Wild Bunnies are Growing Everywhere, Except My Garden

June 18, 2013 at 1:26 pm | Posted in bunny, long island, pet, rabbit | Leave a comment
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We’re not currently bunny-sitting, which is an odd feeling indeed. I did get an extra dose of bunny early morning in Hershey, Pennsylvania (yay, chocolate bunnies!) and at the beach yesterday. Somehow, I think they’re attracted to me, or me to them. Some cosmic bunny force is pulling us together.

I was away for a couple of days last week and Charlie and Bella were perfect angels. But then they decided to trash the room while I went out for a few hours yesterday. Bunny logic = ??

Not much is growing in the bunny garden this year, just kale and one little strawberry. The buns like the strawberry leaves though, so I mostly keep the plant for them. You’d think with all the rain we had more would grow. Maybe we’ve got some scavengers gobbling it up before I get there.
This morning we got new carpet in the next room. Charlie was not the least bit amused. Bella didn’t seem to mind very much. Now all they want to do is go in the newly carpeted room. I’m going to make them wait a few weeks though, as apparently some new carpet can give off toxic fumes. Better safe than sorry when it comes to the buns!

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