Adventures at Grandma’s

November 10, 2012 at 10:46 pm | Posted in evacuation, hurricane | 2 Comments
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Here on day 7 of relocation and day 12 of no electricity. I’ll spare you my ranting raving because Charlie and Bella are content here. After near freezing temperatures at home, we headed south to grandma’s house for heat. The buns settled in nicely, although it took Bella most of the day to adjust. She didn’t eat much, but Charlie stuck by her side. As long as they’re together I think they’ll be okay. Charlie made himself right at home instantly.

When we finished packing the car and were ready to pack the bunnies, they both hopped into their carriers with little fuss, very unlike them. I think they knew we were all going somewhere together. I had been covering them with blankets at home to keep them warm, but it’s all toasty now.

We’re also on the ground floor here and the buns are right next to a sliding glass door. For the first time (that I know of) Charlie and Bella can look at the outside world from inside, even if it is just a backyard. Charlie did spend some time outside in our backyard but Bella hasn’t. She seems fascinated with the window. One morning we even saw a wild rabbit in the yard. I wonder what Bella thought!

When it gets dark, however, the rabbits cast a reflection in the glass and they do not like it. They appear to think it’s another rabbit. Bella stalked her reflection the first night and jumped back when she went closer and so did the rabbit! I close the blinds every night and those other bunnies magically disappear.

They already have learned that I go out in th garage fridge to get their food (and sit at their gate whenever someone goes out there) and have staked out their favorite spots for napping. We only had one unpleasant moment when the gardeners blew leaves across the patio. Charlie was totally unprepared for such an invasion of his view and thumped about 10 times in total. He ran over to me in terror, but then ran back to tell Bella to run away too! She, as usual, was oblivious to the situation, and asleep in her wooden house.



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  1. Adventures indeed! I don’t think our bun has ever seen her reflection.

  2. I gave Charlie a mirror once and he was afraid to go near it.

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