven questions she has posed to her nominees:

1.    How old would you think you are if you didn’t know your age?

Me: I feel like a cross between an 8 year old and a 35 year old; childlike yet oddly mature.
Bella: I’m very grown up, but not too grown up. I’m old enough to do whatever I want but young enough to still be a cutie!
Charlie: I’m an old bunny soul in a young rabbit’s body. Living with Bella may have aged me a number of years though.

2.    When you have 30 minutes to kill, what do you do?

Me: Work on one of my art projects.
Bella: Dig up the carpet, blanket & towels.
Charlie: Nap.

3.    If you knew it would be personally read and replied to, which celebrity would you chose to write?

Me: Adam Savage
Bella: Chef Alton Brown
Charlie: Kermit the Frog

4.    What is one of your favorite quotes?

Me: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney
Bella: “Cookie” – Cookie Monster
Charlie: “Who’s hungry?” – Mom

5.    How do you prepare your favorite vegetable?

Me: Steamed with a little salt and butter.
Bella: Raw & often.
Charlie: Ditto.

6.    What do you need that other people might not?

Me: Bunnies.
Bella: Attention!!
Charlie: Bella.

7.    Would you rather hunt for paranormal activity with Jason and Grant on Top 10 Ghost Hunters, fish for River Monsters with Jeremy Wade or have dinner with Les Stroud on Survivorman?

Me: Ghost Hunters – I’m interested in the occult, but I’d probably be awake with nightmares afterwards.
Bella: Survivorman – I’ll eat anything!
Charlie: Ghost Hunters – I’m much more curious than afraid of anything.

8.    What rule do you like breaking?

Me: Leaving my computer on.
Bella: Digging in the litter box.
Charlie: Peeing outside the litter box.

9.    What was the last song that got stuck in your head?

Me: “Variety Speak” – Animaniacs
Bella: Craig Ferguson Theme Song
Charlie: “I Love You So Much” – Bert Wheeler

10.    If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Me: Surf.
Bella: Open the refrigerator.
Charlie: Calm Bella down.

11.    What do you spy with your little eye?

Me: A poop, they’re all over my floor.
Bella: Something that needs biting.
Charlie: A delicious-looking wire.
My own nominations for the Liebster Award will follow… we’re still without power here and evacuated to grandma’s.

Frankenstorm Meets Bunnyzilla

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bunny halloween

I haven’t posted all week because hurricane Sandy knocked out our power for days. This is the worst storm I have weathered and certainly for the buns. They’ve been troupers though. It gets down to 59 degrees inside and stays around 63. They don’t like the cold, (and neither do the humans!!!!!) but puff up their fur to keep warm.

I think they wonder why it’s suddenly so dark after dinner and why we’re using those funny fire sticks instead of their usual lamps. I wonder if getting electricity back will just confuse them further.

Halloween was a washout this year, but I don’t think they really minded. They did wear their costumes (for 30 seconds) and they weren’t miffed they didn’t go out trick or treating like the other kids. Their pumpkin still became a jack’o’lantern and once again they told me that they did not, in fact, like pumpkin and would I give them something else to eat?

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