Bazinga Bunny!

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Benita’s going to be with us for one more night. Here’s here’s a video of her exploits so far.

C is for Cookie, G is for Gimme!

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Benita just hopped out of my lap as I write this. She’s surely an affectionate rabbit, but I think this had more to do with the fact that I’m making bunny cookies. She tried to walk across my legs to the table when I was mixing the “dough” and was buzzing all over when she smelled them baking in the oven. On the coach she stays until I get her a freshly made cookie. She learns quick.

Upstairs, Charlie and Bella are also harping for a cookie. I usually try to make them in a room away from prying bunny noses, but that wasn’t really going to work tonight. The “cookies” are made from the bottoms bits from the hay bag, alfalfa hay bits, crushed pellets and banana. Even Charlie, who isn’t a big fan of banana loves them. I’m still working on getting the cooking time and temp right. These came out a little burnt on the edges, but the little sniffers don’t seem to mind!

Cookies for Santa, Bananas for Bunnies!

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Everybun was happy to open their stockings this morning. They were some special treats for them, including the bunny cookies I baked. Benita really liked them, probably because they’re made with banana. I’ll have to whip up another batch tomorrow for her to take home. Speaking of banana, my mom absentmindedly took a banana upstairs to eat, forgetting that there was rabbit in her room that has a very good nose and loves bananas. So, Bella got some banana, but then Benita smelled it, so she had to get a piece too. Charlie was happy just to get a cranberry.

Merry Christmas!

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On the 3rd Day … Santa Gave to Me: 3 Thumping Bunnies

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Christmas Eve sure was an event at our house tonight. I brought Charlie and Bella down for presents and they had a great time trying to see Benita. They were so over-anxious that we had to add a second fence between them, because Bella figured out how to go between the scarves on the fence to look out. Charlie, as usual, tried to stick his nose through the fence as much as he could. I think Benita is a little too feisty though. She did keep looking at the fence long after our duo had gone back upstairs.

The big hit with our buns was a little wooden Adirondack chair. They chinned and chewed on it like it was made of sugarcoated carrot. I think Benita’s favorite gift was having two other bunnies around.

Relaxing the Benita Way

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It’s nice to have a bun around the house who comes over and lays down to be petted when you call. I must have spent a collective 4 hours petting Benita today. She’s such a long bun when she stretches out. Charlie & Bella look downright puny by comparison. I made sure to spend some time with them today so they don’t get too jealous. I let Benita in the kitchen tonight while I was making a pie. She loved scampering around but wanted to go in the dining room too. She also wanted the pie, go figure.

Benita’s Holiday Lark

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Benita handled her first night with us very well. Every time I went into the hall, I saw her lying next to the fence. She didn’t get into any trouble, but was still just as curious and exploratory during the day as the previous one. She’s adjusting well, but still starts at some noises, especially my dad (but then again, some of the ones he makes are downright weird). When she binkys she jumps about 3 feet into the air. It’s amazing to see, but you certainly don’t want to be underneath her when she comes back down! I spent a long time petting her today. She’s very compliant. Just the hint of a hand coming toward her and down her head goes. “Pet me, slave!” It’s also nice to have such a big bun to snuggle with.

When Benita got her banana in the morning, Bella smelled it from all the way upstairs. Ergo, she got some too. I think she’s a bit miffed because there’s another female bun in the house. Charlie’s still curious, but I think he misses me when I’m downstairs. I wonder if he understands that she’ll only be here for a short while and then be gone like the other buns we’ve sat for.

Benita’s Back!

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Today starts another week of bunny-sitting with the beautiful Benita! She’s settled in quite nicely already. She binkyed, said hello to everyone, and test-nibbled on just about everything in the living room. We had a long petting session before bedtime. Undoubtedly Charlie and Bella will be spending the night in the hallway trying to look down at her.

An Odorous Christmas Adventure

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We brought the bunnies downstairs this morning to check out the Christmas tree before we start bunny-sitting next weekend. I think they were less interested in the tree and more curious about the smells from the rabbits we’ve had down their recently. I’ve never seen Charlie chin the ground before, but he was doing so quite aggressively today.

It was fairly easy to get them both up and down (they each went in the litter box one way) which is very unlike them. I was afraid Charlie would think he was going back to the vet, but he was okay. As long as they’re together I don’t think they really mind anything. They acted similarly calm when we relocated for the hurricane. All they need is each other to be happy (collective awwww here).

Bella lost a couple of ounces, and is now down to 5lbs. 10oz. which is the lightest she’s been since we’ve had her! I don’t know what she’s doing, but I guess it works for her. It’s not like I’ve been giving them less treats or anything…  Charlie lost a little too recently so maybe it’s partly all that fur they lost. Literally SHEDDING the ounces.

O Christmas Tree, How YUMMY are Your Branches

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Charlie is back to his usual calm and occasionally fussy self. Our vet called us twice to see how he was doing. And that is why Catnip and Carrots are the best.

I tried to do a little Christmas photo shoot tonight. Two hours later I THINK I have one good picture. I’d be lost without digital photography. Charlie chinned the camera once. I guess that means it’s his now. Bella almost pulled their little Christmas tree down about 3 times and tried to eat the ornaments. Then, of course after 15 minutes they didn’t care about the tree anymore and lay down on the other side of the room.

This week I fashioned up a lil webpage for my bunny sitting service. It’s mostly a way for me to show off all the happy buns we’ve had here (and as “aww” ammo for certain housemates of mine who don’t want any more rabbits in the house). So if you’re local and need someone to watch your bun (even though you really don’t want to because this is the first time you’ve ever left him or her somewhere else before) check me out!

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