Sleeping Bunnies are Contagious zzzzzzz……

July 2, 2013 at 1:22 am | Posted in bunny, long island, pet, rabbit | Leave a comment
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Bunny business is booming! My house is going to be just about bursting with rabbits this summer. We’ll have an entire month where we’re sitting for at least one bunny in the house. We’ll even have two on Charlie’s birthday! That gives me a little more than a month to plan a party. Kind of hard when the birthday boy can’t actually interact with his guests. And when the birthday boy runs away and hides when you all sing happy birthday.

The buns still can’t go in brother’s room. As you can see, Charlie has been terribly curious since the new carpet was put in. Just a little longer, boy!

Bella’s been so very sleepy lately. I think the heat and humidity are getting to her (even though she spends the day in a room that never goes over 76.9 degrees!). She’s been dreaming a lot too, which is absolutely adorable. Her head lolls to the side, often leaning into Charlie, and her ears twitch and her little mouth moves. I wonder what she dreams about. Probably eating. Or maybe digging. Those are her favorite things to do other than sleeping, and I kind of doubt that she’d dream about sleeping. Maybe she dreams she’s a human and I’m a rabbit. That sounds more like the kind of dream I’d have…


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