Keeping the Precious Safe

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All bunnies in my charge are currently safe and sound, but I had such a scare Sunday night. I startled little Timothy late at night when I came down to check on the temperature before going to bed. It was dark, with just a table lamp to give Tim some light to eat and poop by, and Timothy must not have realized it was just me. He ran around the dining room at top speeds (we call it “hock” 5) and into the puppy-pen fence.

He managed to get his little head wedged in the 1&7/8 gap in the bars and I completely panicked. He wiggled and tried to get out on his own, and I came over to help. He seemed to realize that he couldn’t get out on his own, and relaxed as I tried to bend the bars enough for him to slip back out. It took about a minute for me to make it wide enough, and I was reassuring him that it was all okay, while silently freaking out.

After I gently pushed his head out, he thumped and bolted into the living room and hid behind the couch. I then proceeded to wake up the whole house and call Tim’s mommy for advice. He was shaking, but he seemed okay, just frightened. We watched him for an hour before all going to bed. He seemed back to normal the next day, but we dropped him off at his vet for observation for a bit, and then his parents picked him up.

I’m so relieved that Timmy’s okay! That sweet little baby may be a little crazy, but I’d feel horrible if something happened to him on my watch (or my fault). Maybe it’ll teach him not to run into fences, and me to announce myself more clearly when approaching bunnies in the dark.

Shh! Don’t Wake the Baby!

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Timothy enjoys a little light reading before his nap. Last night he was all over the place, running and binkying and cavorting in general. He slept all through the day yesterday and probably will again today. Little guy keeps tiring himself out. He’s let me pet him a bit more. He’ll sniff my hand and then put his head down, like he knows I want to pet him, even though he doesn’t really understand why. He’s so soft and fluffy though!

We’re a Summer Resort Now

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Timmy’s back! He spent the evening running and binkying around the living room and dining room. He eventually settled under an end table. That’s where he is now. Every time someone opens the gate to come in he runs over now. It’s mostly because he wants to run out into the living room, but he does let me get a transitory pet in. He’s very friendly if I smell like my rabbits, so I’ll have to give them a long pet before going to attempt snuggling with Timothy.

While I was downstairs this morning with Tim, Charlie decided to make a break for my brother’s room. We still need to wait a week or so before the carpet is safe for bunnies to hop on, so I hear “Ah, ah! No, no!” from my brother as Charlie charges in. Once something’s forbidden, he only wants to do it more.

Wild Bunnies are Growing Everywhere, Except My Garden

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We’re not currently bunny-sitting, which is an odd feeling indeed. I did get an extra dose of bunny early morning in Hershey, Pennsylvania (yay, chocolate bunnies!) and at the beach yesterday. Somehow, I think they’re attracted to me, or me to them. Some cosmic bunny force is pulling us together.

I was away for a couple of days last week and Charlie and Bella were perfect angels. But then they decided to trash the room while I went out for a few hours yesterday. Bunny logic = ??

Not much is growing in the bunny garden this year, just kale and one little strawberry. The buns like the strawberry leaves though, so I mostly keep the plant for them. You’d think with all the rain we had more would grow. Maybe we’ve got some scavengers gobbling it up before I get there.
This morning we got new carpet in the next room. Charlie was not the least bit amused. Bella didn’t seem to mind very much. Now all they want to do is go in the newly carpeted room. I’m going to make them wait a few weeks though, as apparently some new carpet can give off toxic fumes. Better safe than sorry when it comes to the buns!

The Bunny 500

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I let Timothy run around the living room for a little while today. He was running back and forth for two hours, barely stopping to catch his breath. He’s such a little cutie! I keep seeing his tail wagging back and forth. My mom says he’s like a little puppy. Bella often acts rather dog-like herself. Complete with the tail wag when she’s happy.

We put one of those reusable puppy pads in my mom’s room and Bella has decided it’s the perfect spot to nap on. Then Charlie joined her. So far, no one’s peed on it, but I don’t know if that’s going to last.

At lunchtime today I opened up a container of cookies and Charlie go all excited and started dancing around me. After telling both him and Bella that it wasn’t a treat for them, Bella gave up, but Charlie got angry. And when he gets angry, he pees, maliciously. He looked up at me and then raised his tail right on the fluffy bath rug. That little guy’s too smart for my own good!

All Hot and Furry

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It got a bit warm here today and before putting on the AC, we gave Timothy a frozen water bottle. I don’t think he knew what to make of it. He pushed it around with his nose and then pretty much ignored it. Oh well, as long as he’s comfortable. He spent some guy time with my dad tonight. I think they watched sports. I opened the gate to his pen earlier in the day to see if he wanted to explore the living room. He stuck his head out, and then his paws out, but didn’t jump out. He even lied down next to the gate! A far cry from the little guy who busted through that gate in the middle of the night. With age, comes maturity. ******

Bunny Lounge Desk

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Today Timmy found a new spot to sleep, under the old computer desk. There’s no computer there anymore, so there’s plenty of room for napping. Timmy did let me pet him a few times today and others as well. I haven’t got him to purr yet though. He’s laying against a table leg now, sleeping right next to me. The pouring rain doesn’t seem to upset him, fortunately.

Bunny Plays it Coy

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Timothy loves to play hard-to-get. He always runs over and nudges me when I come into the dining room, but as soon as I go to pet him, “no, no, no.” Occasionally I sneak a pet in before he realizes, but my mom was able to pet him for a while tonight. Why her? No clue. Maybe I’m next.

He likes to sleep under the buffet table, under a chair, under the dinner table, you get the idea. Cover is good for a bunny. It also makes them hard to find at a glance. More than once this evening I’ve heard my dad yelling, “I can’t find him! He’s gone!” Where exactly is going to go? Disappear into a top hat?

Charlie and Bella have been good, staying mostly in mom’s room. I just got a new camera (the old one had bunny-teeth marks on the LCD screen) so I should get even better pictures of the little furry guys.

The Baby’s Back!

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He’s back! Little Timothy’s going to be here for a few days. Timmy is already running all over the dining room, binkying everywhere. He heard an airplane from outside the open window and lifted his ear up to listen. I didn’t know lops could do that! I saw him lie down only twice tonight. He’s on the move constantly!

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