And the Best Thumper Award Goes to…

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We had a special visitor today, a lil bunny named Sadie who is going to be our ‘Easter bunny’ while her family is on vacation. She’s very easygoing and maybe I could introduce her to Charlie and Bella for a little bit when she comes. Charlie is of course, ecstatic. Bella is, as usual, mildly indifferent. But they both always appreciate the smell of a new bunny.

In addition to her allergy (to something I’m unsure of, I just know that she sneezes), Bella happens to have a teary eye. I don’t know if they’re related, but she did have surgery on the eye before she came to us. Occasionally I’ll notice some wet fur under her eye and I’ll bring over a tissue to dab it. Miraculously she lets me do it. She does not feel the same way about my attempts to wipe her nose after a sneeze. Sometimes Charlie will beat me to it and give her eye a nice licking to clean it up. Something only a sweet hus-bun would do.

Charlie spent most of the evening in front of the TV while the Oscars were on, but I’m pretty sure he was asleep. Bella tried to eat my little statuette, but fortunately it’s plastic, and not chocolate. I’m sure she believes she deserves an award for something: digging in the litter box, ripping cardboard boxes, pulling up carpet, eating food at lightening speed or something along those lines. Charlie would be glad just to be nominated.

Bye Bye, Bonkers & Blankets

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Benita’s gone back home again and Bella resumed better behavior. She was digging up a storm in her litter box yesterday morning. I had to clean up after her 3 times. The last time she was making so much noise my brother heard her from his room and gave me the “good news.” Now she’s moved onto chewing on the box under my mom’s desk. We have to keep rotating it so she has a “fresh” side to nosh on. She makes an awful mess doing it, but hey, it’s not my desk!

It’s been cold around here lately and I’ve been blanketing-up the buns again. Bella was okay with it, but it took Charlie some time before he wasn’t like, “Hey! Get this thing off of me!” I don’t know that they really need blankets (the room never goes below 66 deg F) but it makes me feel better when I know they’ve got cold ears. Spoiled bunnies? Yes. Happy human? Yes.

1st Floor: Benita, 2nd Floor: My Buns, Roof: My Dad

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Had another fun-filled day with Benita. She tried to eat my dad’s Funyuns and then later untied his shoes. His flabbergasted reactions make it even funnier. I left her gate open whenever I was downstairs, but all she wanted to do was eat our hat basket. She did look up the stairs and I told her that was where the upstairs buns live, but she didn’t try and go up. Later she hopped onto the couch at the back of the living room and could see the upstairs hall. I think she saw Bella run by, but our buns have mostly stayed inside their rooms. I guess one day of curiosity is all I get from them now.

Curious & Suspicious

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Benita’s here again! She seems to think this is her vacation home, and we’re fine with that! She sniffed, chinned, and nibbled on everything she could before having a binky-fest, followed by a nice nap. Charlie and Bella spent a chunk of time at the stairs as expected, hoping to catch a glimpse of the girl downstairs. Bella practically inhaled my fingers and licked my arm after I had pet Benita. Charlie chinned my jeans. Bunnies are such curious creatures, and damn possessive.

Blizzards Don’t Taste Very Good

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Well, our visitor has postponed her visit because of the snow storm. She’ll be with us next weekend instead! Yay for us (non yay for dad who has off from work next weekend and now has to share the living room with yet another rabbit). Charlie and Bella don’t seem bothered by the snow. I put some in a bowl for Bella to check out but she just pushed through it looking for food.

“This is just frozen water! Where’s the food? My nose is cold!”

I didn’t think it would happen, but I’ve successfully trained Bella to both wee on and not tear apart the puppy pads outside the litter boxes. For some reason, Charlie likes to leave his “mark” outside the boxes as well as inside them, hence the pads. Bella used to rip them up, like she does with most things, which created a lovely mess for me to deal with. Now she seems content to ignore them, except when she follows Charlie’s example and uses them as a litter box extension. Fortunately we can buy the pads in bulk. The people at Target must think we have a lot of puppies at home.

My lil guys got their Vet reminder cards in the mail this week. Ahhhhhhhhhh! It’s nice to get reminders that aren’t for me, even though a human still needs to make an appointment for them. Well, Charlie probably is smart enough to eventually figure a way, but of course he wouldn’t want to make it.

CAUTION! Bunnies At Work

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Here’s Bella hard at work with her filing. She puts in a few hours a day, usually ( hopefully) starting after 8 a.m.

I was munching on a packet of Skittles and in the corner of my eye I saw Bella periscoping up in the litter box. After a moment of sniffing, she bolted out of the box, headed in my direction. After consuming only 3 Skittles, Bella was at my ankles, begging for some. “Please, can I have some? Please, please, please!” I thought quiet candy was safe, but I guess I was wrong.

I swear, her sense of smell has markedly improved over the years. It’s bad enough that I can’t open a bag of chips without the crinkle alerting her super-sonic bunny ears, but now she’s got a super-sniffer too!

The litter box situation is getting a bit hectic and I don’t like having to cut up puppy pads every week, so we decided to try something a little different. I don’t think Charlie likes having to hop into the box (lazy boy).  Instead he prefers to back his butt up into a corner to go. We came up with a brilliant idea of cutting off one of the sides of of the litter box. It was tested, in mom’s room of course, and seemed to start off pretty well.

It went downhill very quickly. Bella is a bunny after all and bunnies love to dig, so guess what Bella decided to do? She was spewing hay, litter and poop everywhere, with no wall to slow her down. Sadly this experiment proved to be a failure. so now it’s back to brainstorming and cutting up puppy pads.

Charlie and Bella on the Kiss Cam

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We didn’t exactly watch the Super Bowl tonight. I prefer the Puppy Bowl! Charlie actually likes to watch football though. I think the green grass is just too appetizing to pass up. He always used to lay down and watch it in the living room with the guys. Or any sport played on grass for that matter.

We took Bella’s temperature for the first time since she’s been with us yesterday. Predictably she was less than thrilled, but two thumps, six raisins and several heel flicks later we got the job done. She was pretty calm during and yielded get a temperature of 101.6. This was really just a practice run in case either she or Charlie gets sick. We weren’t so successful with Charlie last time, but now I think we can handle him. Apparently I’m the better holder, and mom’s better at the thermometer part.

We’ll be getting a special visitor next weekend! Benita is staying with us for a few days while her apartment is fumigated. As expected, the bunnies are less excited than I am.

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