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Bella is finally looking better. Vet is tomorrow, fingers crossed (but not hers!) that she is going to start using the paw more. I’m soooo glad that we have good rabbit vets on Long Island.  I’m not wasting money on someone who doesn’t actually know about rabbit medicine. That’s just throwing it away.

The other four buns among us are doing well. They’re hopping around, laying about and scarfing down all of the food we give them. Whitney has a bit of a poppy butt, I’m guessing from her first night here, so we’re taking her with us to the vet to get her cleaned up. With my rabbits, too much water, or watery greens, is usually the culprit of overproducing cecal pellets that leads to poppy butt. Maybe I left too much water on greens the first night, usually they’re dried in advance. It could be the change of scenery I suppose. It did take her and Alfie a few days to resume normal eating habits.

Hershey & Butterscotch like to sit at the end of their pen and watch everyone pass through the living room and hall. They’re so cute and curious! They run over to me immediately for a sniff, but either I smell wrong, or they’re being coy, because they usually run away if I bring hand down to pet them. *sign* Just like my Charlie, only want to petted on *their* terms.


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