Polar Tanning Rabbit

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We’ve had a few sunny days this past week and Charlie had enjoyed basking in the Sun. I suppose it’s kind of like polar tanning with a fur coat. A few days ago, Charlie was a thumping. I was putting his carrier back together after cleaning it and suddenly heard too loud thuds. Apparently Charlie was around the corner and when he peaked his head out, he saw the carrier, turned around and thumped. It would have been funny if he wasn’t so scared. He recovered pretty quickly though when he realized I wasn’t trying to catch him.

This morning Bella decided to have a go with the tissue box. She either had a runny nose or a hankering for some new place toys. With her allergies I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the former. We let her pull a bunch out until she got bored with it. Now I have a bunch of furry tissues to use.

Baking “Special” Cookies

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The buns are checking out my new footstool. Now my feet can be comfortable and safe from bunny attacks while the buns now have a clear path to run under my desk. For some reason they both decided that the main thoroughfare through my room for rabbits is under my desk, at top speeds, whether or not I’m sitting at it. Anything to accommodate the buns.

I made another batch of bunny cookies yesterday, and here’s the recipe for anyone interested:

—- Bunny Banana Cookies —-

-1&1/2 bananas
-2&1/2 cups of chopped up grass (or hay bits)
-1 cup of alfalfa hay bits
-5 tbsp of pellets

1) Pick grass & wash
2) Cut grass into 1 inch pieces and put into mixing bowl
3) Crush pellets (mortar and pestle style) and add to bowl
4) Cut up banana into 1/2 inch slices and add to bowl
4) Mix with spoon and then mash by hand
5) Press into cookies on sheet

Bake at 350deg for 30-35 mins

It’s a variation on this recipe from The Rabbit House Blog. I also made her snowflake treats for Christmas. Hopefully, I get a consistency that won’t disintegrate but can be easily broken apart into smaller pieces. As long as they’re not charred beyond recognition, my buns will still eat ’em.

Empty House, Full Nest

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Most of our house has been away all week and the buns are feeling a bit neglected (can you tell?). Charlie’s not too bad, “No more humans! I claim this room as my litter box and this room as my sleeping quarters!” Bella, however, is missing her mama.

After a couple of days I think she realized that people were gone and weren’t just going to show up in their rooms like they usually do. She also started nesting the second day they were away and continued every morning for a couple of hours. I’m running out of fabric scraps for you girl!

I now think her nesting is triggered by severe emotional changes, i.e. humans away or another rabbit in the house. When she gets stressed, her hormones must kick in and tell her to nest. Poor girl, I’m exhausted just trying to keep up with her. When mama returns tonight, she gets to take over!

A Sticky Story Yet Again

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Bella managed to get tape on her mouth once again. This time it was masking tape so it wasn’t as bad as before. I don’t know how she managed to find it, but I discovered her with a small piece right next to her nose. I tried stealthily to remove it but it wouldn’t  budge. I repeated my attempts throughout the day, but to no avail. Bella didn’t seem to mind it, but I was worried it would pick up dirt. Finally after an unsuccessful attempt the night before, my mom picked her up and pulled the tape off. Unfortunately, now there’s a slight bald patch where the tape was, but maybe it will serve as a reminder to Bella that she shouldn’t eat tape. Somehow, though, I doubt it. At least now she’s sleeping soundly.

Happy New ‘Ear!

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Wow, it feels like a lot longer than a week has passed, but that was Christmas right there! Charlie and Bella had a great time meeting Benita and chinning their new chair. I don’t think they minded very much when she left though. I think the humans were more bothered by her absence.

The buns have New Years Resolutions for the first time this year, Charlie’s is to eat faster so that Bella doesn’t get all the good stuff before him, and Bella’s is finally bite through the wall to get into our brother’s room. Good luck to both of them. My resolution is to learn to take their temperatures so I can do it if they get sick. I know it in theory, but practice makes perfect, unless you fail at practice.

So Happy New Years to our readers! Personally, I don’t like “2013” because it’s a prime number, but as the buns sleep soundly on floor, I don’t think they mind what year it is as long as the local illegal fireworks going off in the distance don’t disturb them.

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