Back on Our Turf

November 18, 2012 at 1:23 am | Posted in rabbit | 1 Comment
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We returned home earlier this week and things have slowly gone back to normal.

I finally was able to pull this photo off of my camera of their Halloween costumes. If it isn’t obvious, Bella is Minnie Mouse and Charlie is Mickey. The costumes lasted longer this year than in previous. They actually kept them on for a full 30 seconds after the photo was taken. Next year I’m going for a full minute!

We had a visit from a bun we’ll be sitting for next week named CJ. Charlie was so curious about him that he hopped right up to his human, sniffing her all the while, and went nose to nose with CJ. They nudged noses (their way of talking) and things were going well until CJ got a bit too friendly for Charlie and he boxed him a bit. CJ was okay but Charlie came back to keep sniffing his human.

I’m surprised Charlie was as sweet as he was. He even let CJ’s human pet him. I guess the way to Charlie’s heart is with good smells!


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  1. Dang that is cute!!!

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