Bunnies Surfin the Web

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Mom got Clover to purr last night. She jumped up on her carrier and let mom pet her for a long time. Her favorite spot is up on top of that carrier. She’s like Snoopy on his dog house. Both Hudson and Timothy let me groom them a little last night. So much fluff. Better off than in!

All the lops keep dipping their ears into their water dishes when they eat, sleep, and of course while drinking. Poor little guys. I wouldn’t want my ears getting wet all the time. Fortunately, they don’t really seem to mind.

I sat on the floor with my laptop last night and Tim and Holly had a fun time checking it out. Holly kept running across the keyboard and Tim chinned the screen. I don’t think they quite knew what to make of it, but it was adorable watching them!

Pet the Fur, Pluck the Fur, Suck the Fur

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Hudson finally let my mom pet her last night. Only took her two weeks. On the more encouraging side, Clover let her pet her in her lap for a while in the afternoon. Lap bunnies are nice, but I like the big ones better. I’d rather lay next to a bunny on the floor, then either of us can go as we please. I’ve been using my hand-vac to suck up stray poop downstairs and I can’t believe I was doing it by hand before. With the AC on, the noise from it doesn’t bother the rabbits, my main concern, and I just have to keep the fan in the back from blowing at them. It makes clean up soooo much easier. And as I tell the buns, “I’m just making room for you make more!” Too bad it doesn’t help that much with fur though. Only if I used it to suck fur directly off the buns, and I don’t think that even the sweetest rabbit would let me do that without giving me a sharp bite on the hand.

Exploring Charlie’s Kingdom

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Last night I let Clover into the kitchen. Well, less *I let* and more *she went on her own and I didn’t shoo her back*. She hopped around, sniffing everything, and then headed into the hall. She eventually went back around to her pen and then made several trips in and out before collapsing in the hall, exhausted. That’s lot of ground for a little bunny to cover. She wasn’t ready to go back yet, so I carried her upstairs and let her have a meet and greet with my buns. Charlie was so curious to see her, and hopped cautiously over to the fence in the doorway. Bella was nonplussed, as usual. They stuck their noses together for a while before Clover got bored and started to explore more upstairs. Charlie was still watching her at the fence. I swear, he loves all rabbits. I think I could have bonded him to anyone mildly willing.

Tim keeps periscoping to see Hudson. When he’s in the litter box, he’s another couple of inches off the ground and can see her a little. She doesn’t make a fuss, just keeps a watchful eye on him. Holly isn’t tall enough to know what’s going on, but if she was I’m sure she’d have something to say about it. She’s very possessive of HER Timmy. And they haven’t even been bonded that long.

Rabbit Sibling Rivalry

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Tim’s let me pet him a little more. His head is soooo soft. It’s like a fluffy toy. Clover always lets me pet her, but I don’t think  she quite understands what I’m doing. I had a nice snuggle with her last night, but she wasn’t really into it. When I moved some cardboard this morning, Clover got nose to nose with Tim and she started snapping at him. Poor Timmy! And here I thought she was this über-tolerant little girl. I guess everybun has to defend their turf. I had hoped to try a play-date with brother and sister, but there’s no way I’m doing that now! I’ll have to find other ways to entertain Clover this week.

Sleeping Beaut-bunnies

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*Yawn* They make me sleepy just looking at them. Maybe that’s why I like taking naps too. Whenever I go to pet Tim, Holly runs over. She’ll let me pet her then, once she’s next to Tim. I don’t know who’s protecting who. We stopped Bella’s meds yesterday and she seems to be okay. She runs on all 4 paws, but when she’s standing up, she doesn’t put weight on the sore one. I don’t know why.

Kamp Kronenberg Ambassador to Rabbit Nation

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I gave Charlie and Bella a couple of Holly and Tim’s adult Sherwood Forest pellets and I think they like them. I read up about them and they’re supposed to be very good for them. Looks like we may give them a try. No more Panacur for baby bunnies, yay! They really did not like taking it. I don’t want them to hate me! Clover keeps trying to go into the kitchen. I told her after we sweep the floor I’d let her go check it out for a little while, supervised. She’s so curious! Little Holly reminds me of a pug dog. She likes to rub her nose at my ankles and shoes, but runs away when I try to pet her. Tim was stretched out in the corner today and was so tired that he didn’t mind me giving him a nice long pet. Hudson’s favorite napping spot now is behind our couch in the middle. No one can get to her so she can flop on her side and close her eyes for a nice long nap.

