The Bunny 500: Freestyle

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Benita’s gotten into the habit of running out of the gate when we open it up. She ran around in the empty (for now) pen next to her and visited Alfie and Whitney in the dining room. I felt bad that she’s stuck in half of the living room when she’s used to having run of the whole floor when she’s stayed with us in the past, so I let her run around for a while. Eventually she came back in her pen to lay down, and of course, at meal time.

I’ve seen Alfie chasing Whitney quite a few times, but yesterday I noticed him and dancing around her in circles beforehand. Either he’s still got some drive telling her he LOVES her, or he just wants to chase her for fun. Whitney doesn’t really seem to mind it, so I guess she enjoys it too.  I was cleaning veggies last night and every time I came into the dining room, Whitney ran over to me. I think she was expecting the food she could smell, but all I could do was pet her. She was not exactly pleased, but took the pets anyway.

The second day Alfie and Whitney were here, we awoke to a semi-stained rug. Apparently one of them had overproduced cecal pellets. When that happens with my buns, I cut down on the greens, but since they were supposed to be getting 4 cups all at once, I instead decided to split up the feedings into 3 times a day, like my buns. Ever since, no extra pellets. I think Whitney chows down on whatever’s put in front of her, so reducing the amount and giving her time to digest before adding more seems to be best.


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