Pellets: Part of a Balanced Breakfast

March 15, 2013 at 12:58 am | Posted in Bella, bunny, long island, veterinarian | Leave a comment
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Bella had her vet appointment yesterday and was quite well behaved, especially for her. Like last year, I opened the top of her carrier in the car and she was periscoping up, looking out the window and generally being very curious. That didn’t stop when we got to the vet as well. There were 3 bunnies in the lobby up for adoption as well as one sweet little bun on a woman’s lap. (We remarked that we’d never be able to do that with out buns!)

Her weight was okay, at its max though. We asked about cutting out pellets since we hardly give them much anyway, but the vet said NO WAY. Bunnies NEED pellets for the nutrients and the best thing to cut out is treats. Sorry Bells, that means less banana for you!

I asked about her weepy eye but it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Personally, I think it’s allergies. I know mine do that to me. One thing came up that was quite unexpected: Bella is losing some fur around her hocks. Ahhhhhhhh! And here I thought I only had Charlie’s to worry about… It all comes down to her digging in the litter box. Maybe I could try and change litter again. You certainly don’t make it easy to keep you healthy girl.


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