Building a Better Litter Box

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In case some of you were wondering, this is the screen I made for my litter box. Below is a little description of what I did, but you can find others if you do a google search (that’s how I did mine).

da7af1d2-1229-4ddd-970b-7bb72cc630b3_400At Home Depot  I bought a $10 roll of 1/4 in. 23-Gauge Galvanized Hardware Cloth. It was 2 ft. x 5 ft. and I’ve already made 3 screens from the roll. My boxes are cat boxes, so the screens are around 14 in. x 10 in.

I had no idea what this was before people said they used it for litter box screens, but you can find it at most hardware stores apparently. At Home Depot it was in the gardening section.

I measured the bottom of the litter box (at the corners, because it bows in the middles)  for the dimensions.. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s still an inch or 2 smaller than the box itself, still gets the job done.



The cloth I bought I was able to cut with a scissor, but thicker stuff might need something a little stronger.I tried to cut the boxes as closes to the edge as possible to lessen the sharp bits. Definitely don’t want that for bunny feet.




After cutting, I folded the edges one row of boxes over and used a pair of pliers to flatten it. Then I cut a strip of duct tape in half and layered both strips on the edge. Repeat for all four sides, and voila!

It does tend to get pee on the edges (always where I go to grab it) but that rinses off easily.




Solving Problems at $1/Square Foot

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I recently ordered a screen for my litter box to see if it would curb Bella’s digging tendencies. Low and behold, it actually worked! so off to Home Depot to buy a big roll of hardware cloth and make some more. Then, something wonderful happened, Charlie started using the litter box again. Apparently my crazy ravings weren’t that crazy after all: Charlie didn’t like what Bella was doing to the litter box.

So after buying two more types of puppy pads, now Charlie hardly uses the pads at all! I’m happy though, even if it means that it takes longer to scoop the boxes every night.

Something so simple solved our two biggest problems. Sure, Bella isn’t too happy that she can’t dig under the screen, but she digs just about everything else.

Come Back Real Soon!

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Mus and Timothy are back on their home turf now. Hopefully we’ll get to see them again soon! It’s always tough for me to accept praise for taking care of someone’s rabbit, because I enjoy it so much. I get to have new bunnies in my own home to play with for a few days! Sounds pretty awesome to me.

But when I think about my own two, I can understand how others feel. I certainly would want them well cared for, and I know that isn’t always easy with feisty bunnies! And they’re so precious and fragile that anyone capable of caring well for them is certainly to be thanked. Bunnies ought to come with “Handle with Care” signs. Of course, they’d probably eat them before you got to read them though.

Mr. & Ms. Bun-geniality

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I’ve gotten so used to seeing these two little furry faces, I’ll be sad to see them go. Fortunately, I’ve still got two of my own to keep me busy. I don’t think I’ve ever sat for rabbits for more than a couple of days and had every bun in the house behave so well. Mus and Timothy are total sweethearts, but I expected Charlie and Bella to act out a little bit. For whatever reasons, and they’ll never tell, they were both on good behavior this week. That must warrant something right? If I could think of a privilege I don’t already give them, I’d give it.

We were out all morning at my brother’s graduation, and I had some concerns about leaving the rabbits all alone in the house for several hours. Mess concerns really. I didn’t want to get up 7:15 and come home at 2pm and have to clean up a giant mess. Luckily, the buns were all pretty clean. Bella pulled some puppy pads out in my room, but I sorta expected that anyway, and that was all. Maybe Mus and Timothy rubbed off on my buns somehow. Hmm, interesting…

Why Do They Have to Leave?

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Mus and Timothy only have 2 more days with us. I’m so going to miss them! They were possibly the most well behaved pair we’ve ever had here. Even Charlie and Bella have been good, which worries me. But it’s nice because the humans in the house are busy with other things right now. I hope Mus and Tim and are happy together as Charlie and Bella.

I’m Thinker Than You Smart I Am

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Timothy is so cute with this stuff dolphin I gave him. First I let Mus snuggle with and then I gave it to Tim so it would smell like her. He loves it! He snuggles with it, grooms it, and tosses it around. It looked like he was kissing it in the photo!

Mus is such a smart rabbit. She makes connections faster than I do. She automatically associates my brother with carrots, since he gives her some after dinner. She knows that dancing around = begging for treats (which usually works). And not to waste her energy on the big male human (my dad) because he isn’t going to give her any treats. As Bella would say, “Bigger the Ears, the Smarter the Rabbit.”

I Love That Scent You’re Wearing

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Tonight I forgot to put on the slippers I wear downstairs, so Timothy was able to smell Mus, Charlie & Bella on my feet. Boy was he excited! He chinned my foot several times, sniffed it like crazy and then danced around me in circles until I distracted him. Awe, the little guy loves me! Or at least he loves how I smell! I made sure I washed my feet before going back upstairs. The last thing I need is for Charlie to smell another bunny’s chinning on me. He’d probably never speak to me again!

Soft Bunny, Warm Bunny

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I had a nice, long snuggle with Mus today. She makes me want a giant bunny even more! Timothy has been more receptive to my snuggle attempts, but he doesn’t seem to want to stay still for very long. He did spray me with a bit of his pee today. I suppose that means he really likes me.  Charlie and Bella are out in the hall again, watching over their domain. Fortunately, they don’t seem to mind Mus and Tim taking up so much of my time. Fingers crossed!

Love at First Sniff

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I let Mus out of her pen again today. She did go over to sniff Timothy, but was more interested in running the length of the living room. It’s more exercise than I’ve seen her do lately and I think she tired herself out. She plopped down between her pen and Tim’s, leaving little Timothy sniffing at her from 6 inches away. He seems a good deal more interested in her than she is in him. She just wants to be allowed where she’s not supposed to be.

Timothy got his exercise today too by running behind the couch several times. He’s such a cutie I just want to scoop him up at times. He’d never let me though. I’m content with just petting him.

I gave Mus a stuffed lion to snuggle with after seeing her cuddle with her pillow. She licked its face a bit and then stuck her head under it like she wanted it to groom her. Awe!

My buns are behaving very well. Perhaps they’ve gotten used to bunnies coming and going.

Single Bunny, Looking for Love

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Timothy really dove into his book last night. The floor was cover in it this morning. He’s only a few months old and already such an avid reader! I had a penguin in Mus’s pen for the first day, and then gave it to Tim because he didn’t have any stuffed animals to snuggle with. He immediately went over to it and began grooming it. Awe! I think he likes it because it smells like Mus. He kept on grooming it and snuggling with it all day.

I left Mus’s gate open while I was in the living room this evening o see if she would try to jump out. After several minutes of peeking through the gate, and putting her paws up on it, she finally jumped over. She didn’t immediately head over to Timothy’s fence, but I was there on his side waiting for her. They got to sniff nose to nose and ran along the fence together. He tried to lick her and she grunted back at him “I don’t know you that well yet!” But they both kept coming back to sniff. I think they’ll get along very well together in the future.

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