Charlie says “No” to food???

December 4, 2012 at 1:37 am | Posted in bunny, charlie, long island, rabbit | 2 Comments
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Poor little Charlie has tummy trouble on Saturday but fortunately he’s all better now. He’s had gas problems before, but this time his body temp was so low that we took him to the vet and they warmed him up. We gave him pain and gas meds at home, but it’s under 70 degrees in the house and I guess he just got too cold from not moving. If we’d realized we could have tried to warm him up.

We had to leave him overnight at the vet. I don’t know who it was more traumatizing for: me, Charlie, or my mom. Bella, as per usual, didn’t seem to notice anything was wrong. I suppose she just figured Charlie was in another room. I think he handled it okay, and was just one sleepy bunny when we took him home. Bella kept sniffing him all over (you smell like other bunnies!!) and waking him up, so I had to become a human shield between them so he could catch up on his Zzzs.

He’s back to his normal self now, grunting at mom, grooming his girl, and of course, being the first one at the food bowls.



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  1. poor little bun. Binky had issues last month cause dad was giving to many treats. lol Leasson learned.

  2. Yeah, it’s too bad they can’t process gas. I wouldn’t mind a burp or fart if it was from a bunny.

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