Four Bunnies Aren’t TOO Much Trouble…

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I went from bunny to bunny today petting, feeding and generally cooing over. Every time I come into Mus’s room she’s expecting food and dances around me. It’s so hard to say to a bunny! She seems pretty satisfied with a nice snuggle instead though. She’s so soft, and that face! I could snuggle for hours! But she’d likely get sick of me and move away before that happens.

I made a little error when I opened up Timothy’s fencing this morning and he was able to push right past a cushion. Fortunately I was there at the time, remarking how I probably should change the position of the fence as he might be able to squeeze through. That little guy can read minds! We really liked going behind the couch, as most rabbits do, so I secured off the fences and opened that area up to him now. I doubt he would be able to jump up on the couch. Even if he did, I don’t think he’d do any damage. He spent most of the afternoon sleeping under an end table. All the bunnies love that spot!

Charlie and Bella aren’t too annoyed that other buns are here, so far. Charlie let me pet him for a while this evening, and they both stayed in my room most of the night. Maybe they actually miss me! (Naw, it’s a coincidence.)


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