Quick and Furry

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Things are a little busy here today, but buns are happy. Have the vet later, so bunny round-up should be fun! Here’s a video of Benita being her sneaky self from last week.

Curious Poop

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Bella is finally looking better. Vet is tomorrow, fingers crossed (but not hers!) that she is going to start using the paw more. I’m soooo glad that we have good rabbit vets on Long Island.  I’m not wasting money on someone who doesn’t actually know about rabbit medicine. That’s just throwing it away.

The other four buns among us are doing well. They’re hopping around, laying about and scarfing down all of the food we give them. Whitney has a bit of a poppy butt, I’m guessing from her first night here, so we’re taking her with us to the vet to get her cleaned up. With my rabbits, too much water, or watery greens, is usually the culprit of overproducing cecal pellets that leads to poppy butt. Maybe I left too much water on greens the first night, usually they’re dried in advance. It could be the change of scenery I suppose. It did take her and Alfie a few days to resume normal eating habits.

Hershey & Butterscotch like to sit at the end of their pen and watch everyone pass through the living room and hall. They’re so cute and curious! They run over to me immediately for a sniff, but either I smell wrong, or they’re being coy, because they usually run away if I bring hand down to pet them. *sign* Just like my Charlie, only want to petted on *their* terms.

Reorganizing Bunny Paradise

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With Benita back home, Hershey and Butterscotch have the living room all to themselves. We extended their pen and boy were they excited. All evening long they ran, danced and binkyed all over the room. I’m glad they’re so happy.

No more eye drops for Alfie, thank God. It’s weird, today he took them with no fight at all. He was snuggled with Whitney and just let me do it without moving a muscle. He just likes to be in control. When I had to push him out from under the buffet table, he was annoyed. Unfortunately, I can’t control where he’s going to be when it’s drop time.

In Bella update news, we think she is using her injured paw to wash her face and might be putting a  bit of weight on it. We’ll see. Vet Wednesday. She’s biting fences and digging up towels like she used to, so fingers crossed!

Benita Scampers Back Home

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Today is Alfie’s last day of drops. Woohoo! I have one more to give him. I’m also wiping his eye with a tissue beforehand. I do that with Bella when her eyes tear sometimes. Whitney helps out too by licking it clean. What a sweet girl.

I had a nice long pet with the dessert brothers (Hershey and Butterscotch) last night. Butterscotch melts in my hand right away, but Hershey needs some warming up first. Teehee. Hershey is sooooo soft. I don’t think I’ve ever petted a Rex before and it’s like petting a soft blanket, only warm and alive.

Benita is leaving us today. Boohoo!!! Her mommy is coming this evening to get her and whisk her back to only-bunhood. I think she’ll miss seeing the little guys, but glad to be the center of attention.


Slicing My Day into Bunny-Sized Chunks

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My brother and I were able to pet both Hershey and Butterscotch yesterday. They’re just as sweet as their names imply. Hershey comes over to check me out, then runs away and comes back. He stands up on his back legs and shows off his white-chocolate tummy. So cute!! When I go over to see Butterscotch, he makes sure he’s right next to him, protecting his little brother.

I pet Whitney with my foot when she demanded attention and she purred! I let Hershey and Butterscotch see Alfie and Whitney through their fences for a little while. Everyone was extremely curious. Alfie protectively licked Whitney’s head. “She’s MY girl!”

Now that my Dad’s home from his trip, Benita has a new living room buddy. Oh the yummy things he has to eat… I know she doesn’t like sharing me with all the other buns. She used to being an only bun, the sole object of interest in her house.

Sweet and Sassy Fluff Balls

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Hershey and Butterscotch were running all over and binkying all last evening. They did a lot of chewing on cardboard and chasing one another. A few times they looked like they were fighting, but I later saw Hershey mount Butterscotch to assert dominance, and Butterscotch was completely fine with that. When I took out their water bottles to refill them this morning, Hershey let me know that it was HIS cage and not to mess with him with a few well placed grunts. Message received, boy!

Benita is in heaven watching these two little buns. Every time she hears them, she runs over to the fence to see them. She thinks she’s their babysitter. Alfie and Whitney are pretty cool and calm about it, as usual. Not much seems to faze them.

Set Two More Places!

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Let the nudge-fest begin! This is Hershey & his brother, Butterscotch. They’re cute little guys. Hershey is an award-winning mini rex and Butterscotch is a lil cinnamon.

Their nails were a tad too long, so we clipped them. Now they can run around everywhere without worying about snagging or breaking a nail. And they’re certainly scampering all over!

The Whole House Has Bunny Fever

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Apparently Whitney doesn’t like carrots. I’ve never met a rabbit who didn’t like carrots. At least, she didn’t want to eat them for me. She’s been suck a sweetie though. She nuzzles into my hand and snuggled up against my arm while I was trying to give Alfie his eye drops. These buns will be hard to say goodbye to.

We’re expecting two more buns later today. Batten down the hutch hatches! Hopefully all will go smoothly and I’ll have 7 buns to look after. I know Benita is looking forward to it. She loves having Alfie and Whitney to watch. She was so excited she did bunny runs last night after looking at them.

The Bunny 500: Freestyle

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Benita’s gotten into the habit of running out of the gate when we open it up. She ran around in the empty (for now) pen next to her and visited Alfie and Whitney in the dining room. I felt bad that she’s stuck in half of the living room when she’s used to having run of the whole floor when she’s stayed with us in the past, so I let her run around for a while. Eventually she came back in her pen to lay down, and of course, at meal time.

I’ve seen Alfie chasing Whitney quite a few times, but yesterday I noticed him and dancing around her in circles beforehand. Either he’s still got some drive telling her he LOVES her, or he just wants to chase her for fun. Whitney doesn’t really seem to mind it, so I guess she enjoys it too.  I was cleaning veggies last night and every time I came into the dining room, Whitney ran over to me. I think she was expecting the food she could smell, but all I could do was pet her. She was not exactly pleased, but took the pets anyway.

The second day Alfie and Whitney were here, we awoke to a semi-stained rug. Apparently one of them had overproduced cecal pellets. When that happens with my buns, I cut down on the greens, but since they were supposed to be getting 4 cups all at once, I instead decided to split up the feedings into 3 times a day, like my buns. Ever since, no extra pellets. I think Whitney chows down on whatever’s put in front of her, so reducing the amount and giving her time to digest before adding more seems to be best.

Full-time Bunny Nursemaid

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Benita clamors for attention every time someone passes by. She also likes running over to see Alfie & Whitney when she hears them doing something and to watch me try to give Alfie his drops. If I go to see them before visiting her, she gets quite annoyed.

Giving Alfie his eye drops seems to be hit and miss. He seems to like to run around for a little while teasing me before he consents to getting the drop. All while I’m lying under the dining room table. Little guys are definitely more wily. Whitney is quite content to sit and watch. Every bun is shedding a bit, so I tried my comb on Whitney and it worked very well. She was very good about letting me use it, much better than my buns.

I’d been mixing Bella’s Metacam with my banana cookies, but last night I tried just squirting it onto a little dish for her. She lapped it up just the same, so I think we’ll stick to that for now on. I’m running out of cookies! I am worried that she’s feeling depressed. She can’t dig at stuff like crazy like she likes, and she mostly shuffles around my dresser area. She doesn’t even really want me to pet her. I feel so bad! I hope Charlie can make her feel better. I just want my baby girl to happy and healthy!

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