Happy 5th Birthday Bella!

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Bella turns 5 today, and as per usual, she was quite the little birthday diva. She pigged out on her birthday presents so much, that she was almost too full for any of her banana cake. Almost. That’s okay, only the banana slices were for her to eat anyway. Us humans ate the cake. And Charlie tried to eat a candle, but we stopped him. Silly Charlie, trying to get the spotlight back on him!


See Us in THUMP

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My article in the new THUMP is out!



Happy Ear-th Day!

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Our veterinarian recommended a microfiber mat for Charlie’s semi-sore hocks. I gleefully purchased two and placed them on my floor for bunny approval. Well, the mats were ultimately rejected. At first Bella was willing to sit and/or lie on it, but that didn’t last more than a day. Charlie didn’t even want to walk on it. Now the mat sits under my desk. At least my feet get to appreciate it.

I recently switched desk chairs, and every bun owner knows that bunnies don’t like change. Emphatically. So naturally mine where a bit miffed that THEIR chair was gone, and a different one put in its place. Eventually, both buns adjusted and were quite satisfied with the chair. They spent the past few nights sleeping underneath it.


Just 2 Bunnies For Me, Thanks

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Charlie had his annual vet appointment this past Wednesday. The waiting room was full of other buns, but Charlie was still afraid. He’s in good health, but I think we’re going to buy him a new soft mat for his hocks.

We went to see the flemish giant rabbits at the Queens Zoo this week. I just love big bunnies! They have a white one which looks just like Bella. She kept going back an forth to snuggle with the other buns. It was so sweet!

Bella’s behavior has finally calmed down (thank god). Let’s hope it lasts. She’s glad to be the only doe in the house again!

Benita Says, “Smell Ya Later”

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Benita went home tonight, but we’ve got Sadie until the morning. She was all over the couch with me again. I’ll be sad to lose my couch buddy!

My mom hopes that Benita and her mommy don’t move away nearer to their family. We love sitting for her so much!

You Snuggle Like a Rabbit

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I had some nice snuggle sessions with all four bunnies in the house today. The little ones are sweet but nothing beats a cuddle with a big bun. We ordered a higher fence to replace the cardboard in the living room. Now Sadie can have human companions in the room, without her getting onto the couch. Only a couple more days and I won’t have a bunny everywhere I turn anymore. Savor it while it lasts!

Making Themselves at Home

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Today was a fairly quiet day. Bunnies behaved. I got lots of licking from Benita and even a little from Sadie. It’s so nice when bunnies are affectionate! Charlie NEVER licks me. Typical boy.

Sadie’s gotten her appetite up to full again. When she first came to stay with us, she wasn’t eating too much. She probably just had to get comfortable. Benita didn’t have that problem. She’s always hungry!

Sadie made another escape attempt tonight. It failed, of course, but we learned just how high she can jump. Benita continues to scratch at the cardboard in the corner in an attempt to break through. This morning my parents heard her all the way upstairs. I hope she’s not keeping her roommate up.

Nap Time is Happy Time

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All bunnies were pretty well behaved today. I let Sadie on the couch this evening and she was running all over it (and me). I swear, that little rabbit has no fear. She just jumps right up onto the back of the couch and runs across it. Afternoons are quiet time and when I can actually get anything done. Benita just lays at my feet and sleeps. She’s more like a dog, and Sadie is more like a cat. I don’t know what that makes Charlie and Bella…

Sadie the Dare/Devil Bunny

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Well, I woke up this morning to find a little bunny buried in my couch. And I mean literally, in the couch. She dug a hole in. It’s not too bad, but that signals the end of couch privileges for Sadie. As you can imagine, she’s not too happy about it. Now she’s claiming the coffee table as her territory.

I think Benita having the best time just watching Sadie and all of her antics. She spends most of the day near the fences keeping an eye on the little one. Last night Sadie was doing bunny runs and Benita tried to run with her alongside the fence. It was so cute! I’d let them play together if I didn’t think they’d rip each other’s fur out. But such is the habits of rabbits.

Sweet Bunnies, But Territorial Monsters

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Sadie and Benita spent a lot of the day sniffing at each other through the fences and running back and forth alongside one another. It’s so cute, but they can get aggressive if you happen to get in their way. Bella was like that when she was first bonding with Charlie. I’d much rather have little Sadie nipping at my ankles than big Benita. Everybun is eating well, they even all tried red kale and liked it. I never knew there was a red kale!

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