Thumpin ’til Your Hocks are Sore

May 7, 2013 at 1:24 pm | Posted in bunny, long island, pet, rabbit | Leave a comment
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We recently got new kitchen flooring put down and that meant buzz saws which also meant scared, thumpy rabbits. Eventually I got them across the hall into a room where I could close the door. They were fine until the door had to be opened to let someone in or me out, then they were their usual curious selves, trying to sneak through the crack. Nothing seems to upset them more than a closed door.

Charlie’s hocks seemed a little too red last night so I creamed his hocks this morning. Last year, we used HealX that the vet gave us, but I never really noticed any change . My mom apparently thought it was a cortisone, which it isn’t. So today I put a Bacitracin ointment on them. Then, I wrapped them up in the special gauze we got last year, sticking a blob of his shedded fur in there. Once we put him down they lasted 2 heel flicks. He was barely out of the bathroom doorway and they were off! I just put them on the prevent him from licking the ointment off so I watched him for a while and I don’t think he did.Poor little guy. The fur on his front paw is growing back though. I guess that must have just shedded off.

I just found out that the puppy pads I’ve been putting in front of the litter box (that Charlie seems to prefer more than the box) have an “attractant” on them to get dogs to pee there. *face palm* I don’t know if that works on rabbits, but I’m switching to human pads now, without any “attractant.”

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