Hoppy Easter from Charlie & Bella!

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Enjoy your chocolate and Cadbury eggs!

And Sadie Makes 4

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Sadie joined us today, and boy has she spiced up the place! There’s a double fence between Sadie and Benita, but we let them see each other in the daytime. They were incredibly eager to meet one another, but Benita did get a little aggressive (at me!)  after sniffing at her. They eventually went to sleep, several feet away from each of their fences, but keeping the other in view.

Sadie seems to be quite the little acrobat. She has no trouble jumping up onto the couch, even though she’s the same size as Charlie. We were worried she might try and jump in to see Benita so we put extra high cardboard all around the room.

Our bunnies are, understandably, curious. Charlie got to do a meet and greet with Sadie and was so excited. Bella, not so much. She got very upset today at the lack of attention paid to her and wouldn’t let me pet her if she smelled the other rabbits on me. After a few grunty attempts, she finally calmed down.

There was running, binkies and lots of sniffing all around today. The forecast is the same for tomorrow!

Clever, Sneaky & Hungry

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Benita just finished off another of my banana cookie treats and now she’s sniffing the ground under my chair for any crumbs I may have dropped. Clever girl. We noticed while setting up the living room for bunny #2 that one of Benita fences had come undone. Sneaky girl. She loves chewing on tree twigs as much as a dog loves a bone. Probably sounds a lot similar too.

Little Sadie comes tomorrow morning. Though separated by fences, Benita & Sadie will be roommates for a week. Here’s hoping all goes well! (Especially for the humans involved!)

High-Octane Bunny Action!

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Here’s some brief footage of Benita enjoying herself. She’s done a great deal more running since, but she’s too fast for me to catch it with the camera! Her mommy will be happy to know that she’s enjoying herself very much and isn’t even getting into any trouble. She did manage to sneak into the kitchen briefly this morning, but there was no harm done. Fortunately it’s really easy to get her to go where we want her to: just add food!

It’s nice to have a bun around who’s willing to be petted when you want to. I do feel a bit guilty about stopping though. It’s ridiculously hard to say “no” to an adorable rabbit. She’s much quieter than Charlie and Bella as well. The only time she made a peep was when I plucked a bit of fur from her behind. “I don’t know you that well, human!” I tend to forget that when I’m petting a bun that isn’t mine.

Bunny-sitting Saga Begins

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Today starts the first day of a 2 week long bunny-sitting. Benita arrived today, and we’ll be getting another bunny on Saturday.

Benita was thrilled to have the dining room all to herself. She did get a little jumpy when she heard noises from other parts of the house, but she got used to it. My brother came down a few times and Benita was purring so much that she had her mouth open. In the evening she figured out that she could push her fencing out to expand her area in the dining room. Her ever-attendant baby-sitter (my dad) did what he does best and yelled upstairs that she was “doing something.”

Bella and Charlie spent most of the day in mom’s room. When they did come back to my room in the evening, Charlie tried to get behind my desk and Bella tried to eat my Easter eggs. They never miss a step.

Charlie Loves His Ladies

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Trader Joe's Bunny Bag

“So now they’re selling bunnies at Trader Joe’s?”

I was laid up for a days with an infected tooth root and Charlie never left the room, even as I slept. What a loyal boy! Bella stayed most of the time too, but she generally takes her cues from him. I.E. “Charlie knows where the food is.”

Greeted the dog next door today and was then rebuffed by the bunnies. Bella was happy. I think she’s jealous, but she has nothing to worry about. I’m a one-species girl!

Until recently Charlie has not permitted mom to pet Bella in his presence (he still has issues with her). But lately he’s much cooler about it, just staring daggers at them from a short distance. Tonight they were having a petting session and Charlie hopped in on it. He decided to mark his displeasure with a light thump before retreating to his favorite napping spot. Progress!

We’ll soon be more than 2 bunnies as Easter approaches. Hopefully, we’ll all be able to cohabitate peacefully. Hopefully.

Pellets: Part of a Balanced Breakfast

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Bella had her vet appointment yesterday and was quite well behaved, especially for her. Like last year, I opened the top of her carrier in the car and she was periscoping up, looking out the window and generally being very curious. That didn’t stop when we got to the vet as well. There were 3 bunnies in the lobby up for adoption as well as one sweet little bun on a woman’s lap. (We remarked that we’d never be able to do that with out buns!)

Her weight was okay, at its max though. We asked about cutting out pellets since we hardly give them much anyway, but the vet said NO WAY. Bunnies NEED pellets for the nutrients and the best thing to cut out is treats. Sorry Bells, that means less banana for you!

I asked about her weepy eye but it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Personally, I think it’s allergies. I know mine do that to me. One thing came up that was quite unexpected: Bella is losing some fur around her hocks. Ahhhhhhhh! And here I thought I only had Charlie’s to worry about… It all comes down to her digging in the litter box. Maybe I could try and change litter again. You certainly don’t make it easy to keep you healthy girl.

Spotless, for About 15 Minutes

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“What? Ain’t you seen a bunny groomin’ another bunny’s butt before?”

We had a nice room cleaning today that was loathed by all. I do think that the buns appreciate the clean room as much as I do though. Now they get to have fun making it messy. Bella does miss all the cookie crumbs under my desk, but I’m sure there’ll be new ones there soon.

Bella has the V-E-T this week. Last check, her weight was at 6 pounds and she seems in good health, so I’m not expecting any difficulties. From the vet I mean, I’m sure Bella will be difficult. She usually receivers pretty quickly when we get home though. I suppose being a little less intelligent has it’s advantages. She certainly isn’t one to hold a grudge. Charlie on the other hand…

It seems as though we may have two bunny visitors for Easter! I could make the obligatory rabbits/multiplying remark here, but I think I’ve had enough of those for a lifetime. It’s Easter season though, and that means bunnies are everywhere! And since I tend to buy anything with a rabbit on it, this is also the season of large credit card bills. Totally worth it.


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