Bunnies Over Hare, Bunnies Over There

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We’re using the box trap to catch Holly but neither she nor Clover really want their meds. I don’t blame them; it tastes terrible (yeah I tasted it). Fortunately, neither holds a grudge. Clover finally started eating more of her healthier pellets, which is good since we got more in the mail today. I tried mixing the bowl better so maybe she tastes the junk pellets on the healthy ones. Babies are tough.

Tim keeps periscoping at the fence to get a look at Hudson. She sits, ever dutiful, watching him and the little ones. She’s such a good babysitter. She lifts an ear every time she hears a noise, which is often, because Clover makes a lot of noise. Clover is like a little puppy, tearing into everything she can. She likes to sit on top of her carrier and watch us humans in the kitchen. It’s adorable.

Over at Casa de Kirby, things are a little less noisy. There’s only one baby to worry about (Annie), but she certainly demands  my attention. I make sure to spend some time with the others though. Kirby and Penny have each other, but Penny loves being petted. I had a snuggle with Toby and reassured him that he wouldn’t be forgotten amidst all of the Annie-cooing. I have a soft spot for spotted buns. At pellet time everyone gets excited, just like my Charlie & Bella. I guess they don’t care who’s dishing it out as long as they’re getting it!


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