I said goodbye to King Kirby and his subjects at Rabbit Nation this morning. Every bun was up for petting and even some grooming (I can’t help it! It’s a compulsion). I brought my brother with me last night and Annie loved sniffing him all over. “You’re someone new!” Both Toby and Penny were up on the couch today sniffing my purse. I’m sure it smells of all kinds of bunnies. I’m glad these guys warmed up to me so quickly. I don’t think my buns would be so receptive of a strange human coming into “their” home and feeding and cleaning up after them. They don’t even like it when I clean up!

Bunnies Over Hare, Bunnies Over There

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We’re using the box trap to catch Holly but neither she nor Clover really want their meds. I don’t blame them; it tastes terrible (yeah I tasted it). Fortunately, neither holds a grudge. Clover finally started eating more of her healthier pellets, which is good since we got more in the mail today. I tried mixing the bowl better so maybe she tastes the junk pellets on the healthy ones. Babies are tough.

Tim keeps periscoping at the fence to get a look at Hudson. She sits, ever dutiful, watching him and the little ones. She’s such a good babysitter. She lifts an ear every time she hears a noise, which is often, because Clover makes a lot of noise. Clover is like a little puppy, tearing into everything she can. She likes to sit on top of her carrier and watch us humans in the kitchen. It’s adorable.

Over at Casa de Kirby, things are a little less noisy. There’s only one baby to worry about (Annie), but she certainly demands  my attention. I make sure to spend some time with the others though. Kirby and Penny have each other, but Penny loves being petted. I had a snuggle with Toby and reassured him that he wouldn’t be forgotten amidst all of the Annie-cooing. I have a soft spot for spotted buns. At pellet time everyone gets excited, just like my Charlie & Bella. I guess they don’t care who’s dishing it out as long as they’re getting it!

Big and Sweet, Small and Spicy

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Hudson’s new favorite spot is up against the fence facing the dining room. I moved her litter box so she’s got more room to relax over there. She’s not skittish around me at all and melts under my hand every time I go to pet her (Awwwww!) Tim finally let me pet him. I wonder if he remembers me. Holly will come over and sniff me, but runs away when I try to pet her.

Clover is such a wild bun, She jumps up onto everything. We’ve moved anything she can jump on away from the fence she shares with Tim and Holly so she can’t make a break for it. She’s constantly trying to get at them so I opened up the cardboard so they could get a peek at each other last night. Clover sprayed pee all over and Holly tried to chew through the fence, Tim didn’t seem to care. So for now, Clover is staying an only bun. She’s got plenty of humans to keep her company anyway!

In addition to the buns at Kamp Kronenberg, this weekend I’m visiting Casa de Kirby to look after Kirby bunny and his siblings. Kirby’s bonded with big fluffy Penny, who live next to Toby (who looks like my Charlie in another color). And then there’s little dutch baby Annie. They’re all such sweet buns! Annie loves to run around, flop, then climb all over me. She even has a little tower of cups she likes to knock over. Babies are so much fun! Toby pretty much stayed in his cage while I was there, but didn’t mind me giving him a few pets. Kirby and Penny like to lie by the window. They have such a nice view of the yard. Bella would absolutely love that.

You Can’t Have Too Many Bunnies

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Hudson was joined last night by her younger siblings, Timothy, Holly & Clover. We’re a full bunny-house again! Holly is the little red spotted lop and Clover is the harlequin. I loooove the harlequin look. Clover already let me pet her. I can tell we’re going to be good friends! This morning I found her making a ruckus chewing on a cardboard box, while sitting on top of it. I’ll have to reinforce it later so she doesn’t fall through! She also likes to dig in her pellets. Holly’s a wiry little girl. Adorable, but feisty. We had a tough time grabbing her for her meds this morning. I’ll have to try the drop box later. Holly is so tiny compared to big boy Timmy. He’s grown so much since he was here last. He’s almost as big as Hudson now! Fingers and tails crossed that everyone gets along nicely and there aren’t any escape attempts.

My New Best Fur-iend

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Now all I have to do is present my hand for sniffing and Hudson lets me pet her. I’m the only one in the house with that privilege though. Most of her is all fluff, and I’ve realized she’s really not that much bigger than Bella. Bella, by the way, is doing better, and tonight resumed her box ripping duties. We’re bringing her medicam down too and dad thinks she shouldn’t need it much longer. So glad I learned that she’ll lap it up from a tiny saucer. Are all buns that easy to medicate? I hope so!

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