Baking “Special” Cookies

January 20, 2013 at 1:43 am | Posted in baking, bunny, long island, pet, rabbit | 3 Comments
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The buns are checking out my new footstool. Now my feet can be comfortable and safe from bunny attacks while the buns now have a clear path to run under my desk. For some reason they both decided that the main thoroughfare through my room for rabbits is under my desk, at top speeds, whether or not I’m sitting at it. Anything to accommodate the buns.

I made another batch of bunny cookies yesterday, and here’s the recipe for anyone interested:

—- Bunny Banana Cookies —-

-1&1/2 bananas
-2&1/2 cups of chopped up grass (or hay bits)
-1 cup of alfalfa hay bits
-5 tbsp of pellets

1) Pick grass & wash
2) Cut grass into 1 inch pieces and put into mixing bowl
3) Crush pellets (mortar and pestle style) and add to bowl
4) Cut up banana into 1/2 inch slices and add to bowl
4) Mix with spoon and then mash by hand
5) Press into cookies on sheet

Bake at 350deg for 30-35 mins

It’s a variation on this recipe from The Rabbit House Blog. I also made her snowflake treats for Christmas. Hopefully, I get a consistency that won’t disintegrate but can be easily broken apart into smaller pieces. As long as they’re not charred beyond recognition, my buns will still eat ’em.



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  1. I just this minute popped some treats in the oven! I hope yours turned out okay, I singed the last batch a bit but Scamp didn’t seem to bothered lol

  2. O…M…G…! Such a simple and ingenious recipe. I cannot wait to make these cookies for my sweet little bun! He’s gotta sweet tooth the size of California!

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